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Stoker Wolff by Sulteric Drums.

Read this Read Me. It will save me and you a LOT of time.
Stoker Wolff mod is a romance based companion. If you want a male companion just as a friend and comrade this mod is NOT for you. You should download The Vampire Hunter instead.

Introduction & Thanks

During Viconia and Saerileth’s development I received many requests to do a male companion that was immersive and could be romanced. Stoker Wolff is the answer to those requests. Stoker is based off of the CM Partner developed by Sunsi. His Crimson Scar armor was done by Leomorg. I have received their permission to take this companion to the next step. He is no longer a CM Partner but uses the same AI engine developed for Saerileth and Viconia. This AI Engine is well tested and he should work flawlessly for you if you install him correctly and your load order is okay.

Many thanks are in order here. Thanks to Sunsi for the original Stoker Wolff and to Leomorg for the amazing Crimson Scar. Special thanks to Shavn for the AI engine that Stoker uses (the same as Viconia). Thanks to Jumonji and ThePriest for their work, which the AI is largely based upon. A special thanks to ElminsterEU for TES4Edit. Thanks to Ren for Stoker’s hair. Thanks to Idkrrr for Stoker’s face and eye shape, the Corean race mod . Big thanks also go out to Nessarose for Stoker’s mouth and chin. Without all of these people this mod could have achieved the quality it has.

His current thread on Bethesda Softworks forums is:


Chapter One of Stoker Wolff involves the player meeting Stoker and winning his heart by going through a fairly linear though quite long romance quest. At the end of Chapter One you will be given the option of pursuing a quest with him into The Underdark. If you choose to do that quest you will need to install Chapter Two (when it is completed). You do not have to do Chapter Two, it is completely optional.

His flirt responses will change after you have won his heart.

MUST READ! Known Limitations

Unless you have Reneer’s Guard Overhaul, getting Stoker out of jail will be very challenging. I recommend download it in general.

Any known limitations that do not have a work-a-round will be placed here as they are discovered. Currently there are only a few things which need mentioning.

To use him in the arena you must summon him and re-summon him once you leave.

Stoker or any of my companions should always be last in your load order to avoid conflicts or missing meshes.

Although you can summon Stoker into the Dark Brotherhood lair, I recommend against it. As soon as he appears there he will be attacked. If you do summon him it would be rather fitting because Stoker’s background.

When using Stoker's dialogue, if you click through too fast it may prevent some of his scripts from running and he may ignore the order you just gave him. Let him at least get one or two words out before you cut him off with a mouse click.

DO NOT change the name of the .esp file or any other .esp file for that matter. It will prevent his speech from working. Don’t screw around unless you know what you are doing. If you want to tweak the mod for your own purposes, that is fine but do not release it without our permission.

Cheydinhal Petshop will break this mod. It tweaks a global speech variable, which it should not. Either fix the problem with that mod or do not use it.

Saurion Red Lights Bordello will also conflict with this mod. I do not currently know the reason for this.

Enemies will attack Stoker first. This is a “feature” of Oblivion and cannot be fixed.

If Stoker does not talk to you that means your load order is messed up. Download OBMM or B.O.S.S and run them. Stoker should always be LAST in your load order.

If eyes, hair or any other mess is missing it is because of your load order.

If you are using Robert’s Male Body replace and eyes go missing you need to download Beautiful People. This will give you the missing meshes, you do not have to check the .esp if you don’t want to.

If you find anything else, please let us know so I can try to fix it or add it here.


This mod has been tested thoroughly and we have gone through great lengths to make sure it shouldn't have any conflicts with any other mods or break the game in any way. Use it and other mods at your own risk because if it screws up your game, quite honestly there isn't a thing we can do about it. We highly suggest keeping a unique save prior to using this mod, just in case. Use Better Oblivion Sorting Software (B.O.S.S.) to adjust your load order and it is good to always keep any of these companions last in your load order.

No profit was or will be made from this work but any donations are always welcome.


NO prerequisite mods are required.

1. Extract Rar to your desktop.
2. Open his folder.
3. Open your Oblivion directory.
4. Drag 'Data' into your Oblivion directory.
5. 'Merge' all folders and 'Copy and Replace'/overwrite all files.
6. Start Oblivion.
7. Go to Data Files and select the esp.
8. Play!


1. Extract Rar to your desktop.
2. Open her folder.
3. Open your Oblivion directory.
4. Drag 'Data' into your Oblivion directory.
5. 'Merge' all folders and 'Copy and Replace'/overwrite all files.
6. Start Oblivion.
7. Go to Data Files and DESELECT the esp.
8. Play and load your last save. Ignore the "This save relies on content no longer present." message.
9. Exit current cell. Avoid being in Bruma Castle.
10. Save and Quit.
11. Start Oblivion.
12. Go to Data Files and select esp.
13. Load your last save and play!

Companion Features

Stoker Wolff is a human male. You will find him in the Bruma Castle dungeon. It is highly recommended that you use Reneer’s Guard Overhaul in conjunction with this mod. It will make it much easier to get Stoker out of prison.


You can instruct Stoker to follow you in casual or armed gear. His armor and sword is in a chest in the guards office so do NOT forget it. You will have to buy him some casual clothing. You may tell him to wait, stand guard, go home, go to sleep or go into stealth mode. Stoker will carry a torch or put out the torch depending on your demands. If you ask him to sleep, he will do so provided there is a bed OWNED BY YOU in the room. To tell him to go home or go to sleep you must go to the Guidance menu and tell him where home is and where he can hang out.


Stoker will do whatever it takes. You can direct him to use melee weapons or ranged weapons and cast spells. He's very versatile. You will also find that he has a stealth mode which prevents him from bursting out into a battle while you are sneaking. Realize that Stoker is not a battle tank. He will not do your job for you but he sure can help.


You can show Stoker his home and where it is safe to hang out. These commands place markers that show him where to go if you send him home. If your home is the house in Skingrad simply go there and click on these two options. This will place his markers there.


This feature allows you to share items, dress him, and arm him. Important note: Before exiting an Oblivion Gate or ANY gate and coming back to Tamriel, tell Stoker to wait there and then go through. Summon him with the spell provided to you and he will appear with his inventory. If you do not do this he may lose his inventory! This is “feature” of Oblivion, we cannot code around it.


You can flirt with Stoker any time you want to and his response will depend on how close your relationship is.

Stoker Wolff’s Romance Quest

Stoker comes with a romance quest, similar to the romance quests in Baldur’s Gate II and have been done with companions Saerileth and Viconia DeVir. The romance is time based, 24 hours must go by until he is ready to talk to you again. It is important to note that he will initiate dialog with you instead of the other way around. You may be in a shop; you may be in a dungeon about to sneak up on a Troll. It mixes things up a little bit. If you respond nicely to him you will advance to the next stage. If you react badly you will not and the stage will be repeated after so much time goes by. If you are patient enough with him you will win his heart and the flirts will kick in with good. The conversations will continue well after you have won her over. You can decide if you just want him as a friend or if you want him romantically.

Other Features

-Stoker will sit when you sit provided there is a chair in sight.
-Stoker will sneak when you sneak.
-Stoker will attack who you attack, provided the target is not a friend.
-Stoker has set of target shock spells.
-You can summon Stoker Wolff from anywhere no matter where you are. (This includes Shivering Isles)
-Stoker has a summonable horse named Sunsi and will ride Sunsi when you ride your horse.
-Stoker has his own voice set (done by me).


He will level with the player and comes with two spells, one being a restoration spell that he will auto-cast on himself, you, and/or his horse after combat, if needed. Another spell you get in your inventory, which will summon him if you get separated.


Stoker is set to essential, so when he gets knocked out he'll get back up in a few seconds, heal himself, and jump back in combat. You can change this in the CS but I do NOT recommend it.


You can tell him to follow armed for combat, follow dressed casually, or follow you armed and stealthy. He requires two sets of clothing. One armor and one casual clothing. He will switch clothing depending on which option you choose. If you remove any one set of clothing, when he does switch he’ll wind up in her underwear (or nude depending on what you have installed), so be careful. If you tell him to wear armor and you fast travel he will stay armored.

Home and Waiting

You have the ability to set any location as his "home", where you can send him if you want some time alone. He will perform random daily activities in this area. It can be anywhere, from a player owned house, a castle mod, or a spot in the wilderness. You can also tell him to hang out where he is temporarily.

You can tell him to sleep and she will use any available bed. If the bed is not owned and empty, he will sleep in it. If there isn't a bed close by or one that can't be used, he will just wander around instead so don’t do that.

You can tell him to wait here and stand guard and he will remain there dressed for combat or you can tell him to wait here and you’ll be back, which he will wait there dressed casually.

Gates and Inventory

Stoker Wolff go into and back out of Oblivion gates without any issues, you do not need to mark and return or anything like that. If you do not want him to lose his inventory you must tell him to wait, go through the gate, then summon him. Repeat for leaving.


For combat you can tell him to stay close for melee combat or stay back and use ranged weapons (if he has a bow and arrows in his inventory). Stoker is not a living weapon, he can fight as best he can. The companion has to process every move and doesn’t think like we would. he will not fight like a 50th level player. This is a limitation of Oblivion, not the scripting.


You can flirt with Stoker. His disposition is always at 100 and not used. The Flirt responses are based upon whether you have won his heart or not. There are many flirt options; smile at him, kiss him, kiss his hand, hug him, smile at him, etc. Stoker will not care if you are male or female. I do not believe in discriminating against that sort of thing and it would be more work anyway.


Stoker Wolff is completely voiced by myself after voting was done in the forum. This makes things very easy and allows me to write whatever I want. His introduction, all menu commands, flirts and all dialog lines in the romance quest are voiced. He will also say some dialog during game-play depending on the situation. It’s not only attacking or stealing, murder, etc. He will say things in even more situations than that.


You have full access to his inventory. You can load up Stoker with inventory and he’ll carry it if you get over-encumbered. He will not get over encumbered. I would recommend getting the Bag of Holding mod however.



Stoker is set for melee class but can be used equally for ranged combat if you replace his melee weapon(s) with bow and arrows. You may also catch him casting spells during combat.

Behind the Scenes Functions

Stoker will go into sneak mode when following the player if the player is within a relatively close distance and is not in combat. When Stoker is in follow mode he will be set to allow friendly hits. When in combat, he ignores all friendly hits.

If the player owns a horse Stoker will auto-mount and dismount his horse when the player does. If his horse is not close by he will auto-summon it close by and mount the horse.

Stoker also has a function that will strip his clothing when he goes to sleep. How this happens depends on you. If you have Eshme’s clothed mod, he will be clothed in his underwear. If you have the nude mod he will be nude. If you wake him and check his inventory, it will be empty. If you ask him to follow you or wait until he wakes up on his own, or summon him with his spell and ask him to follow you, his inventory will be back and he will get dressed.

Contact Info

Email address for anything related to this mod: [email protected]
Please put Stoker in the subject line, otherwise it may get ignored.

My band Sulteric is on the web at: http://www.sulteric.com and http://www.myspace.com/sultericmetal

Please contact me with any bugs or issues you find, so they may be corrected. Please read through this readme file first, so you can be sure that what you are seeing is not normal behavior. If you are submitting an issue, please include as many details as humanly possible. What mods you are using and the load order can be important.

Have fun with him. Feel free to let me know what you think of the mod. Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome. Kudos and 10’s are always welcome on tesnexus.

Version History

0.1 – September 5, 2008 by SultericDrums, Shavn, Sunsi, Leomorg
- Stoker Wolff first version. Ported original CM Partner and armor over.
- Updated to use Shavn AI engine.
- Voiced menu commands and introduction.

0.2 – September 16, 2008 by Sultericdrums
- Fixed horse AI and other AI issues.
- Updated flirts (not voiced yet)
- Fixed missing textures and meshes.

0.3 – September 20, 2008 by Sultericdrums
- Fixed Stoker’s overbite and adjusted chin
- Voiced flirt dialogs.
- Adjusted dialog volume.
- First ten stages programmed.

1.0 – February 19, 2009 by Sultericdrums
- Facial fixes.
- Rest of quest programmed, voiced, and lip synched.
- Introduction and menu commands revoiced.
- Added final stage and intro to Stoker Wolff Chapter Two


- Fixed summon spell description.
- Stoker is now paralyzed during the Drow conversation
- The Drow disappears properly now.
- Tried to fix his teeth again.
- Moved the flirt dialog change up to the proper stage.