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Meet the Association of the Crossed Quill. They have a large 3 part quest requiring a brave adventurer. Someone willing to travel to new locations. Someone willing to face the kind of danger never before seen. Could it be you?

Permissions and credits
"3 Special Numbers" for Oblivion
Association of the Crossed Quill, Episode One
Version v1.0

Meet the Association of the Crossed Quill. A large organization committed to protecting Tamriel. For the most part they are more of a deal making agency than "big sword" folks. But a recent event has created a need to hire a brave adventurer. Someone willing to travel to new locations. Someone willing to face the kind of danger never before seen. Could it be you?

All you have to do is retrieve 3 special numbers to open a combination chest. Sounds simple right? Guess again……

What does it do?
"3 Special Numbers" adds three significant new adventures; all wrapped around one integrated story line. There are three new locations, three new NPC's to meet and work with, and some of the meanest opponents you're likely to fight. Be careful out there. It also introduces you to a new faction and two new creatures.Completing this quest provides as your final prize a brand new Lighting sword that looks and works fantastic (better damage than Glass, not quite as good as Daedric.. but much lighter than Glass!).

The concept of this mod is to create a deep roleplay opportunity, with fighting opportunities that are challenging. All opponents you will encounter are leveled, so there will be good confrontation whatever your current playing level is. But be warned, they will all fight much better than you're use to in vanilla Oblivion so be on your toes!

This mod will provide 3 to 4 hours of play time. Some of that time will be spent quietly figuring out puzzles. Some will be spent intensely slashing and hacking for your very life. Have fun!

1. Unzip the files.
2. Copy the entire Data directory to your Oblivion folder, overwriting the existing Data directory
2. Activate 3_Numbers.esp in your mod manager
3. Start Oblivion, head to Chorrol and speak with any NPC to start the quest.

Special Thanks
Blackheart from teseyecandy.com for spending a crazy amount of time helping me understand the basics of creating a mod.

WilleSea, a true scripting wizard who is incredibly generous with his time.

Floydian1 and Rinzei for the outstanding new sword.

Phitt for the totally scary Nightmare Troll and Spider Spriggan creatures. And the much appreciated help with beta testing.

NPC's and locations are new. There are no known conflicts at this time. If you discover one, please let me know.

This mod is not voiced, so silent MP3's are included in the installation.

Version v.09 (beta): March 2008
Version 1.0: April 2008

by dbailey56
Mail me with any bugs, suggestions, questions or comments - <in readme file><br></in>