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Don't forget to download the update (v1.1)


******************VERSION 1.1********************

Created by: ThePriest909





What is this project? :

The project "Lost province of Zedar" is a large new world expansion modification/resource for Bethesda's PC-game "The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion".
A new pure, living, breathing, self sustain world.


1.A complete new huge! worldspace.
2.New enemies & creatures.
3.New towns& villages with NPCs.
4.New NPCs with lives.
5.Several new models (Statics & Creatures).
6.New textures.
7.New items & ingredients.
8.New armors & weapons.
9.New weather system.

*10.Lots and lots of other new stuff... I can't even remember them all.

Update 1.1
This patch updates the exterrior area around the gate to Zedar.


Entrance to Zedar:

The Entrance to Zedar can be found east of the Imperial City.
Take a look at the included screenshot for more info.

A few basic Lore info:

These info are givven in case other modders wish to follow the GTAesgaard Lore I've developed.
They are protected by copyright law so...
Be carefull what you do with them. Do not modify or repost them.

Like any other part of Tamriel Zedarians had their own way to call the allready known Gods with many different names.
So before starting here are some basic notes.

Zedar existed during the middle Merethic age as a part of the now frozen Atmer.
Mechra = Shor(Shezzar\Lorkhan)
Abyss gods = Deadric Gods.
Abyss = A daedric subrealm.

And an additional note for the lore-friends...
The name "Aesgaard" has absolutelly nothing to do with the original mythological "Asgard".
Let's clear this up.

Thank you.

Here we go.....

Myths & Legends of Zedar

Developed and written by ThePriest909.
Special thanks to the "local lore master" Alastor from the greek oblivion guild.


An ancient frozen empire that ruled when the world (Nirn....The "mortal" realm) was still covered by ice.
A myth says that Mechra ripped away that part of the world and dropped it to the Lands of Nowhere to punish the people for losing faith in him and for turning to the Abyss Gods.
Aesgaard has been forgotten through the years and so have it¢s' gods since no-one who ever believed in them are left to speak about it.

The main Kingdom of Aesgaard where a huge hot water lake at the center of the region has melted the ice and created a living/breathing green landmass.
Stochan who most called the Cursed King, ruled Zedar for 300 years.

Lake Graashg:
A huge hot water lake at the center of Zedar.
A myth says that it is the entrance to the Abyss and the place where the Graashgals live.

Eternal Ring Provinces:
Empty wastelands of ice that surrounds the province of Zedar.
No-one was able to explore those areas because of the 8 guardian Moworms.

Lands of nowhere:
A world half built by the gods of Zedar… but they never had the chance to complete it.
They use it as prison for their faulty creations, abominations and creatures which never should have existed.

Temples of Holy Blood:
Stochan built four temples in order to recover the Holy Blood from the four realms where it is held.
The temples were built from earth mixed with the blood of thousands of first born children who had been slaughtered in view of their parents.
Only their hatred for Stochan could give the Cursed Ones the power to open the portals.

Atundelia (Stochan¢s Realm):
The “Never Existing Land”.
Atundela is the name of the only person Stochan ever loved and his realm only exists in his deranged mind.
However, it can influence the real world through the worst of human emotion. Hatred. His most terrible nightmares became a reality there.
The rivers and the rain are the blood of his victims. No-one has ever escaped from Atundelia or from the Sin Eaters.

The Abyss:
Located in a huge cavity in the center of the earth the Abyss is a huge wasteland of fire, lava and sands.

Gods, Demons & Creatures:

According to ancient Zedarian texts he is The God of Gods. The Father of Everything.

Three Zedarian sea gods which act as one single entity.
Wethindu, Atharhi and Drgliro.
They fought against the Abyss gods during the Ormothurian war.

Daedric demigod of Dreams.

Daedric demigod of Rage.

Daedric female demigod of Passion and Lust.

Daedric demigod of Storms.

Abyss Gods:
Ancient deadric creatures condemned by Mechra to live in the Abyss for eternity because they turned against him during the Ormothurian War.

Azra Camora:
Daedric demon guardian of the Abyss.

Cursed Ones:
Horrific gatekeepers between parallel worlds that exist only in the imagination. They are able to draw great power from their hatred.
However, they can affect the real world if enough people believe in them.
Stochan¢s hatred was so great that he was able to control the Cursed Ones and use them against the people.

Sin Eaters (The Cursed Legion):
Creature guardians of Atundelia.

Monstrous sea worms that feed themselves by sucking in the salty waters of the sea and spewing it out again in huge tempests.
Legend says that Mechra himself ordered the creatures to guard the seas surrounding Zedar to prevent anyone from either entering or leaving.

Gigantic creatures that joined the “Abyss Gods” against Mechra.
Condemned live in the Abyss for the eternity.


The “Cursed King”.
A cruel King and mage who ruled in Zedar for 300years. He was a sadistic murderer who turned against Mechra¢s will and tried to set the Abyss gods free. The Abyss gods offered him the gift of immortality but Mechra condemned him to remain in the Abyss with his gods for eternity. His body remains in the Abyss but his hatred gives him the strength to be able to summon people through their sins and live on the earth through them.

A city whore forever beloved by Stochan. The people slaughtered her when they turned against Stochan and he vowed to one day avenge her loss.

Stochan¢s first general and his mistress.
A torturer and slayer who used to combine human tortures with sexual pleasure.

Stochan¢s second general. The Firemage.
He also had the power of resurrection and used that power to bring never ending torture to his victims by burning them to death over and over again.

Stochan¢s third general. The Necromancer.
He would strip the skin from his victims, keeping them alive in terrible agony until finally killing them

Stochan¢s fourth general. The Cannibal.
He would eat his living victims. He believed that consuming the flesh was the only way to take the soul.

The Axeman:
Stochan¢s executioner. Blind follower of his will.
He was imprisoned in the Abyss after Azra Camora placed the curse of the undead upon him.

Other Info:

Ormothurian War:
An ancient war between Mechra and the Abyss gods.
It was named for Ormothur, the leader of the Abyss gods.

Akhat¢s Tale:
When the Cursed Ones ruled the earth a young princess offered her head as a gift to Azra-camora to close the entrance of the Abyss.
The blood of that sacrifice has been divided by the four demigods and is being held in each of their realms.
There is prophecy that says this blood will become a great weapon against the Cursed Ones.

The Day of Severing:
This is the day Mechra tore away the lands of Aesgaard and condemned them to the nothingness of Nowhere, to prevent Stochan from
freeing the gods of the Abyss

Fequrian Order:
A secret cult made up of the followers of Stochan.
In order to become a member that person must earn the trust of the Elders.
They must show their dedication by stripping the skin from their own bodies and demonstrating their faith.
They believe that pain and suffering is the only way to commune with Stochan, their beloved Lord.
The Elders wear masks made from the skin when they sacrifice themselves to Stochan during the Ceremony of the Cursed Ones.
They can then pass the barriers to the spirit world and become Sin Eaters.

Ceremony of the Cursed Ones:
A strange ritual that takes place at the Temples of Holy Blood from 10.00 pm to 06.00 a.m.

An unknown metal that can be found only in Zedar.
It is said that this metal was created by the intense heat generated when Mechra ripped Aesgaard from the rest of the world.

* (c) 2008 KoukouStudios & ThePriest909 *

Info for modders:

All the basic data are included in the main master file.

The included esp is responsible for the location of the entrance to Zedar.

The latest update (Zedar.esp) v1.1 also includes a few bug-fixes for the master file.
You should load that esp too as a secondary plugin before creating a new one.

Zedar.esp is necessary to be loaded as well as Zedar.esm.
Otherwise the oblivion engine won't be able to load data from the BSA archive.

Installation Notes:

The file contains an ESM, an ESP and a BSA archive.

1.Unzip the archive.
2.Copy/paste the Zedar.esm, zedar.esp & zedar.bsa in your oblivion/data directory.
3.Double click the "Oblivion Launcher" and check both Zedar.esm and Zedar.esp.
4.Use the "OblivionMod Manager" to set the right load order.

Update v1.1 (Installation)

Just replace the zedar.esp with the one included in the latest patch. (v1.1)




The ZEDAR.ESM must be loaded immediately after the Oblivion.esm.
This is especially important when other ESM's are loaded besides GTAesgaard_HB.esm.
The ZEDAR.ESP should be loaded as close to last as possible for testing.

*If this doesn't work for your setup try an alternative slot.

Compatibility (Update v1.1):
*No conflicts have been reported untill now. Please let me know if there are any.

Known issues/bugs:

*Have in mind that this file is a playable resource so, the following list is pretty much expected.

-TES CS might indicate a few warnings about missing objects while loading the esm.
That's because I've removed them by using TESGecko.
I will upload a patch for this one as soon as possible.
-Although there are four main settlements, only "Rahar" and "Vaxnarth" are currendly full functional..
-Gates to other Sub Realms have been deactivated since these realms are a part of the forthcoming GTAesgaard EP II and they have been removed from this file.
-The dungeon's interior cells are not fully expanted at the moment.
-Maybe a few spelling mystakes.
-A few floating items (small rocks/plants)... It's very hard to track them.

*With an exception a few "unfinished" areas of the new world, if you follow the included installation guide and the right load order,
this project can Not spoil your game in any possible way.
It won't modify absolutely nothing allready existed from the original game. It can only add to the game.



Designed and developed by "ThePriest909"

Special thanks to:

Margaret Farrell: for tracking down useful resourcies and for her help with the official "TesPriest909" forum.
Harley5by5: for his help with the official forum "TesPriest909" as a modarator.
All the active beta testers: http://www.createforum.com/ainos/viewforum.php?f=35&mforum=ainos

Resourcies Used:

Tiger Texture by AlioenSlof
Tigins weapons & armor by Ayhan
Lore Creatures by Phitt
Oblivion WarCry by Lazarous
Amazon & Sorceres armour by Exnem
Rens Hair by Ren
Cloaks & Capes by Someone1074
Farm animals by Mr Siika
Rabbits by Mr Siika
Custom Creatures by Sadden Storm
Z¢s Skeleton Horse by Always Z (Zhemoc)
Pale_Riders Armory of the Berserker by Pale_Rider
Ghogiel¢s dreugh armor by Ghogiel
Fishes by Sjors Boomschors
Animated River Mashes by Texian
Foxes by Mr Siika
White Deer by b3w4r3
Dogs by Alienslof

*Please let me know in case I've missed anyone*

Contact "ThePriest909"
[email protected]

Sorry for my english.
I'm greek :)


This project is protected by Copyright Law!
That means that all the original artwork (textures, meshes, lore, books e.t.c.)
or any other part of this project which is not already owned by Bethesda and it is not a freeware or a modder's resource,
CAN NOT! be repacked or released in any possible way without permission by "ThePriest909".

However modders are 100% free to create and release their own plugins based on the main ZEDAR.ESM file.


© KoukouStudios & ThePriest909 |