Runescorched Garb by CuteUnit
Added: 19/03/2006 - 12:49AM
Updated: 17/04/2008 - 06:33PM

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Last updated at 18:33, 17 Apr 2008 Uploaded at 0:49, 19 Mar 2006

Glowmapped gear for mage-ninjas.

Time constraints made this not as nice as I wanted it to be but I'm sure it will make you happy, if it is your style.

All items and weapons can be found in an unlocked chest in the basement of the balmora mage guild.
Items included are a full set of Runescorched armor (55 AR)
a pair of small Crescent weapons
a Great Crescent weapon ( uses axe skill, you can change this if you want)
a longbow that does not run out of arrows, though this one's nothing fancy. Script lifted from Death's Doorstep because I'm tired and it works.

You're free to use any of this material in any of your mods, just give me some credit.