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I know this ruins the lore of the game but i was bored, I made it and decided to share it with you...besides a little style can\'t hurt Tamriel :P

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Adidas Shirt

Clothing Plugin for TES IV Oblivion

Author: Maafiaman


This mod adds an "Adidas Shirt" in the front of "Jensine's Good as New Merchandise" shop in the Imperial City Market District. I know that this shirt ruins the lore but it also bring a little style into the game :P


Just copy "Data" folder from archive in the Oblivion installation folder. After that start Oblivion Launcher, go to Data Files and check "Adidas Shirt.esp"

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None known yet

V1: First public release

Contact me
If you want to report a bug or sugest something mail me at: [email protected]
You can find me on The Nexus Forums and Elder Scrolls Forums as "maafiaman"

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion