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Mobile home based on the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Bigger on the inside than on the outside, and able to instantly take you to any of the main cities in Cyrodiil.

Permissions and credits
Version 5: Updated meshes and textures. Control room rebuilt pretty much from scratch. More locations added for travel.

The mesh has been "fattened" slightly to more accurately resemble the current TARDIS as seen in the current series (and since Sylvester McCoy's Doctor). I've added the St. John Ambulance badge to the door and updated the texture to match Matt Smith's TARDIS, most notable changes being the windows and the badge.

To Install
- Remove any previous version (just deleting the esm and esp is enough). Probably a good idea to make a new save game afterwards.
- Extract the files to your Oblivion data folder, overwriting any existing meshes and textures.
- Activate the esm and esp files in the Oblivion launcher (or your preferred mod manager)
- The TARDIS initial location is behind "A Fighting Chance" in the IC market district.


Updated to Version 3. This fixes the doors to work more realistically. Use the door to come and go as often as you like - to travel to another city, push the console button to "fly" there then step out the door. you can go out and in using the door without having to press the console button every time like you had to with earlier releases. The added benefit of this is that there is no longer a permanent "fast" route between cities which NPCs have been using on some people's games, leading to a "where's it gone" when you return to it.


Doctor Who's return to TV a few weeks ago inspired my to dig out my Blender TARDIS and do something useful with it, so here is a mobile home for Oblivion.

Now updated to version 2.0. Split the original esp into a master esm and several esp's. Now you can choose the esp which is most compatible with your other installed mods, e.g. open cities or similar.

TARDIS model built by me in Blender, interiors use existing Oblivion models. No Shivering Isles items are used, so Shivering Isles should not be required.
No extra files are required, only Oblivion with the latest patch.

Despite appearing small from the outside, inside you'll find a spacious home with all the facilities you could need. A private room, guest rooms, display hall, etc are all included.

There are eight preset courses activated by buttons on the main "console" which will have the TARDIS take you instantly to any of the major cities in Cyrodiil (don't forget where you parked!).

All storage is safe and non-respawning.