About this mod

This mod allows you to truly roleplay a necromancer by adding 7 new custom spells, commandable skeletal minions, posable skeletal mannequins, and a brand new Ayleid city to explore.

Permissions and credits
Change Log:

- 1.01: Fixed missing textures on the skeletal horse. Download and extract patch, or download full version.
- 1.02: Fixed a CTD when selling mannequins. Extract and overwrite stock Moriarcis.esp. Requires 1.01 to be installed first.
- 1.03: Fixed the soul gem quest; no longer requires soul gems, now uses the newly added Siphon Soul spell. Fixed a possible CTD when storing mannequins in a container. Improved weather detection for Corrupt Soul Gem spell. Various other minor fixes.
- 1.04: Fixed an aggro issue between skeletal minions and the citizens of Moriarcis. Made minor tweaks to the Siphon Soul spell.
-1.05: Added the Harvest Soul spell, fixed the black soul gem detection bug on the minion summoning spell (now uses Harvest Soul Spell), tweaked the post boss code so that Myrk won't disappear anymore.

THIS MOD REQUIRES OBSE v0014a or later! If you don't have it, grab it here: http://obse.silverlock.org/

This mod enables the player to truly roleplay a necromancer by adding a complete city of undead inhabitants and a wide range of new custom-scripted spells.

- A brand new Ayleid Ruined City to Explore

- "Friendly" undead skeletal citizens, each with their own daily routines.

- 2 Brand new Dungeons

- A new main quest chain with 2-4 hours of gameplay.

- A side quest chain with 1-2 hours of gameplay.

- 2 new sets of armor.

- The Ability to now play the game as a necromancer, complete with new spells, abilities, and playstyle-changing powers.

- The ability to permanently summon skeletal minions, equip them with arms and armor, and issue commands through menus or spells.

- Skeletal Mannequins (Fully Posable) to display your armor and weapon collections.


- Bind Skeletal Minions - easily the biggest feature of the mod. Once the main quest chain is complete, the player will be granted the ability to permanently bind skeletal minions to his service. Unlike vanilla skeletons, however, these skeletons are NPCs. This means that not only can they be talked to, but they can be equipped with armor and commanded as well.

- Harvest Soul - A version of soul trap specifically created for this mod. This spell creates a special black soul gem in the player's inventory that can be used to bind a skeletal minion. Any NPC that dies while under the effects of Harvest Soul also has the potential to spawn bones in his/her inventory, which can be used in the minion binding process.

- Corpseflesh - Corpseflesh makes the player's flesh tough and hard, like that of a cadaver, granting a shield ability as well as a resistance to normal weapons. The player also becomes a living pestulance, a walking disease, and gains immunity to diseases for the duration of the spell. In addition, anyone he strikes with a hand to hand blow has a chance of contracting a random disease. The chance is tied directly to the player's hand to hand skill, so more skilled player's will be able to infect their targets with multiple diseases in a matter of seconds, making them much more suseptible to the sweet release of death.

- Ressurect Horse - With this spell, the player can ressurect any slain horse as a skeletal equine for his own personal use. (Special thanks to Z and his Skeleton Horse mod for the meshes on this one).

- Possess Weapon - Possess Weapon summons an invisible shade to the player's side, this shade will seek out the nearest melee weapon lying around the player and possess it, floating it into the air and bringing it to life. The weapon will now defend the player and attack his enemies. Any damage done to the shade is actually done to the weapon, so as the weapon is hit in combat, its durability (and therefore its effectiveness) decreases. Once the weapon is broken, (or the spell timer runs out) the shade dies, and the weapon falls helplessly to the ground. Now, that giant two-handed claymore that maurader dropped that was useless to you before can become a powerful ally. Video available at:

- Siphon Soul - Siphon Soul works much like a standard Soul Trap spell, except rather than storing the target's soul in a soul gem upon death, the soul (along with the flesh) is consumed, providing a buff to the player for a length of time equal to 1/2 of his Mysticism skill.

- Soul Eater - Soul Eater reduces the mage's dependance on potions by letting him consume black soulgems for health. The amount of health restored is directly related to the player's restoration skill.

- Soul Drinker - Much like Soul Eater, this spell allows the user to consume a normal soul gem in order to regain magicka. The amount of magicka regained is tied directly to the player's skill and the level of the soul consumed.

- Corrupt Soul Gem - This spell allows the player to sacrifice a small amount of magicka under moon or starlight in order to corrupt a grand soul gem, and turn it into a black soul gem.

Much, much more info in the ReadMe. Enjoy folks!