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Companions and Pets that can use Xilver\'s Midas Magic Spells. Based on Blackie\'s CM partners. Also includes 6 custom races, custom race spells with custom effects, special weapons and armor.

Permissions and credits
All votes have been turned in for the bonus 3rd companion for 4.5

Winner: Female, Lightning, Magic-Type.

I have just the model for such a companion~ Thank you all for voting and, again, enjoy MMC!

This mod is a companion mod, based on Blackie's CM Partners and Midas Magic: Spells of Aurum. These companions have the ability to use Xilver's Midas Magic spells, and each companion has a set of spells and equipment that complement's each of their "style."

11 companions are available for recruitment, and are placed them in their respective astral planes and/or places in cyradil for recruitment. Please read their back-stories and my notes for clues in their location.


Official Trailer


Sparring Demonstration

CM Partners Basic

Midas Magic Ver.980

Ren's Beauty Pack(Please make sure to install hairs only folders as well! esp activation not required)

Ice elves and Wolf Elves V2

Latest Oblivion Patch

Highly Reccommended mods

Companion Share Recruit

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. Allows attack orders and auto buff/heal commands to members.

Exnem's Body
Exnems Eyecandy Body Replacer Underwear (or nude, whatever floats your boats

Companion Sound Sets

I REALLY reccomend the Imoem voice for Christina and Nalia for Kali

Deadly Reflex

This will seriously improve the companions' fighting styles

DMC Stylish

For better Stylish moves for you and your companions.

Spellsinger Animations and Sounds

For a prettier version of spell casting animations. Warning: This also adds female voices to the animations even for the males, suggest deleting the audio sounds with it...)

~New Race: Midas Android Race (Faker Model).
~New Custom Shader Effects for Aurum Trigger, Freeze, Overdrive (maids), Christina's bow attack, Kali's Blade, Tabris' Blade, Kali's Staff.
~2 New companions/shop keepers: Stheno and Euryale
~Increased the speed of Galatea's photon gun by 2x. Her guass gun by 3X.
~New spell for the Frost Elves Race: Ice Skin.
~New summonable weapons included within the Midas Android Race.
~Produced custom script for mystic Demon elf. Bound armor no longer appears during flight.
~New Custom Conjuration Spells for the Midas android race
~The two newest companions summon their own weapons.
~Fixed the invisible hands for Christina.
~Increased Speed of Raven's hammer to .8 speed instead of .5.
~Changed Hair-style of Galatea
~Changed wings on Christina and gave her a halo.

Race Information
Mystic High Elf Saint
Possesses the "Heaven's Feel" that bestows an individual (or themselves) with physical and magical resistance, an increase in mp along with curing them of disease and poison, and health regen for a duration of time. Requires no spell cost.

Mystic Demon Elf
Immune to Fire, yet take double damage from Ice attacks. Possess max intelligence and willpower. However, physical attributes, such as endurance and strength are very low. This race also comes with a set of midas fire type spells. Though very weak in close range quarters due low endurace, they have also have the power of flight to cast spells at a distance.

Dremora Dark Elf
Possess Max Strength and Endurance, though they suffer from very low speed and intelligence and take double damage from magic attacks. However, they possess a lesser power that increases they're HP and physical resistances. In addition, they come with Midas spells that enhance they're attacks, such as berserk.

Frost Elf
Immune to Ice attacks. but take double damage from fire attacks. These elfs have a very useful ability to freeze enemies on touch. (The cost requires no mp and can be used unlimited times).

Fallen Human
Stats are similiar to the Imperial race. However, they possess the "soul Trigger" spell that bounds a dark armor to them and raises all their stats, skills, and resistances for 30 secounds. In addition, HP and MP are restored and raised during this duration. The cost is 100 mp. Though it can be used indefinitely, it cannot be recast once it's already in effect.

Similiar to the Fallen Human, except they come with strong (and expensive) midas spells, and a stronger version of the 'soul trigger' called the 'aurum trigger'. The ability costs 300 mp.

Midas Android (Faker Model)
Androids created by midas and have the abilitity to materiaize powerful weapons. Strength class of the weapon is based on their level of alteration.

+Characters Available+

~Christina Hini Eleidon~
A Mystic Highelf of the Guardian Angel Class. Being a direct child from the Holy Knight Eleidon from legend, she wields the famed Eleidon's ward from her father, and the Naneth Meleth (Elven for "Mother's Love") from her mother. Her middle name stands for "Child" for unlike her father's dutiful, serious attitude, she is somewhat childish, despite her angelic duties. Never the less, she protects those close to her. Hoping to see home of Cyradil again, she awaits the arrival of a famed hero of prophecy to enter the Divine Planes from the forbidden gate...

Pets: Ion, Diamond, and Avalon.


*Spells available: Prismatic missile, call lighting, force ball... I'll let you find out the rest.:) The wings this time, unlike the alpha version, are a permenant part of her, thus part of her unique race. If you think she's overpowered, simply remove some of her gear. She doesn't mind you using her gear as well, just don't lose'm.... :)
She specializes in lightning attacks and is immune to lightning. Her battle style has been completely revamped and should exhibit a very versitile style. She'll use magic and personal attacks, as well as switch to bow and sword depending on the situations. I designed her to be used for mainly High-leveled character, so please understand why I chose certain spells for her as I did, as well as the permanent abilities.

~Tabris Alma Neravar~
A Mystic Highelf of the Dark Slayer Class. Neravar and Almalexia were legendary figures who fought for the independence of the Dunmar in the first age. Though records indicate the two never had a child, no one would ever know that the two actually adopted an orphaned mystic high during the long war. Though a differant race, the two grew to love him and taught him their way of fighting and independence. However, they had loved him so much that they couldn't stand to let him stay in their world of war and sent him into another world, hoping he would be happier there. Unknown to them, they did now know that the world they sent him in was full of darkness and slavery. However, due to their training and words, Tabris still remained strong and fought for his parent's right of independence, no matter what race and world. In his hands he wields the TWIN BLADES: Hopesfire and Trueflame from his parents. He is currently awaiting the arrival of a hero of prophecy to finally bring down the opressive royal line that shackles this world...

Pets: Ebony and Ivory.


*Spells available: Death ray, midas glaive, blood worms... I'll let you find out the rest.:) There are ALOT of things I changed about Tabris from the results of the prototype of him. First, if you think he's overpowered, simply remove some of his gear (I personally think his swords may be too strong...) Also, I've pretty much removed about 80 percent of the midas spells I had on him in the protoype. Reasons being is that I wanted him to act more as the close-ranged specialist. In addition, he seemed to "trip" himself too much and seemed overly too powerful with hellrime blast. Out of all the midas magic companions I'll make, Tabris is probably the one who'll use his magic skills the least. However, I tried to make sure to give him spells that will fully complement his fighting style. (Try sparring with him... Believe me, you might be surprised how tough he is... and how quickly he might kill you)
He specializes in dark attacks (mainly touch spells), but he'll use his swords most of the time. He also has a large amount of fatigue and fatigue regeneration designed to give him maximum physical damage. Unlike the Christina, he doesn't have as much HP and restoration skill, however he is a MUCH stronger damage dealer. I suggest bringing him along if you plan to fight high HP enemys or bosses.

~Kali Dagon~
A Mystic Demon Elf of the Flame Mage Class. Kali never knew who her mother was. She heard rumors that she was an illegitimate child from a female member from the Mythic Dawn and "Lord Dagon." (How those two could POSSIBLy give birth to her still baffles her today...) Her mother soon passed away later, and despite her father's selfish nature, he was still ambivilent enough to give his own offspring her own plane of oblivion (which he quickly ditched her afterwards...). Kali then grew up rather comfortably in her fire plane, learning and adapting to the arts of fire. Soon she began to wonder the world in which her mother lived in. However, her thoughts were quickly disrupted when her kingdom was suddenly taken over and destroyed by a jerk Ifrit while taking a stroll. However, Kali was only half mad as she was looking for a change of scenery. According to some prophecy, some famed her was to appear in the forbidden gate. She hopes to catch a ride with this person and check out her mothers homeworld. (but not before kicking the butt of the jerk Ifrit her destroyed her home...) Kali wields two memento's from her parents: The Staff of Cremation from her Mother, and a Claw from her Father.

Pets: Baly, Ruby, and Charmander.


*Spells available: Fire Breath, Heat beam, Nuclear Blast... And few others that burn... :3 She now has animated wings as well a two weapons, a blade and staff. There were a few people who still wanted her as a pure magic thus I figured to use CM partners to utilize both: If you want her to use her staff and be long ranged, choose the mage/battlemage/ranger styles. If you want her to use her her blade and be melee choose warrior/assassin styles. Make sure to look into her inventory and exit out after changing her battle style (also to be safe, "reset" her by resummoning her with the partners ring). She will then switch styles and weapons respectively.
Kali specializes in flame attacks and is immune to fire. Her battle style and spell build has been completely revised based on the battle style you choose for her. Her staff doesn't do much damage, but it allow 100% weakness to fire against targets in 5 feet for 5 seconds. This allows her to "combo attacks" with her Midas spells. I designed her to be used for mainly High-leveled character, so please understand why I chose certain spells for her as I did, as well as the permanent abilities.

~Sydney Dewstrider~
A Wolf-Elf of the Princess Class. Stealth type. Sydney was born, or rather created, from the power of Mother Nature and her strongest guardians "The Dire Wolves." Sydney currently oversees as well as protects all natural life. Seeing her great potential, and wanting more for her daughter, Mother nature has now given her a much larger task: To protect and study life from all worlds, not just her own. She has now instructed Sydney await a hero of prophecy at the Forbidden Gate to aid her in her travels. As a fare-well gift, mother nature has gifted Sydney with her finest weapons: "Nature's Obscura" and the "Wolf-fangs".

Pets: Dire.


*Spells available: Disarm, Entangle, Acid Arrow, blade ring, and... Whatever:). Though initially I planned her to be a pure archer, I also gave her melee abilities (this was also due to a bug in cm partners I get if i set her purely as archer... So this was also in part a work around..). I set her default combat style to warrior, thus she'll switch to bow and melee depending on the situations. Unlike the other companions, she doesn't have alot of HP and defense, or attack power. However, she makes up for it by having a high speed and "spamming" her enemies with stat draining spells and arrows causing them to have a hard time getting in close range. I've designer her to be more of a supportive role, so if you're a melee/tank type yourself, she should be very helpful.

~Shivan Snow~
An Ice-elf of the Princess Class. Stealth type. Shivan's mother was once the ruler of her world, until it was taken over by a powerful Ice Spriggan who not only stole the throne, but also her mother's life and title. Prior to the attack, her mother was able to send her in hiding, keeping her safe. As she grew, the world around her became imbalanced by the power of ice, and her whole world, as well as kingdom, is now nothing more of an icy shell of its former self. Now older, and stronger with training, her day now finally comes to exact revenge on the fake queen. According to a prophecy, a famed hero will also arrive to aid her in her task, thus she awaits patiently... Shivan wields two mementos from her mother:"Shiva's Wrath" and "Shiva's Vengeance."

Pets: Sapphire.

Authors Notes:

*Spells available: Midas Geyser, Freeze ray, ice trap... blah... Okay, to confess, Shivan doesn't have alot of Midas' spells. She, in truth, only has about 5, and there are two important reasons for this. First, most of the ice spells in Midas magic are aoe, thus having those spells around with other companions or yourself are extrememly hindering in teamwork. And the other reason, freezing spells and the water globe spell (ironically) SUCKS REALLY BIG *BEEP* for her to have. Believe me... I did this like a hundred times.. Whenever I got frozen, I couldn't move... Forever... I was now a hopping statue for the rest of the game which sucked like hell and I had to reload many times. In addition, water globe was freakin more annoying than handy. It takes up alot of space if it catches enemies (especially in caves and dungeions), it's slow moving as hell, it kept hitting my allies and horses, and whenever it hit an enemy or myself, I have to wait a freakin 30 seconds for it to die down!! So yeah, those spells had to be booted out her arsenal. However. I OFCOURSE did not want her to have zero freezing spells, thus I made my own version called "frozen". I've given her a touch and target spell that giveS 2000 burden on an enemy for 10 (or was it 20?) seconds as well 9 ice damage for 5 seconds. I've also attached the midas frost effect script to it, so there's frost effect showing whenever one is hit by the spell (I added the visual effect also to her bow and sword enchantment attack). Though not an offical midas spell, it is MUCH handier with her since it'll halt enemies in their tracks. Her default battle style is Like sydney, she'll switch to bow and sword depending on the situations. Also, I designed her as a support type, so if you're melee or tank, she should be very handy.

~Raven Nevermore~
A Dremora Dark-elf of the Beserker Class. Combat Class. Abandoned at birth, Raven was left to die in the mountains. However his inborn strength, as well as violent nature, allowed him to survive for 5 years, living on the land alone. His life had changed dramatically when he when he was "captured" by an indeginous Amazon tribe while trying to steal from their food supply. Af first, Raven was violently defensive, thinking the tribe would kill him or turn him into a slave. Ironically, this was the complete opposite as the tribe was benevolent of him and was simply at awe at his young strength. Setting differences aside, the female tribe took him in as family and cared for him. Though it took a long time, Raven was surprised by their behavior toward him, and eventually warmed up to them and vowed to protect his new family. All was peaceful and well for twenty years... till it all came crashing down: While away on a hunt for his village, the village was attacked by a pack of powerful uberhulks, killing and destroying every female occupant and memory. In rage, Raven tracked them down to their lair and vowed to destory every single one, down to their mother... In his hands, Raven wields the "Gaia's Fist," A hammer made from the most strongest (and heaviest) stone found in the mountains.

Pets: Stoner.


*Spells available: Pebble throw, Tar Field, Stone Storm, Stone spikes, stone skin... RAWR! :B Raven is, perhaps, one of the most powerful Midas Magic companions I've made, considering I've given him a *beep*load of hp, strength, and endurance. His hammer not only does a *beep*load of damage but also does 10 damage to weapons&armor. In addition, I've also attached the centurion strike script to the hammer, so almost anything he hits within 5 feet will find themselve's flying away. Oh, and to note, I made sure that the "shockwave" effect was none-hostile, so any allies that may go flying away near his target will not find themselves compelled to attack him. Ofcourse, I did many things to balance his outragous strength: Though his hammer is powerful, it hella heavy (300wt!!), and it's hella slow (.5 speed). In addition, unlike the other companions: Raven does not have immunity to paralysis, he has a 50% weakness to magic, not alot of mp (around 300mp and his spells are costly), and his speed & agility is very low. All in all, he's pretty much brute force with the spells to complement. If your a magic or stealth type, he should work well as a guard, or even as a frontline-decoy for your ranged attacks.

An Android of the Vanguard Class. Stealth Type. Deus is a proto-type of a whole new type of combat droid, modeled after an extinct race. She was to be the first of Universal Soldiers, capable of using almost anytype of weaponry with master skill. However, due to the cost of producing just one of her, designers have decided to simply "store" her in the facilities and use her body and systems as base model for simpler, more effient droids. Hundreds were then made... However, due to their simplistic design, they became easily influenced by a sudden computer virus, disrupting the alliance protocols and turning all battle droids against their protectors. Deus however, with a much more advance, anti-virus program was able to nullify the virus herself. Before the last scientis was taken out, her system was reactivated. She now travels deep within the facilities, preparing to "Terminate all Hostiles." Deus wields, both a Full-Sprectum saber and various guns.

Spells Available: Lightning bolt, mega-volt, force-ball, magic-flare, uhh....*forgets*
Deus is my first attempt to retexture an existing skin texture (instead of using someone else's with permission -_-). In addition, I gave her some interesing features I hope would make her interesting.
1.) She has no healing spell. Instead, she has health regen (Her regen is a little higher than the other companions).
2.) She doesn't talk. Text will still show though... So it'll be like you're reading her facial expressions. XD
3.)She has a Master Skill in every weapon and armor type. Thus, she'll fully use any equipment you give her, making her a rather universal for combat.
4.) Like Zoe, I gave her a special ability called "Overdrive." Basically what this does is give her 100 Chameleon and 50speed for 10 seconds. I've designed it so she'll cast it every other 10 seconds. Try sparing with her, her overdrive spell makes it very hard for you to predict what she'll do...
Also, as a treat. A few of the "Guns" I've given her have a few midas scripts which I've attached to. Tryem out and see what you think. (Tip: Let her keep only one type of gun depending on what type of enemies you'll be facing...)

Pets: None.

~Zoe Midas~
A Half-Elf of the Valkyrie Class. Magic Type. Zoe is the only daughter of Midas. Losing her mother at an early age, Midas was left as a single parent to her. Despite his caregiving, she ironically turned out like her mother: Both in looks and personality. Then, before Midas knew it, she eventually developed the same dream her mother once had: To become a Knight and Hero of justice. However, due to wanting his daughter to be safe (and smart) Midas attempted to push her into the path of a scholar, which even meant forcing her to assist him in his research. Her relationship with her father was extremely rough at this point, with led them to many arguments. However, the anger between them suddenly canceled out with an accident in Midas' lab... While at another one of their arguments, Midas did not pay attention to the delicate new aurum potion he was handling and had accidently spilt it onto her. The effect slowly and eventually turned Zoe into gold. Horrified, and half-panicked, Midas immediatly began to develop a way to reverse the process. After 1 whole month of agonizing research, he eventually developed the process to reverse the reaction and turned her back. After the incident, both were very silent of each other. Then... One day, Midas found a sack next to her daughter in her room. She picked it up and, without any anger and with the voice of loving daughter said, "Farewell, Father." With a hug and kiss she then hauled the sack and left home. Soon later, rumors spread of a "Warrior Maiden of Gold" throughtout the land of Cyradill.
(...Unknownst to her father, the accident in the lab left an unexpected side-effect... The accident had seemly endowed her with an INNUMERABLE amount of spells! However, due to her magical limitations, she has yet to utilize them. Her best friend and guardian angel, Christina, has inform her she can help with that...)

Pets: None. (for now)

*Spells available: Lightning bolt, Death bolt, Magic Flare, Tornado, Fury Blast,... And a TON of others! Out of all the companions I've designed, Zoe is both the STRONGEST and the WEAKEST of the 7.
Here's the thing about her: She has many of the strongest spells, however she does not have the MP to use them. Unlike the other companions, I didn't give her any strong special, permanent abilities (other than water breathing, disease resistance, and regainings a small hp regen). So.. She's not as "naturally Mighty" as the other companions, so even you can beat her easily early on in the game
HOWEVER! As her mp gets higher as she levels, not only will she be able to use more of her stronger spells, but she'll then be able to cast a Power Up spell I designed called the"Aurum Trigger" for her when her mp reaches at least 800. When cast, her stats, attributes, and magical resistances will all be maxed, as well as have a tremendous boost to her HP and MP along with an mp/hp regen for 60 seconds. Not only will this enable her to cast her powerful spells, but it also make her nearly invincible for 60 seconds(Trust me... You'll know it when she casts it...). Also, after the effect wears off the mp regen is still active for 30 seconds, thus it's possible that she can recast the "power-up" as long as she has the mp to do so (However, keep in mind she won't always do that...).
Thus, for Zoe to keep up with the other 6 companions, she must rely on enchanted equipment, especially ones that increase her mp. This can come either from you or the armor which I've specifically designed for her.. The clue to her first armor set can be found on the table in Midas' bedroom. The other clue, for her True armor set, can be found on Zoe Herself.
Also, remember that she's available right at the begginning of the game and I made her a magic type. So as a cm partners companion, she will also be able to heal you and your party. I suggest you you don't touch her battle style since I set her default to knight... This allows her to use both a blade and bow ideally.
Finally, a few more important things:

1.)If you spar her, and she casts the Aurum Trigger. RUN.

2.)If she's fighting with you, and she casts the Aurum Trigger, you BACK HER UP. Do not get in her way. She could accidently kill you with a swipe of the blade or shot of a bow...

3.)When looking for Zoe, know that's she's in the INN of the town. (She's no longer outside...)

4.)When giving her armor, check her stats in the quick menu to make sure it's affecting her mp. If it's not, peek into her inventory, exit out, and check her stats again. If her mp has increased she's now properly wearing her armor...

5.)Enjoy. :)

~Thanatos Fenrir~
A Human of the Ex-Paladin Class. Combat Type. Since a child, Thanatos dreamt of a world Where everyone could be happy. Thus, he became a paladin at an astonishinly young age and was a prodigy in combat. However, as he grew and did more heroic deeds he found out that in order to save as many people as he could, somebody must die by his hand, whether it be a highwayman or settlement of bandits. Trying to escape from this life, he thought it would be better to serve as the protecter of a lord. However, this only meant in the lord taking advantage of his skills and using his abilites to kill even more people for the "greater good." Eventually, Thanatos began to despise heroism and realised his dream was nothing but a complete fantasy... As things couldn't get any worse, his masters, whom he did so much to prevent conflict, blamed one such conflict on him and condemned him to death. He now awaits in a cell for his execution. Thanatos wields the sword Arondight, a once holy sword now darkened by his soul.

Author's Notes:
Spells Available: Death Bolt, Holy Burst, disarm, Utterdark Burst, etc, etc... I guess I wanted someone to be the "Anti" of Zoe (And I figured there should be more males in the group >.<). Like Zoe, I gave Thanatos a trigger spell called "Invert Soul". The effect looks like he casts dark armor, however, like Zoe's aurum trigger, it increases all his stats. Though it's an inferior version it's much cheaper. His armor already has a 300mp stat increase, thus it's possible for his to use it as soon as possible. As the backstory suggests, he's in a holding cell in a castle in a particular city. I'll let you figure out which one that is...

~Stheno and Euryale~
Since the departure of Zoe, Midas found himself needing a few extra hands around his shop. Thus, he planned to create a special android based on the osmotic essences created from his experiments to assist him. Everying had gone to plan except for one foolish error... Half-way during his construction he realized he did not have enough materials to produce 1-adult sized android. Since he was already straining in funds, he did the next best thing: Produce two smaller versions of the original larger version. Thus the twin androids Stheno and Euryale were made. The plan was a success and both Stheno and Euryale proved excellent assistance in keeping Midas' shop organized, tidy, and managed more than he imagined. On top of that, despite their (very) small size, they proved very effective "security guards" for the osmotic essences he used seemed to endow materalization properties within them causing them not only to produce useful potions and equipment, but also personal weapons at their disposal...

Author's Notes:
Spells available
Stheno: Materialize Stag Axe, Flame thrower, disarm, overdrive, blade ring, blade missile.
Euryale: Materialize Staff, prismatic missile, rising star, prismatic beam, blade missile.

Originally I planned to have actually one adult-sized maid help out around Midas' shop. But then I couldn't decided whether to make her battle or magic type, so I thought, why not both? And smaller? And so yeah... Both these companions are located within Midas' shop, meaning they are available right off at the beggining of the game. Though keep in mind, because of balancing issues and their availability early in the game, I didn't make them as strong as the companions within the midas planes. However, they're very useful companions none the less.
Stheno is a Combat Type, and can sell you armor and weapons as well as repair you're gear. Euryale is a Magic Type and can sell you potions and ingrediants, as well as provide charges and training in alchemy. In additon, both use the new custom spell script I've made for the midas android race, meaning you'll no longer have to worry about their weapons being lost, broken, or recharged since they'll simply summon and renew them each time during combat.

1/23/09 (C/T/K/Sy/Sh/R/D/Z/Pets/Th/E&S)
New Race: Midas Android Race (Faker Model).
New Custom Shader Effects
2 New companions/shop keepers: Stheno and Euryale
Increased the speed of Galatea's photon gun 2x. Guass 3X.
New spell for the Frost Elves Race: Ice Skin.
New summonable weapons within the Midas Android Race.
Bound armor no longer appears during flight for Mys. Dem elf
New Custom Conjuration Spells for the Midas android race
The two newest companions summon their own weapons.
Fixed the invisible hands for Christina.
Increased Speed of Raven's hammer to .8 speed instead of .5.

10/1/08 (C/T/K/Sy/Sh/R/D/Z/Pets/Th)
New Races
Rebalanced companion abilities and stats
Changed Gaia's Fist's push ability to "On target"
New companion: Thanatos Fenrir
Expaned Astral Pocket
Added Gems and instructions in Astral pocket
New and Improved Armor for Raven, Galatea, and Shivan
Made Zoe Shorter, and Shivan Taller (older)
Added files from Sonnet and Nec Mystic elf
Reduced Zoe's aurum trigger spell from 60 seconds to 30
Zoe's armor sets now only give (mainly) extra mp

10/5/08 (C/T/K/Sy/Sh/R/D/Z/Pets)
Release of Version 2.5 patch.
Release of Companions Dues-00
Fixes compatibility issues with Zoe and Open-cities, and newest midas magic.
Addes new spells for a few companions.

7/24/08 (C/T/K/Sy/Sh/R/Z/Pets)
Release of Version 2.0 Omod

7/12/08 (C/T/K/Sy/Sh/R/Z)
Release of Version 1.0 Zoe

7/5/08 Ver 1.0 (C/T/K/Sy/Sh/R)
Release of Version 1.0 Raven
Release of Fixed Versions of Christina and Tabris

6/22/08 Version 1.0 (C/T/K/Sy/Sh)
Release of Version 1.0 Sydney and Shivan

6/21/08 Released patch fix for Christina V1

6/1/08 Version 1.0 (C/T/K)
Release of Version 1.0 Kali
Release patch fix for 1.0 Kali

5/17/08 Version 1.0 (C/T)
Release of Version 1.0 Tabris
Changed file path of Christina ver.1

5/10/08 VERSION 1.0 (C)
Release of Version 1.0 Christina

(5/11/06): Race esp independent for Christina prototype
(5/4/08): Released initial version of Tabris.

Alpha Update (5/3/08): Revised the initial release of Kali; Gave her (much) more mp and few more spells. Switched her blade profiency to hand to hand considering she never seems to use her blade despite combat style changes.
Alpha Update (5/3/08): Added Firemage Kali

Alpha (5/3/08): Added a few new spells for Christina and removed Chain Lightning. Also added enchanted wings to her inventory.

Beta (5/2/08): Christina Release


Thanks Xilver: for Midas Magic. The best modder of all tesnexus.

Thanks to Blackie: for CM Partners (and his great tutorial on how to make custom companions, without that I would never have been able to even comprehend TESCS)

Thanks to Nec: for his awesome race mods. Especially the Nec Sonnet race.

Thanks to Alexander Wolf: For his absolutely stunning wings and icons.

Thanks to painkiller97: For allowing me to use the Eleidon Ward from his forgotten shields quest AND suggesting the Lore name for Christina!

Thanks to Floydian1, LHammonds, Xilverbullet, Kalikut, JDayT, kalia& Rinzei: For the awesome chromed, blue lightning sword based on actual textures from Midas Magic!

Thanks to Nicoroshi: For the his "badass" Dreadweave armor, Scimitars, Doomshard, Icebow, and Dreadweave arrows.

Thanks to Chingari, Ismelda and Revenant: for the Flying Fire Demon Race.

Thanks to Sanwamoney & msl37431: for allowing me to use and fix up the Avad.

Thanks to Exnem and Phinx: For the Black Version of the Exnem Rogue outfit.

Thanks to Ren, Capucine, Daeger, Ranma-chan, A-Type 2, and many others: For Sydney and Zoe's Hair Style from the AGS Omake set & BP-2ch.

Thanks to Nikikuriton: For the designer of Etna's Spear.

Thanks to Spike4072: For the Wolf Elves and Ice Elves Race.

Thanks to Modelman: For the sweet Ninjabreaker.

Thanks to Insanitysorrow: for the Icebrand. (A serously overlooked resource creator)

Thanks to Divine Avenger: For personal advice and best of all, inspiration.

Overall thanks to Waalx, Revenant, ThrottleKitty, Robert,Prometheus, and Divine Avenger: for the CONAN RACE and clothing in which Raven was based and inspired by!!

Thanks to Nequam: For his glowing, crimson eyes from the Elaborate Eyes set mod!

Thanks to Jannix Quinn: For allowing me to use the Ultimate Mjolinir from his "Hammers of Thor" mod.
For Cool Resources, visit: His resource site

Thanks to Noah: For the Saber cloth mod!

Thanks to A-Type 2: For the White Version of heavy and middle-heavy upper, lower, boots, gloves, shield, and helm from the Shiki Armor Set from version 1_4 and 1_3.

Thanks to Jerros and LHammonds: For the Claymore, long Sword, and icons from the Lost Paladins of the Divines Mod!!

Thanks to Hentai: For Eve's outfit and Fairywing

Thanks to Kafei: For his beatiful circlets!

Thanks to Metricks: For the Sci-fi Weapons

Thanks to Sahardoom: For the Hell-spawn Blades

Thank to Skeletonk: For the the Dark Templar Armor.

Thanks to Exnem: For being the basis of the many clothing mods!

Thanks to pale_rider: For the Berserker Armor.

Thanks to someone1074: For the Capes and Cloaks Mod.

Thanks to Zman: For the Negotiator Sword.

Thanks to Dantert: For the Dreadweave Helm.

Thanks to DesuChan: For alowing me to use the ears and eyes from the Ani's Persocoms Race mod

Thanks to Echo: For his Animated Staves

Thanks to RDV: For his Maid Outfits

Thanks to Helbourne: For his Slag Axe and Morrowind Staff.

SYDNEY AND RICH: BEING BOTH AWESOME TESTERS AND SOURCES OF GREAT ADVICE!! Without them, the First Version would have comed much, MUCH later!! @[email protected]

And ofcourse Bethesda: FOR OBLIVION ^O^!!!

My Future (Evil) plans >3
1.)Final tweaks on each of the three. As well as release them with a personal set of enchanted armor and weapons that compliment their fighting styles and spells. Then a somewhat "quest" to recruit them. [COMPLETE!!]

2.)2 more companions... [COMPLETE!!]

3.)A "boss quest" which is only defeatable with the recruitment (assistance) of all companions. [On Hiatus/Revising]

4.) "Triggers" [COMPLETE!! Under Constant Updates...]

5.)Concept Companions [COMPLETE!! Under Constant Updates...)

6.) "UNLIMITED BLADEWORKS" & "FAKERS" [In Progress...]

7.) Turning the Astral Pocket into a "House".

8.)Transform do MMC conversion on the "1st Alchemy Companion Julienne" mod.

9.) Tutorial on how to make Midas Companions

10.) Quit playing oblivion and get on with life (or start modding/playing Elder Scrolls 5)

Programs used
The Elder Scrolls Construction Set
Photoshop CS2
DDS2 Converter

Legal Issues
Please ask permission from me first if you wish to use any part of this mod in yours.

[PM me or at [email protected] ]

The armor and weapon releases are and will be based on resources by other mods which I either use directly or modify. All resources used are either either free resource or after special permission by their respective authors. I will be sure to give recognintion to all. If there are any problems, such as me forgetting to add names, or an author having second thoughts about me utilizing their resources, please pm so I may change this mod accordingly and legally.