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This is a texture replacer for DarkUI DarN version 1.5.5 - it replaces the dark red theme with a black and blood red theme.

Permissions and credits
This mod is for people who like a darker User Interface (based on Darnified UI) but aren't fond of the dark red of the original DarkUI. This is a black and blood red replacer.

This is ONLY a texture replacer! You must have the original DarkUI Darn installed. Get it here!

Once that's installed and configured, just unzip the "DarkUI_Blood" into your "Oblivion/Data/" folder, overwriting when prompted.

Files are included for easy reversion to the original DarkUI any time you want.

All credit for this UI mod goes to Darn, Darkbirdy, and Gothic251 - all I did was recolor their work!

Note: This will not work properly at low resolutions - anything under 1024x768 (and maybe not even at that one).

To pre-emptively answer the following questions I get every time:
- The inventory idle pose is from a Japanese idle mod called 1-2HandIdle. The link where I got it is dead. No, I don't know where you can get it.
- The world map is this one: Cyrodiil Terrain Map
- To get the colored local map, open your oblivion.ini and change bLocalMapShader=1 to bLocalMapShader=0
- Yes, the character in the screenshots has custom face and body textures. No, they're not available for download.