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Better Dagoth UrBy Cid88INSTALLATION:-Simply unzip to your Morrowind->Datafiles folderDESCRIPTION:-Didn't the Dagoth Ur fight seem a bit like a let down? All that work foran enemy who basically just stood there and attacked you with the same stuffover and over and over. This mod changes that. Now Dagoth Ur is not only tougherstats wise (and also flies back up if he falls into the lava!), but he has assistance.VERSION:V.7 is a beta. This means the mod is incomplete. While the mod works perfectly fine,any number of features are subject to change and rebalancing, as well as lacking somefeatures the final version will no doubt have.FOR BETA TESTERS ONLY:If you want to quickly skip to Dagoth Ur, type in the console (~)startscript, cid_testscriptYou'll appear at the exterior of Dagoth Ur's complex with the wraithguard, keening, and sunder.