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This mod is the sequel to the original House of Clues. You will still have to get clues, but they are spread around the world this time. And you can't just go pick them up either. You will have to do something, like walking on an invisible path (don't fall) and swimming through an underwater maze. It's a funmod/quest mod. Thanks for looking at my 2nd mod, which is the second part of the House of Clues. I hope you will play this mod to kill time for the *looks at calendar* now 13 days that we are away from Oblivion. This mod requires the original mod, although you do not have to play the original mod to do this quest. The original mod (recently updated to V1.2) is in the zip file as well, in case you have trouble finding it.So this is what this mod is about. Just like with the HOC (House of Clues) you are still going to search for clues. But this time, not in a small house, but everywhere! You get a list of locations to go to, where you can get the clue. Put the mini clues you got of the "walks" which is how i call caves, you had together and you will know where to go next! But they are not simple fetch missions. You have to do something to get the clue. Like walking on an invisible path going higher and higher (don't fall) and swimming through an underwater maze. The end reward is having access to Solvil Uledes' House, who is the maker of the clues. In this house you can get some items and store them as well. Except for the house you will also get access to his experiment room, which got some nice things to see and do. And… if you are a very good clue hunter... you might even find a greater reward! This mod does not require any level, although there is one cave containing monsters, but those shouldn't be that hard, unless you walk into it at lv 1 unarmed. The mod is cleaned with TESAME, and has nothing to do with Star Wars, in case you thought so. My site with screenshots and info:http://mods.tessource.net/PovuholomodsChanges from V1.0: V1.1 Made sure the mod ran smoothly with V1.2 of the HOC.