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Last updated at 12:47, 3 Jun 2008 Uploaded at 12:42, 3 Jun 2008

Tollingbrook Hollow Home is located just west of the Atlied ruins of Ondo, to the far east of Bravil. A mapmarker is visible and enabled for fast-travel.

The home is 3 and 1/2 floors and a basement. ALL storage in the house is safe for players, even if you find items inside. Altars of spellmaking and enchanting are found in the basement (new models as well). The home is moderately cluttered with wide pathways for the player on the go.

I'm mostly interested in model making as opposed to general modding. As such, I did not fill this home with lots of scripted effects and gadgets (which I usually don't like anyway). It is a simple home, that I can run through without knocking everything over, and leaving plenty of room and spots for my packrat character to stash stuff. If you download this house mod looking for working sinks, trash cans, light switches, etc... you waste your time.

This mod also serves as a modder's resource that may be freely used without seeking my permission. Credit would be nice, always a bad idea in a community like this to pass off someone else's work as your own because someone will know you're full of it and spread the word.

A read-me is included with additional information and instructions for installation. This mod may not be uploaded on any site unless my name renames on the mod and the read-me is included, in an unchanged format.

Have fun!