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An Omod compilation of the very popular TNR mods, complete with plugins for each individual race, all races combined, and both Shiverin Isles versions, as well as a script to make the installation quick and painless.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: This is simply a compilation of the TNR mods, which were made by Veritas_Secreto and have been available for some time.

If you want to know more about what TNR is and how it works, have a look at Veritas_Secreto's excellent FAQ: http://www.stephanewuttunee.net/tnr_faq.html

The versions of the included files are:
Base TNR mods: 1.06
Shivering Isles TNR: 1.0

Recently, I've been going through my mods and turning them all into omods for ease of use, and learning about omod scripting in the process.

I just got around to doing the same for TNR, and as it seemed somewhat a waste to make an omod out of one simple esp-file, I decided to make a somewhat more elaborate construct.

So, I made an omod containing each individual TNR race esp, as well as the All Races one and the two for Shivering Isles, including a script which will let the user choose freely which combinations he/she wishes.

Since I'd already done all that, I also visited Veritas_Secreto's website, grabbed a couple of example pictures for each race, as well as their descriptive texts and threw that in there too.

The end result was that I had a very advanced way for me to install my two esps ;) so, I thought maybe others would find more use for my work.