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Added: 15/04/2008 - 05:36AM
Updated: 27/03/2010 - 11:25PM

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Last updated at 23:25, 27 Mar 2010 Uploaded at 5:36, 15 Apr 2008

Updated August 4th 2008!

New Version 2.0

Major overhaul to Real Night Sky.

Listened to all the constructive criticisms and after a few months of tweaking this I'm confident this will be the final sky release.

What i learned was;

use unaltered true 4096 textures now guaranteed no more blurry stars! honestly this time

get the scale right, yep 1.1 had far to many large stars

for a real night sky less is better. I was simply allowing to many stars to be seen. Even in a pre industrial society the atmosphere would screen out all those stars unless your doing a timed exposure.

Removed both chromatic and spherical aberrations... what i mean colors and shapes are all correct now no elongated or stretched stars and colors are accurate

The whole range of stars on the HR diagram are now represented

Nebula was removed, if you like it in simply delete skynebula01.dds in the textures folder and the original will be back.

Other star layers removed. The vanilla format places the other stars in odd places and drastically and unrealistically stretches them. The scale is far to large and destroys all immersion and realisim.

If you still want them simply delete skystars01.dds and skystars02.dds in the textures folder and the original will be back.


The included screenshots were taken in a truly panoramic view.

Front = 0 degrees
Right = 90 degrees
Rear = 180 Degrees
Left = 270 Degree
Top = Zenith

The screenshots were taken without any moons present for darkest lighting.

They were taken from the Horizon Up on the ocean as far south of Leyawiin as possible at 3:00AM.

Updated April 16th 2008!
1dot1 Sharpened the stars for some that thought they were to blurry. Also removed the screen shots from the download file, so a 21.1 meg night sky is only a 4 meg zip now.
Enjoy a sharper night sky everyone!

What is this mod? An elegant and highly detailed image for the night sky.

I was getting really tired of all the absurd photo shop cut and paste Hubble space telescope image mods that i was seeing, no one it seemed had a really high resolution deep realistic night sky.

So prepare to be blown away.

After a month of tweaking i announce

Real Night Sky

No photo shop work has been done at all. This night sky is taken from an actual massive 93 meg 8192 x 4096.tif image of the TychoSkymap. I have selected a portion of the night sky with no real recognizable constellations and only the farthest star background in the game have been changed. I hope you enjoy the high resolution jaw dropping night sky from now on.

Only the background night sky has been changed. All other constellations native to Tamriel have not been altered in any way.

I have included actual in game screen shots in the zip with no HUD taken at 2560 x 1500 resolution @ 8 x AA.

In one screen shot both - Masser & Secunda are shown in this case the Blue Masser & New Secunda are shown


be careful not to use all the changes in Night Sky Fire and Ice 2 only the Blue Masser & New Secunda.

Whatever sky mod you use make sure to install my mod last.


no esp is necessary

Unpack the contents of this file to your Oblivion/Data Directory and say yes to the one texture it replaces


make sure you use some method of archive invalidation to see this new texture. OBMM is a great choice



delete this one file



Just an idea I've been wanting to do for some time. I'm extremely happy with the final result. I can't wait for night to come in the game to see these stars :)

[email protected]

I'm begging the admins here at Tex Nexus to PLEASE not re-size or re- compress the 4 screen shots in any way. Yes they are large but i want people to see what this night sky really looks like. I took great care in the quality settings and times of the screen shots.