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This mod is based on \"AK-47 Grenadier by Lord Slyther\" and \"Soul Gun by hardcoreben\". And contains another mod \"Camouflage armor by Nollemaster\". I combined them and remodeled some of their contents. Many thanks for their great works.

Permissions and credits
AK-47 Grenadier Remodel and Camouflage Gear
By I_Raim

This mod is based on "AK-47 Grenadier by Lord Slyther" and "Soul Gun by hardcoreben". And contains another mod "Camouflage armor by Nollemaster". I combined them and remodeled some of their contents. Many thanks for their great works.
The gun in the original is equipped as a bow. But I think the gun might be easier for companions to use if equipped as a staff. So, I have changed it. And I also altered some of its meshes and textures, which are painted black in my work. Its name has been changed to "AK-47 Fire Grenadier" as well. Camouflage armor also changed the name to "Camouflage Gear".
The effect of fire is based on that of Soul Gun. That of its bullet is the same as the spell of fire ball in original Oblivion. Camouflage Gear in this mod is not enchanted and is equipped as a light armor.
I recommend you to let your companion use the gun. I'm sure he (or she) can shoot it well. One last thing, it has as much power as Soul Gun. So, you may often find it too powerful.

Some part altered in the Ver2.0
And I have added some equipments and fixed some bugs in the latest version.

=> AK-47 Fire Grenadier (Mat Black)
=> AK-47 Metal Fire Grenadier (Metal style)
=> Camouflage Gear (common)
=> Camouflage Gear (HA) (Hide Amulet)
=> Cigar
=> Eyepatch (3 kind of size)
=> Sergeant's cigar (3 kind of size, Set of eyepatch and cigar)

Cigar, Eyepatch and Sergeant's cigar are dealt with as an amulet. So, if you use them in Camo Gear, please choose common one.

Improvement posterior to Ver2.1
The bug that makes textures wrong in specific condition has been fixed. The power of the guns has been as they used to be. The Texture of cigar has been fixed.

OMODVersion Upload.

Improvement posterior to Ver2.2

Add Ciger For Argonian, Khajiit, Orc.

Improvement posterior to Ver2.3

M16 has been added.
BR56 has been added.

2. Installation
Extract all files to oblivion\data.
If you use the previous version, it conflicts with this file. First of all, please remove all the files provided by AK-47 older version. And please start the game without previous files nor new ones. And save the game. This action makes your save data clean, as to AK-47 mod.

After the above action, please install this file. Otherwise, your game will be bothered by unexpected issues. Please do the above action when your player character is NOT in A Fighting Chance.

When you install this file, Windows may confirm your permission to overwrite. If so, please say "Yes" to all.

Even though this file is normally installed, at least one loading is needed in order to set the object normally. Therefore, if you load your save data where a player character is in A Fighting Chance after the installation, please get out the shop and enter there. Then, all the object will be set normally.

If you should experience something wrong, I recommend you to do the above action when your player character does not stay in A Fighting Chance.
Thank you in advance.

You can find the above things sold by Sergent Burd at A Fighting Chance in Imperial City Market District, who enjoys his life there with the owner Rohssan.

This mod is probably compatible with the originals because I altered some of their attributes for the purpose of avoiding unexpected overwriting. But I would like you to be careful in case this mod should hurt your environment in TES4 or cause something wrong. If you are now using the original works, please backup them and your save data just in case before installing this mod.
This mod probably conflicts with mods that edit character's motion of staff. If you are now using mods such as the above, you may experience CTD. So, please do NOT use both at the same time.

AK-47 Grenadier by Lord Slyther
Camouflage armor by Nollemaster
Soul Gun by hardcoreben
Dwemer Spectacles by KafeiDotour
Cigar by Nami

M16 & BR56 Resource
Thank you, Lord Slyther!

Thank you very much for Everybody.

If you wish to contact me, send me a PM at TESNexus.

AK-47 Grenadier Remodel and Camouflage Gear
By I_Raim