The black panther Gvenvivar by IgorLutiy aka Igor Ra
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The black panther Gvenvivar for companion (From series of creatures for companion by Igor Lutiy)

Igor Lutiy (Igor_Ra)
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This mode adds black panther Gvenvivar for companion your hero. You can find it near the Cloud Ruler Temple.

Your can call the menu for creature operation by the its activation (space (default)).
The panther can carry out 6 commands:
- Let's go with me
- Wait here
- Let's sneak...
- Lets walk
- Go home
- Create a House

"Let's go with me" - Will go with you and fight on your side.
"Wait here" - Will stop and wait you.
"Let's sneak..." - Will sneak with you.
"Lets walk" - Will walk not far from.
"Go home" - Will come back to the place were you had find it.
"Create a Home" - Will create a special point were will back your panther after the command "Go home"

Gvenvivar can run after you as quickly as you can.
You will get a special spell named "Summon Gvenvivar" after the activation of panther. It is not immortal, but viability. Depends on your level.

Important notice:
Before you want to call operation menu, please wait when your companion will stop after it was running. If you will call operation menu when panther is not stop it can be some problems relating to game features.

Just extract archive and BlackpantersIgorRa.esp to your Oblivion data folder and enable it in the launcher.

Launch the Oblivion Launcher and disable BlackpantersIgorRa.esp.

You can find me on the forum www.modder.3bb.ru as "Igor_Ra"
You can send me an email here [email protected]
You can find me on my homepage http://www.modder.ucoz.ru as "Igor_Ra"