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Open Cities Classic

Open Cities Classic is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind - specifically with how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and realism goes a long way, probably a lot more than you might think. Ever wanted to ride your horse into the center of Cheydinhal? Well now you can. Need to get some help from the city guards to vanquish a foe? Run toward the gates and the guards will do their duty while you can seek safety within the walls. The town guards make for some very interesting interactions this way.

The only cities not covered by this project are Kvatch and the Imperial City's central districts. Kvatch has too much main quest material setup in very specific ways to mess with it, and the Imperial City is simply too large and unwieldy to properly open up.

Highly recommended complimentary mod: Animated Window Lighting System and Chimneys - This is the evolution of Texian's Window Lighting System and is fully compatible with Open Cities.

To go with that, and provide LOD for all the new goodies, I also recommend: Really AEVWD. Just be aware that there's a bit of a performance hit in activating all the extra LOD that Open Cities will provide that's directly proportional to the power of your PC, and how many other mods you have installed.

Open Cities: New Sheoth

"Cat's out of the bag! Why do people put cats in bags? Cats hate bags." - Lord Sheogorath

Continuing in the tradition, if it could be called that, of Open Cities, I bring you Open Cities: New Sheoth. The first, last, best, and worst, Open Cities mod for the Shivering Isles. Madness has never been so much fun!

The twin cities of Bliss and Crucible have been transferred from their own individual worldspaces out into the SEWorld worldspace, which is SI's equivalent of being in the Tamriel worldspace. Though it may seem somewhat silly given the small size of both cities, the results are still pretty good. Everything blends in with the immediate surroundings of the cities so if you didn't know any better.....

As with other Open Cities mods I feel this adds greater realism to the cities by not having to transition from one outdoor worldspace into another. It may seem silly but give it a shot. It really does enhance the gameplay by quite a bit.

I would like to give a big thank you shout out to Sjors_Boomscors, without him this project would have died on the table a long time ago without every really having a chance. It was because of his help in getting some critical model work done that I was able to proceed even after he moved on to other things.

The New Sheoth module obviously requires Shivering Isles.

My Patreon Page:


AFK Mods :
Oblivion Nexus :
TES Alliance :
The Assimilation Lab :

Installation Requirements

Official Oblivion patch version 1.2.406.
Shivering Isles patch required for the New Sheoth module.
OBSE 0020 or greater. (
Bravil Blood & Mud is required if using the open version of that city. (
Bartholm 7.0+ is required to use the open cities version of that city. (

The Quick Install

Ok, for those of you who want to just jump right in, Open Cities Classic is now packaged as a BAIN archive for easy setup. That was probably somewhat obvious though :)

First: Make sure BAIN is set to allow OBSE plugins to be installed. You will need to be using Bash 291 or higher for this. Right click the "Package" column header, then find "Enable installation of OBSE plugins" and make sure it's checkmarked.

00 Core - All files here are required. This folder contains the necessary OBSE plugin file as well.

01 Blood & Mud Version - Use this if you wish to alter Bravil to fit in with the Blood & Mud version. This requires Ryan's Blood & Mud in order to work.

10 Outer Districts - If you want the Prison and Arcane University opened as well, install this folder's contents.

20 New Sheoth - If you have Shivering Isles, this will turn Bliss and Crucible into open cities.

30 Bartholm - If you have J.Sera's Bartholm 7.0+, you can elect to have the city opened with this.

Activate the rest of the files and you're off and running.

For those of you who want a bit more detail for installations, or prefer manually installing, read on:

Installation - Upgrading from Open Cities Classic Prior to Version 3.5

The following procedure is necessary in order to upgrade from a version of Open Cities Classic prior to 3.5:

* If you bought the player home in Anvil Bay (from the bay expansion) clear out any items you don't want to lose.
* Go to any location not within the city walls of a city affected by the mod, save, and exit the game.
* Deactivate all of the patch files for OCC you may have installed.
* Load the save you just made, wait a few seconds, save again in a new slot, then exit the game again.
* Deactivate all of the Open Cities plugin files you are using now, including the resource ESM file.
* Load the save you just made, wait a few seconds, save in another new slot, then exit the game.

You may wish to wait 24 in-game hours to reset the AI first, but this is not strictly necessary.

At this point you should be ready to proceed with either the BAIN install or a manual install of Open Cities Classic 3.5.

If during upgrading the game will not load, rebuild your Bashed Patch as it may have pulled in records from one of the mod files.

Once the main mod is settled, you need to upgrade any patches you are using for other mods.
Get those files here:

Installation - New or Existing Game, First Time User

Main Components:

* As a precaution, backup your saved games. You never know.
* Unpack the files from the archive into a new folder. Don't just blindly dump into your Data folder. It won't work.
* Just in case, if installing to an existing save, make sure you are not standing outdoors in a city.
* Copy everything from the "00 Core" folder into your Data folder now.
* Copy one of the ESPs from a 01 folder, but DO NOT USE BOTH.

Optional Components:

* If you want the IC Outer Districts, you need to copy everything from the "10 Outter Districts" folder into your Data folder now.
* If you want New Sheoth, copy everything from the "20 New Sheoth" folder into your Data folder now.
* If you want Bartholm to be open, copy the ESP file from the "30 Bartholm" folder into your Data folder now. Make sure you already have Bartholm 7.0 installed first.

At this point you should be ready to activate the plugins. You should consult the load order section for tips, or just use BOSS to take care of that for you.

* Install any needed compatibility patches.
* Rebuild your Bashed Patch if you have one. It's possible it may need to pull records from the plugins you're using now.

When you get done, it is highly recommended that you update your LOD using tes4lodgen if you are using RAEVWD.

Once the game loads, you should allow 24 game hours to pass for AI to fully update in each city, though this is not strictly required.

Uninstalling Open Cities Classic

Oh, now why would you want to go and do a thing like that? :)

But, since this isn't going to be for everyone, and you may decide you don't like what it does, the following procedure needs to be followed to remove the mod:

* Load your game, and move to a location away from any of the cities. Don't use an interior attached to a city for this. Save and exit the game.
* Deactivate any patches you installed for other mods first. Load your game, then save in a new slot and exit the game.
* Remove the patch ESPs from your Data folder.
* Deactivate the city plugins, and the ESM file. Load the save you just made and save again in another new slot.
* Uninstall Open Cities Classic from the game, either manually or by using BAIN. Make sure the plugin files are gone once you do this.
* Rebuild your Bashed Patch if you have one, as it is possible it may have pulled records from the plugins.
* Regenerate your LOD so the proper visuals are restored.

You will need to allow 24 game hours to pass for AI to recover.

Load Order

Open Cities is stable and has given plenty of people trouble-free play. But it is still wise and proper to observe some load order placement to get the best experience possible out of it, as well as avoiding any potential conflicts that might result in crashes.

I would strongly recommend the use of LOOT ( to manage your load order. All of the Open Cities files and patches should be supported by the current version. If you prefer to manage by hand, read on :)

First off, it's best if the cities you're going to use are all set to load late in your order. The later the better, but it's not always possible ( or best ) to load right before your bashed patch if you have one. The main reason for this is because OC makes significant alterations to path grids, and some minor alterations to landscape. Both of these types of records are winner-take-all.

Do not activate more than one version of the same city at the same time. Examine your load list carefully and make sure you don't have two Bravils, or two Leyawiins, or two Anvils, etc. This includes using other versions of these cities from other mods such as Better Cities. You also need to make sure you don't activate more than one Full city package at the same time, or activate a Full package with individual city files. Doing any of these things will result in doubling of NPCs, buildings, objects, and other things which will lead to a drastic drop in performance. The game engine doesn't handle overlapping resources very well.

Weather mods such as All Natural, Natural Interiors, Weather Inside, or any other mod altering interior cell climate/weather behavior need to be tagged with an appropriate Wrye Bash tag and the data imported into your Bashed Patch. This is usually accomplished with the C.Climate tag. If in doubt, ask. Someone should be able to provide an answer. Manually moving files like this too far down in your load order can cause other unrelated problems to occur.

Open Cities should load *AFTER* any of the Unique Landscapes mods. Landscaping and path grids near the cities will need to take priority. If conflicts such as land tears remain, these will need to be corrected with ESP patches. Please report any such conditions with a full accounting of your load order so they can be investigated.

Open Cities needs to load after Knights of the Nine, and any patches affecting it such as the UOMP and SM Plugins Refurbished.

Strictly speaking, overhauls such as OOO, MMM, Frans, and by extension FCOM should not be load order dependent with Open Cities. Usually these overhauls will load well before Open Cities anyway due to their own requirements.

Open Cities should be loaded after any mods which make changes to the following quests:

Nocturnal's daedric artifact quest.
Dark Brotherhood quest "A Knife in the Dark"
Dark Brotherhood quest "Affairs of a Wizard"
Dark Brotherhood quest "A Kiss Before Dying"
Dark Brotherhood quest "Following a Lead"
Dark Brotherhood quest "Whispers of Death"
Dark Brotherhood quest "Next of Kin"
Mages Guild quest "A Plot Revealed"
Side quest "Caught in the Hunt"
Side quest "A Brotherhood Betrayed"
Side quest "Paranoia"
Thieves Guild quest "Lost Histories"

The reason for this is because these quests have targets within the cities that needed to be changed or they would be pointing to the wrong worldspaces, leading to confusion even though the quests themselves would not be broken.

Compatibility With Other Mods

The following mods are known to be in close proximity to cities and have been verified as compatible without a patch. Load order adjustment or Bash tags may still be necessary.

Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod
Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On
Francesco's Optional New Creatures Add-On
Francesco's Optional Files
Unofficial Oblivion Patch
Shivering Isles
Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch
DLC The Orrery
DLC The Orrery - Unofficial Patch
All of the SM Plugin Refurbished mods
UL:Beaches Of Cyrodiil Lost Coast
UL:Imperial Isle
Let the People Drink
Cyrodiil Transportation Network 1.3 (Only needed for Outer Districts)
Cyrodiil Travel Services
New Roads and Bridges Revised (Only needed for Outer Districts)
Alternative Start by Robert Evrae
nVidia Black Screen Fix [Obsolete, use Wrye Bash instead]
Reneer's Guard Overhaul
All Natural - Use {{BASH:C.Climate}} and make sure it loads before Open Cities.
Natural Interiors - Use {{BASH:C.Climate}} and make sure it loads before Open Cities. Strongly recommend upgrading to All Natural instead.
Whispered Warning
C&C Blackwood Company - Thanks to showler and Lingwei for including Open Cities detection in their mod!
Tamriel Immersion Experience (TIE) as of TIE 1.36
Immersive Travelers
Weynon Retreat
Bravil Blood & Mud ( when using the included plugin files )
Dragon Captions - The Elder Council (as of version 2.03)
Better Benirus Manor (as of version 4.2)
Telekenetic Damage
Heart of the Dead (as of version 5.5)
Kragenir's Death Quest
Black Horse Courrier Expanded
Dark Brotherhood Continued
A Brotherhood Renewed
Enhanced Economy
Map Marker Overhaul
Brewhouse 1.5+
Skooma Deals

Any mod which is strictly limited to editing interior cells. The exception being if the mod adds a new door leading to a city cell.
Any mod which alters the Imperial City central districts, unless the mod also alters the Outer Districts or an outlying city.
Any dungeon mod not within city cell boundaries.
Any mod which adds its own worldspace and doesn't place the entry method within a vanilla city border, or within one of the Imperial City Outer Districts.
Compatible with all mesh and texture replacement packs. Open Cities provides its own assets when necessary, and those generally continue to reference default textures.
Any mod which only affects the Shivering Isles outside of New Sheoth.

Mods that add NPCs to the cities, or new buildings and other locations within the city walls will inherently be incompatible by their nature. Patch mods will be necessary for any building locations added. NPCs should function normally if they use a vanilla AI pack to get around, but will spawn in the wrong place to start with.

Compatibility Patches

Open Cities requires patches to work with the following mods.
All of these patches are available through the Nexus page:

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul
Unique Landscapes: Chorrol Hinterland.
Knights of the Nine - Official Bethesda DLC
Clocks of Cyrodiil
Tears of the Fiend
Ruined Tail's Tale 3.0. - Patch is only compatible with Ruined Tail 3.0. Using it with older versions will break things. Badly. Don't do it.
Dungeons of Ivellon
Lera and Pizz Hiyoko Store
Terran Vampires
Survival Suite Hunger Thirst Sleep
Eternium's Chest of Arrows
COBL aware survival mods now have a support ESP to activate drinking wells throughout Open Cities.
The Lost Spires 1.4
Kvatch Rebuilt
Verona House Bloodlines
One Stop Magic Shop
Midas Magic
Telekenetic Mastery
Integration: The Stranded Light
Bravil Docks - Version by Greg Simmonds. Do not use with a different Bravil Docks mod.
Cats & Rats 2.5b found here:
Frostcrag Spire - Only needed with Outer Districts

Incompatible Mods

These mods are fundamentally incompatible with Open Cities due to the types of changes they make.

Cities Alive at Night - It places numerous light sources in the Tamriel worldspace, as well as extra houses in Leyawiin.


Texian & Godhugh for the original groundwork on the Open Cities mods. A hell of a lot of work went into that and I've only built upon it.
Sjors Boomscors for providing optimized and corrected meshes for the Outer Districts module.
Ryan for allowing me to produce an Open Cities extension for his Blood&Mud mod.
J. Sera for allowing me to produce an Open Cities extension for Bartholm.
Vorians and Ismelda for being cooperative on sharing compatibility tricks we can both use in each other's mods.
Firespark for the flags flying over each city's castle. (
Sigurd Stormhand - Castleworks - Gates & Bridges. With minor alterations in the meshes for texture paths.

Open Cities users everywhere, for being patient enough to put up with my bumbling efforts to get things right. Maybe one day I finally will :)

Licensing and Legal

Redistribution is strictly forbidden without prior consent. This means do not upload it anywhere unless you have obtained permission from me.

Non-English translation versions may be uploaded without permission on the following conditions:

1. All mod files contained in this archive are retained with their current names.
2. No alterations are made to the contents of the plugins or master file other than those necessary to translate the English text.
3. No alterations or additions are made to the meshes and textures other than those necessary to translate English text.
4. This readme is included, in ENGLISH, exactly as it is written in the version it was downloaded with.

Compatibility Patches may be distributed ONLY under the following conditions:

1. Permission must be obtained from me in advance. There will be no exceptions to this.
2. The documentation for the patch must mention that I am the creator of this mod.
3. The documentation for the patch must contain a link back to one of the download sites listed at the top of this readme.
4. You are solely responsible for any support issues arising from the use of the compatibility patch.

All inquiries regarding this mod must be directed to me. If after 1 year contact cannot be established or you have not received a response, stewardship of this mod will fall to the community at AFK Mods ( I can be contacted via PM at Bethesda Game Studios Forums, TES Alliance, NexusMods, AFK Mods, and The Assimilation Lab under the username Arthmoor. A good faith effort must be made before assuming that contact cannot be established before concluding that I am no longer maintaining this mod.

Mod history archives such as Morrowind Mod History are permitted to keep a copy of this mod within their archives for historical purposes provided all authorship and credit information is retained and the contents of the mod are not altered in any way.

This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.

Known Issues

I have Knights of the Nine but I can't find the Prophet!

He's there, just not where he should be. You need the patch for Knights of the Nine. (

I loaded the game while near a city gate and saw it vanish in front of me, what's wrong?

Nothing. This is expected. With OCC 4.1 and higher, the OBSE plugin that comes with the mod will move the doors to the cities out of position each time the game is loaded. This was done to get around an engine bug which has plagued Open Cities for ages. Doors would get moved, then snap back if you reloaded without exiting to the desktop first. That should no longer happen, but as a consequence, if you saved within visual range of one of the vanilla city load doors, you will see it disappear very shortly after the game loads and the scripts have had a chance to kick in.

Ok, but I tried to walk past where the door was and something invisible is blocking me now.

This is also normal and expected, and unfortunately a side effect of the method being used to suppress the doors now. You'll need to leave the area and get far enough away for that gate to switch out to LOD view instead of close up, or enter a nearby interior and exit again. Then you'll be able to return and the obstruction will be gone. Cities are usually large enough that you should be able to use another gate instead if you REALLY don't want to leave the area.

There is a second chapel superimposed on top of the first one in Anvil.

Update the Unofficial Oblivion Patch to version 3.41 or above. (

The game crashes while doing character generation.

Update "Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp" with the new version from the Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches v16 or above. (

TIE NPCs are not visiting the cities

Update to TIE 1.36 or higher.

Tamriel Travelers NPCs don't visit the cities

AI support in TT is pending an update from Corepc. In the meantime, the NPCs will be unavailable on the days they should be visiting the cities. They resume their normal schedules in the wilderness afterward.

In "Big Business", Bauggi goes to Anvil and then vanishes

He has an AI pack set to send him to Anvil, possibly just for the realism effect. He does nothing once there though, so fixing it isn't important. Just wait for him to come back out and return to your farm.

Troubleshooting Problems

If you have a problem with an Open Cities mod and wish to report it, I'd appreciate as much information as possible, preferably in the form of a screenshot with console data showing if it's something that can be screened. The FormID of the affected object would help greatly to narrow down any problems that might result. Post this information along with your load order. Reports with less than detailed information may result in delays in getting it fixed, or result in being ignored entirely. It helps everyone to provide details. I am especially interested in verifiable conflicts, as I wish for Open Cities to be as conflict-free as is humanly possible given the circumstances. If the situation requires a patch, I can only work something out if I know what to look for.

Locations of AI Doors

The AI doors are entry ways into the closed wordspaces should it become necessary. Not everything that is placed in a city by a mod is worth the time it takes to create a patch. Mods that drop items for a one-time pickup are a good example of this. It's much easier to just go through the door, get what you need, then exit the city as normal.

Anvil: Along the city wall behind the abandoned house.
Anvil Castle: In the garden that's in front of the guard barracks.
Bravil: In the garden area immediately outside the castle in the NW corner.
Bruma: A small snow rock in the castle courtyard area, along the wall south of the gateway arch.
Cheydinhal: In the castle area between the well and the guard barracks tower, along the wall.
Chorrol: On the back side of the castle, directly south of the guard tower.
Leyawiin: Southeast corner of the castle area.
Skingrad: Near the horse statue on the north side, between the red tree and the archery targets.
SKingrad Castle Courtyard: Tucked against the wall immediately to the right as you come through the gate.
New Sheoth - Bliss: Small rock cluster next to the entry to Sheogorath's Palace, right in front of the barrel.
New Sheoth - Crucible: At the bottom of the stairs to the palace, on the ledge next to the sewer grate.
Bartholm: Along the south city wall, directly behind Rufus' house.
Arcane University: On the west side, along the wall, right across from the well.
Prison District: Also on the west side, next to the wall, to the left of the practice target.

Performance and FPS

Rumors continue to persist about Open Cities being an FPS killer. In and of itself, Open Cities will not represent a significant hit to your gaming performance. If you are playing the stock game, with stock graphics, go run around near the Imperial City, then around Chorrol. Measure the performance you get. Add Open Cities, and perform the same test again. The Imperial City will remain unchanged, and your trip around Chorrol will see a minimal impact of 3-5 frames. In other words, if your system is low end, it'll still feel low end after installing Open Cities. If you have a midrange to high end system, installing Open Cities will not be a noticeable drain on your resources.

The problem most people have is that they're not playing in a stock configuration. They load up a bunch of graphical enchancers ( guilty as charged! ) and a ton of graphically heavy mods, all at the same time. So suddenly trips around the Imperial City are a bit sluggish, and that trip around Chorrol is bogging things down. In the process of adding mods, they not only activated huge memory sinks like QTP3, but also activated a large set of LOD mods, FCOM, 18 quest mods, a lighting overhaul, a weather overhaul, and higher quality sound files. So when the game slows down, it takes all of two seconds of "OC is an FPS killer" and people believe it, because, by coincidence, removing it results in what they think is smoother play. However, removing any one of the other elements would have done the same. Bog the system down with enough stuff, it will buckle. There are tradeoffs to be had. I am aware of how this may sound, but in the grand scheme of things, Open Cities is not the FPS killer everyone says it is. Do yourself a favor and be objective enough to try it first and see for yourself before believing some random forum poster. The vast majority of the negative attention was from 2006. We're entering 2009. The mod has been trimmed and polished a lot since then. Systems have also evolved considerably at the same time.

That said, there may be some additional load placed on your game if you install the new Outer Districts module. Sjors has provided me with some updated collision optimized meshes to use for the large walls and towers that enclose the two districts. Without them, there was significant lag while in the Arcane University and slight lag while in the Prison. After the optimized meshes were installed and tested, the lag is all but gone and it's about as smooth for me as it is to be in the closed versions of these districts. That does not mean however that your experience will be the same. These districts are made up of large high detail meshes. A low end machine struggling with the Imperial City in general is going to have trouble here as well. Midrange PCs may see some significant additional lag. Higher end PCs should notice little if any difference, but this will depend greatly on both your CPU and GPU. Visible images tax the GPU. Collision meshes tax the CPU due to the Havok physics involved. Be prepared for some tradeoffs. The Imperial City has always been and will likely continue to be a resource hog whether or not you fling them open to the world.

Revision History

Open Cities Classic v4.1.7

* Synchronized fixes from UOP 3.5.3, 3.54, and 3.5.5 + USIP 1.5.7, 1.5.8, and 1.5.9.
* All: Updated all city gates to new meshes made by Sigurd Stormhand. These resources should not end up clipping at all with the gatehouses.
* Bravil: Restored the vanilla water gates to where they belong now that an animated door is available for those.

Open Cities Classic v4.1.6

* Synchronized fixes from UOP 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 + USIP 1.5.5 and 1.5.6.

Open Cities Classic v4.1.5

* Synchronized necessary fixes from UOP 3.4.4 thru 3.5.0, plus USIP 1.5.4.

Open Cities Classic v4.1.4

* Updated the OBSE support plugin.
* Synchronized necessary fixes from UOP 3.4.1 thru 3.4.3.

Open Cities Classic v4.1.3

* Bartholm: An AI condition error for Jollring would prevent the proper initiation of the Ayleid collector quest.

Open Cities Classic v4.1.2

* Syncronized necessary fixes from the UOP 3.4.0 update.

Open Cities Classic v4.1.1

* Leyawiin: The west gate door was not rescaled to pull it out of the way of the main door, and was not accounted for in the script to move it out of visible space.

Open Cities Classic v4.1

* Skingrad: Some roof pieces on top of the castle are misaligned in the vanilla game and become noticeable if you look up while on the walkways.
* Bravil: For technical reasons, the changes needed to turn Bravil into the Blood & Mud version of the city have been separated into a new ESP.
* A BAIN wizard is now included for the optional components.

Open Cities Classic v4.0.3

* A flaw in the OBSE detection would not warn the user if OBSE went missing after the mod was already active.
* The issue with door collision remaining stuck in the way has finally been resolved thanks to [email protected]

Open Cities Classic v4.0.2

* Prison District: The door to the armory for the MQ reward was never locked as it should be.

Open Cities Classic v4.0.1

* Skingrad: Some duplicated objects have been deleted.

Open Cities Classic v4.0

* All 7 of the standard cities have been merged into one file, including the default road record. The Outer Districts, New Sheoth, and Bartholm will remain separate.
* OBSE 0020 or greater is now required. If you do not want to use OBSE or cannot for some reason use it, do not attempt to upgrade to 4.0.
* The vanilla city gates should no longer present a problem when being replaced with the open versions.

Open Cities Classic v3.5.7

* Chorrol: Removed some loose stones that may contribute to the missing landscape bug.
* Bravil, Bruma: Fixed corrupt alpha channels on the flag textures.

Open Cities Classic v3.5.6

* Chorrol: Removed several more duplicate objects from various places.
* Outer Districts: Corrected minor path grid issues on the Arcane University overhead walls.
* Anvil: The _far.nif for the castle was corrected, thanks to Brumbek.

Open Cities Classic v3.5.5

* Collision optimization on all included meshes.
* Bartholm: Eranyon needed an AI pack update for when he waits at the Arcane University for the player if the Outer Districts module is in use.
* Bartholm: Filthy Felix needed an AI pack update for when he sells Hot Dog in Bravil.
* Skingrad: The castle wall piece with corrected collision had the wrong havok material setting.

Open Cities Classic v3.5.4

* Leyawiin: The two patrol guards on the west side of the city had never been transplanted to the Tamriel worldspace.
* Anvil: Landscape was poking through at the castle hall door. Some missing clutter has been copied over from the closed worldspace as well.
* Anvil: A landscape texture seam was fixed at the west end of the docks.
* Anvil: Some old path nodes at the south gate were removed that were causing NPCs to path through the rocks between the castle and the harbor.
* All: Syncronized quest patches from the latest UOP Supplemental.
* Anvil: One of the collision corrected meshes for the Anvil castle was still missing.

Open Cities Classic v3.5.3

* Chorrol: A door on the tower next to the castle that shouldn't be there has been removed.
* Anvil: The two courtyard pieces at the south gate went missing. Again. This has happened before for unknown reasons and is being fixed. Again.
* Skingrad: All of the stubbornly annoying generated grass has been expunged from the castle area.

Open Cities Classic v3.5.2

* Resources: The Anvil style light posts were missing a BSX flag to enable collision.
* Bruma: Finally got the temporary encampments for Allies for Bruma to toggle on properly.
* Bravil: The ESP for the Blood & Mud version of Bravil was accidentally left out of the package.

Open Cities Classic v3.5.1

* All: The method used to try and further suppress the old city map markers resulted in many more than expected on the map being removed.
* Anvil: The collision corrected mesh for the curved castle walls was not included.

Open Cities Classic v3.5

* Anvil: The Bay Expansion material has been reverted out of the ESP for Anvil.
* All: Package separation into "classic" and "reborn" distributions. Resources not needed for Classic have been removed from this package.
* All: Dropped edits to the city house quests in order to avoid blotting out changes other mods need to make. All house map markers will be added by a script when necessary.
* All: Added flags flying over each city's castle from Firespark's flag resource.
* Misc: The readme section dealing with mod detection has been split into a new file to keep this document less cluttered.
* Chorrol: The stone wall outside Reynald Jermaine's house was missing two pieces.
* Bravil: The bridge to the castle was missing a post at the end.
* Anvil: No AI door had been provided for the Anvil Castle.
* Master File: Updated the automatic door closing script to properly close the city gates if they manage to get left open.
* Master File: City gate scripts will call pcb when activated to simulate what the game normally does when entering a new worldspace.
* All: Updates to various things to re-sync with the latest UOP updates.
* Bravil: The statue of Zenithar on the south end of the city is now correctly a statue of Mara.
* Bravil: Corrected some broken path grid links.
* Anvil: Newheim The Portly's house had its door markers embedded in the doors, making it impossible to enter.
* Anvil: Newheim's bush outside the back door was clipping the house.
* Anvil: Newheim's front door was crooked and has been adjusted. (This change will not take effect if you have previously visited OC Anvil)
* All: Regrettably, had to change owner configurations on the dummy cells for the cell ownership detection method used in conditional AI packs and quest targeting.
* All: All plugins have now been made 100% range safe. Gecko merging should be error-free.

Open Cities Classic v3.3.3

* All: Removed persistence flags from any objects which did not need it, which will help slightly with save game sizes, especially when using Leyawiin Reborn.
* Bravil B&M: The door to Aina's hut had a bad target and could not be properly used.
* Chorrol: All of the new wall guards and associated AI and guard tower edits are being removed due to a change in plans for future releases.

Open Cities Classic v3.3.2

* Bravil: Fixed script calls on the animation for the Lucky Old Lady statue so it will properly open near the end of the Dark Brotherhood quests.
* Cheydinhal: AI for the two guards stationed outside the east city gate has been changed to keep them posted there rather than inside the city.
* Leyawiin Reborn: The LOD texture for the bridge columns was not included.
* New Sheoth: The southern city gate to Crucible was somehow thrown out of position and has been rotated back into place.
* New Sheoth: Hopefully restored the weather transition between Crucible and Bliss. I never even noticed it did that before.
* Outer Districts: The doors into and out of the districts have been removed. NPCs have been observed having difficulties getting through them and a few people have complained of similar problems trying to use them while playing.

Open Cities Classic v3.3.1

* The bridge support column mesh was being referenced from the wrong path.

Open Cities v3.3

* Bravil: Fully support the city wall changes for Lost Spires, allowing the patch to be rebuilt in a more flexible way.
* Bruma: Thanks to QQuix, the player statue built after the "Battle of Bruma" will now work properly.
* Master Resources: Removed the ambient torch sound loop from all of the light definitions. This should result in less sound related stuttering.
* General: Rearranged all file locations to be installed under "Arthmoor" in both meshes and textures.

Open Cities Classic v3.2.6

* Bravil: Fixed the city wall compatibility and grass covered landscape for the spot Lost Spires uses for Rathmer's Books.
* Bruma: The brasier fire outside of Hammer & Axe was not cycling with the daylight.
* Anvil: Removed the map marker for "Anvil Harbor" added by the merged bay expansion. The UOP sticks one in nearly the same location.
* Added a new method for setting up conditional AI and quest targets. The "rock method" does not work when used in this manner.

Open Cities Classic v3.2.5

* Missing mesh for the Cheydinhal river gates added.
* All other meshes offered by Open Cities have been checked to be sure they use MOPP collision for best performance.

Open Cities Classic v3.2.4

* Anvil: Removed AI changes to Ulfgar Fog-Eye, as well as the lighthouse quest he had added by the Bay Expansion.
* Anvil: Fixed dialogue and scripting errors in the buyable house Captain Greyhand sells.
* Skingrad: Amusei's script was not checking distance against his bedroll in the open worldspace. Edits also merged with UOP corrections.
* All: Closed city space map markers have all been set to opposite of the player's enable state. Hopefully will help with bad markers interfering with fast travel.
* Roads: Fixed a broken link in the road outside Cheydinhal, fixed bad path line on the road from Weye to Chorrol.

Open Cities Classic v3.2.3

* All files have been re-cleaned with TES4Edit 2.5.1 to set deleted items properly. This may help with the sudden reappearing doors issue.
* Leyawiin + Leyawiin Reborn: Added a new common rock method item for use in specific situations where something needs to be switched regardless of which Leyawiin is in use.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Added some bridges in the closed city worldspace to make it possible to navigate the area if need be, including path grids.
* Leyawiin + Leyawiin Reborn: On-Staya Sundew was not executing her chapel wander AI in the right location.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Cingor was not executing his 3rd wander AI in the proper location.
* Leyawiin + Leyawiin Reborn: Some guard patrol routes were not being executed in the proper city worldspaces.

Open Cities Classic v3.2.2

* Anvil: Removed the player owned ship and all related quest material due to instability caused by trying to board it.
* Anvil: Corrected some minor landscape and path grid issues around Benirus Manor.
* Cheydinhal: Lore correction for Telaendril's AI package. A letter she writes to Ocheeva mentions patrolling in front of the house, not back by the well.

Open Cities Classic v3.2.1

* Anvil: The object "MyCabin" for the player owned ship was not marked persistent and needed to be for the script to function properly.
* Anvil: Land height adjustments to allow for compatibility with Brew House 1.5.1.
* Anvil: Removed some excess items which had been placed without reason and were sunk underground.
* Anvil: Removed the unused ghost ship activator reference.
* Outer Districts: Moved a couple of bushes, rocks, and trees to make space for the Midas Magic patch.

Open Cities Classic v3.2

* Outer Districts: The walkway ring in the prison was raised to fix a gap between it and the walls. Path grids adjusted.
* Master Resources: Implemented my LOD Water Plane resource.
* Anvil: Water planes added to the statue pond.
* Cheydinhal: Water planes added for the river.
* Anvil: Script added which will allow for turning off all but one of the extra ships added by the Bay Expansion.
* Anvil: Removed edits to the Benirus Manor quest and moved map marker activation to a separate script.
* Anvil: Slight rearrangement of trees and rocks around Benirus Manor to help accomodate Khettienna's Better Benirus Manor.
* Anvil: Moved most of the Bay Expansion content into the Open Cities Resources.esm file to preserve quest status when switching ESPs around.
* Leyawiin Reborn: General cleanup of some silly mistakes made which should help with performance. Also a general beautification in several parts of the city.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Landscape smoothing along most of the new raised areas on the river. Updated LOD land mesh.

Open Cities Classic v3.1.1

* Outer Districts: Giovanni Civello was wandering the wrong location in the old prison.
* Anvil: Corrected the LOD error that shows up in TES4Edit when looking at the mega sized slaughterfish.
* Anvil: Removed some duplicated bushes and vines around Benirus Manor.
* Anvil: Tied activation of the Benirus Manor pieces to the map marker Open Cities places outside the house.
This should aid in getting it fixed properly when OC is installed after the quest is already done.
* Bravil + Bravil B&M: Fixed the house buying quest to set ownership on the front door properly.
* Bruma: Taking yet another stab at getting the statue to settle.
This will also include a statue fixing script. Which hopefully won't tragically break something.
* Bartholm: Several AI packs needed to be updated to put people in the right locations.

Open Cities Classic v3.1

* Outer Districts: Cut down the fade brightness on the purple arcane flames.
* Outer Districts: Refined the path grid a bit outside the university so that NPCs and companions will follow you out onto the cliff area if you go there.
* Cheydinhal: Path grid refinements have been done in several places to smooth navigation.
* Outer Districts: Adamas Phillida was still wandering the old prison before his retirement stage.
* Chorrol: Moved the light over Motierre's door down and forward due to collision clipping.
* Chorrol: Re-merged the city defenders from the previously separated module that was still WiP.
* Anvil: Incorrect mesh paths on 3 items for the Anvil Bay Expansion have been corrected.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Changed the bridge supports out for a new retextured mesh that fits better.
* Bravil B&M: Removed some leftover object placements outside the city walls that resulted in duplication out on the dock south of the city.
* Bravil B&M: A door was blocking the south harbor gate and has now been disabled.
* Bravil + Bravil B&M: Compatibility support for Bravil Docks was added to the northeast section of the castle area.
* New module: Open Cities Bartholm. J. Sera granted permission to distribute an open version of the city. This is dependent on bartholm.esp.
* Skingrad: A collision corrected city wall mesh has been included for future use by city defenders. Courtesy of Vorians.

Open Cities Classic v3.0.1

* Attempting to correct OMOD conversion. If it continues to fail to install things properly after this, OMOD support will be dropped.
* Anvil: Mesh and texture paths have been corrected.
* Anvil: Missing broadsheet mesh for the bay expansion notices has been added.
* Anvil: Fixed a land tear next to Arvena Thelas' house.

Open Cities Classic v3.0

* All: Reversed the changes made back in 2.1.2 to the vanilla load doors which lead to the original worldspaces.
The invisible collisionless doors that were placed created problems with the AI of various NPCs who hang around in the cities.
The doors have now been stripped of their persistent flags, stripped of their teleport destinations, and then marked disabled.
Doing this should cause them to properly disappear from use without compromising putting them back later.
* Bravil B&M: The Blood & Mud mod has now been made a master dependency for the OC files dealing with the open version of Bravil B&M.
This is a shift in approach based on a couple of reports of quest progress loss when the users dropped the open city and tried to put the original mod in instead.
With 2.x this would result in the loss of anything gained from the original mod because of the FormID changes.
Obviously losing progress on any level is bad, so this was necessary to prevent it from becoming more of a problem in the future.
Better to stop one train wreck now than wait 6 months and have to clean up all the trains.
* New: The Imperial City Prison and Arcane University have both been transferred into the Tamriel worldspace.
This module is being provided separately due to the performance hit it is capable of causing.
* Bravil B&M: The second castle on the smaller island south of Bravil itself has been transferred into the Tamriel worldspace.
* Master Resources: The changes made for 2.1.6 are now moot, as those fake doors no longer exist.
* Master Resources: All of the graphic resource files specific to Open Cities are now referenced in their own folder and the ESM has had all path information adjusted.
* Anvil: The Anvil Bay Expansion mod has been incorporated into Open Cities Anvil.

Open Cities Classic v2.1.6

* Master Resources: Added the "minimal use" flag to the fake doors that replace the stock ones in Tamriel.

Open Cities Classic v2.1.5

* Pathing accommodations for moving the Lost Spires house back to its proper location if that mod is installed.

Open Cities Classic v2.1.4

* Door ownership for the player houses in Skingrad and Bravil have been fixed.
* UOP Matching: Bruma: Fixed interior door size and position in Ongar's house.
* UOP Matching: Leyawiin: Door position in the City Watch Barracks corrected.
* UOP Matching: Skingrad: Foul Fagus' bedroll position corrected.

Open Cities Classic v2.1.3

* Bravil + Bravil B&M: Merged the land height data in from the OC Lost Spires patch to quash some unresolvable compatibility issues when combined with UL:Bravil Barrowfields.
The Spires patch is still necessary but no longer edits the landscape directly.

Open Cities Classic v2.1.2

* Anvil: The Anvil Castle object was accidentally marked as disabled and was not showing up in game, though for some reason still worked as LOD.
* Chorrol: Path grid adjustments to accommodate the new Clocks of Cyrodiil patch.
* Bruma: The doors for the Mages Guild needed to be slightly repositioned to expose the proper one when the hall is destroyed during the guild quest line.
This change will not take place in an existing save without making a clean save. Persistent objects suck!
* Bravil: Corrected misalignment of the tower on the west canal gate, and removed the water gate along the north canal that shouldn't have been there.
* Bravil B&M: Covered up a land shortfall underneath the west canal tower.
* ALL: Due to a few concerning reports about vanilla doors vanishing after uninstalling Open Cities, I've removed the disable flags and instead replaced the doors to the vanilla worldspaces with an invisible door that has no collision data. It's been shown that this will always be a temporary change even though the position data of the door is persistent.

Open Cities Classic v2.1.1

* All: Road records have been further refined to remove more pathing irregularities. All road pathing should now be 100% correct.
* Master Resources: All supplied meshes have been optimized with PyFFI 1.0.4 to maximize performance.
* Master Resources: Included updated city gate LOD meshes that actually reflect what the game is using for the real meshes.
* Leyawiin Reborn: All supplied meshes have been optimized with PyFFI 1.0.4 to maximize performance.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Cleaned up some clipping on the castle walls.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Cleaned up some grass coming up through the sidewalk in various places.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Moved a creature spawn point near the stables further north to reduce risk of spawned enemies killing the stable owners.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Rotated the front door on the Blackwood Company Hall to have the handle visible. This change will not take affect on an existing game if you've already visited the location of the door.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Added some more lighting at the Blackwood Company Hall, Rosentia Gallenus' house, along the sidewalk on the west side of the city, and in the graveyard.
* Chorrol: Removed all of the city defenses additions and separate them out into the soon to exist OC City Defenders module.
* Anvil: Added an extra street light on the west side, and removed one duplicated sidewalk piece.
* Anvil: Thanks to Vorians, a collision corrected mesh for the Anvil city gate is now included.
* Bravil: Fixed the lucky lady statues. Their parent/child settings were not configured properly.
* Bravil: Fixed an error in the luck spell cast on the player by the Lucky Lady statue. The marker referenced was invalid.
[The same two bugs were also fixed in Bravil Blood&Mud]
* Bruma: Added some more street braziers. The place just seems way too dark at night.
* Chorrol: Added more outdoor street lights as Chorrol is also a bit too dark at night.
* Leyawiin: Added a few more street lighting sources, and removed one duplicated castle gate structure.

Open Cities Classic v2.1

* Master Resources: Added two generic subspaces which will eventually get used to expand on guard towers in all the cities so that the guards will be able to travel through them properly for AI purposes.
* Chorrol: Assigned targets to the AI markers where some of the fighters guild members practice archery.
* Chorrol: Extended the NW guard tower with another level, added the door out to the northwest wall segment, and placed four NPC guards to patrol that segment, one pair during the day, the other at night.
* Skingrad: Skingrad Castle Courtyard has been transferred to the Tamriel worldspace, with a bit of surgical hacking.
* All: Updated TIE support. Open Cities is now fully compatible with TIE 1.24+
* Chorrol: Moved the castle well over to just outside the castle keep, right next to the two guards.
* Anvil: More pieces of the castle courtyard were found out of place and had to be corrected.
* Chorrol: Adjusted the positions on the interior guard tower doors, some of them were difficult to activate.
* Bruma: UOP fix - Baenlin's basement door had no key assigned.
* Leyawiin: UOP fix - The Five Claws Lodge interior door was changed to a Leyawiin style door to be more consistent. This change will not take affect if you have already visited the lodge in an existing game.
* All: Refined the regional boundaries for all cities to better fit their shapes. Ensured all map names and public music are properly overridden.
* Anvil: Added a separate region for the Anvil Castle Courtyard.
* Skingrad: Added a separate region for the Skingrad Castle Courtyard.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Fixed several gaps in the sidewalk in the western section of the city. Also removed one duplicated sidewalk piece that was discovered.

Open Cities Classic v2.0.3

* Leyawiin Reborn: Switched the Leyawiin Lighthouse mesh to one provided by Fearabbit which fits in better with the Leyawiin architecture.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Removed a few bogus edits to vanilla trees which were not supposed to have been touched. CS dirt contaminated the records.
* Bravil Blood & Mud: The NordinorsIllegalsStuffRef size change was missing which was throwing off detection with some compatibility patches.
* All: Picked yet another set of enabler toggle items ( see rock method ) that are in an unused vanilla testing cell unlikely to ever be touched by user mods.
* Bruma: Third time should be the charm, yes? Novaroma's door has once again been fixed to correct the bad teleport.
* Bravil Blood & Mud: The door teleport into the player house was dropping you outside the playable cell area.
* Cheydinhal: The two guards who stand watch inside the west city gate were trying to climb the walls due to their editor locations being too close.
* Cheydinhal: The two guards who stand watch inside the east city gate had somehow become embedded in the walls due to bad editor locations.
* Cheydinhal: A tree was missing from behind the Mages Guild that is present in CheydinhalWorld.
* Anvil: Fixed some stray cobblestone landscape near the north gate.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Put some grass terrain in where the tree planters are in the east side of the city. Trees and plants don't grow from cobblestones :)
* Leyawiin Reborn: Brought the Blackwood Company Hall sign out to the sidewalk where it's more visible.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Grounded some more flying rocks and cypress knee clusters.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Found and transplanted yet another creature spawn point that was hiding underground at the northeast gate.
* Leyawiin Reborn: Raised a patch of stinkhorn plants that had been lost underground.

Open Cities Classic v2.0.2

* Removed all edits on all base NPC records on guards throughout the cities. It turns out their AI will adapt if their copies are placed into the new worldspace. "Near editor location" as a condition appears to be taken at face value. This results in better compatibility with OOO and Frans, and any other mod which edits guards in particular. Guards in Bravil Blood & Mud will retain their edits to maintain Ryan's vision for them in the city.
* Moved a rock off the road at the Cheydinhal city gates. It looked too out of place there.
* Raised two shrubs that had become nearly buried in Cheydinhal for some reason.
* Path nodes have been provided for some spawn points in the east river for Leyawiin Reborn to prevent creatures from landing on the bridge itself.
* Closed an obvious gap at the east end of the Leyawiin Reborn east river bridge.
* Corrected several micro-seams between sidewalk pieces in Leyawiin Reborn.
* Grounded a flying rock near the west bridge in Leyawiin Reborn.
* Fixed the north city gate coming out of vanilla Anvil so players and NPCs alike are able to use that exit again to reach Tamriel.
* The door to Lonely Suitor Lodge in the Bravil Blood & Mud edition was incorrectly placed inside the cell leading to falling outside the playable area.
* A duplicated cathedral in Chorrol has been removed.
* The door to Novaroma that got replaced in 2.0.1 did not have its teleport destination corrected when replaced.

Open Cities Classic v2.0.1

* Grounded a pair of flying benches in Leyawiin Reborn.
* The door to Novaroma in Bruma somehow went missing and has been replaced.
* Set enabler objects in all cities that are overrides of vanilla objects to use for various on/off switching in patches and other mods.
* Went through all of the standard city worldspace map markers and marked them all as disabled, and removed their parent settings on the master map marker, and removed the visible and "can travel to" flags from them. Hopefully this resolves issues with the markers left over on players' maps taking them to the wrong locations.
* Swapped positions of two Leyawiin deck pieces in Leyawiin Reborn to restore a vanilla object to its original location.
It had been traded with a new placement when it didn't need to be.
* Placed a couple of new lights in Cheydinhal next to the bridges, they were feeling left in the dark :)

Open Cities Classic v2.0

* Split common resources off into their own esm file and made Open Cities Full.esp dependent on it.
* All cities have been modularized and can be used independently of each other, or in combinations.
* Discovered the cathedrals in the cities which had them had been deleted and replaced with copies.
These deletions have now been reversed and the copies removed. Some of the bell tower sound activators needed the same fix.
Deletions of vanilla items can lead to crashes during game exit if another mod comes along and tries to modify the deleted reference.
* Undeleted the vanilla city gate doors and flagged them all as disabled instead.
This one apparently had the unintended side affect of making the vanilla city gates useful as one-way doors into the Tamriel worldspace.
NPCs may therefore be seen suddenly appearing at city gates if they end up using their new found doorways.
This should only happen shortly after installing OC or with mod-added NPCs unaware of the alterations.
* Refined the ROAD record used for NPC pathing to be more precise, and not include unnecessary additions to the road grid.
* Opened the south wall at the river in Cheydinhal.
* All of the included mesh files have been optimized to remove duplicate and unused vertices, as well as updating the tangent spaces.
The results? Several hundred vertices axed, visual quality improvement, and performance boost for what little these meshes affect it :)

Open Cities Classic v1.7

* Grounded a floating sidewalk post next to Castia Scribonia's house in Chorrol.
* Closed a huge gap in the Cheydinhal west wall.
* Pulled 2 shrubs out of the west wall in Cheydinhal.
* Relocated a willow tree badly clipping the west wall to the SW corner of Cheydinhal.
* Some guards in Chorrol were leaving for the original city space due to some AI with bad marker conditions.
* Moved a tree that was clipping clean through the city wall in NE Leyawiin.
* The book needed to complete the Lost Histories quest was missing its enable parent flag and was not active when it should be.
* The Anvil north gate has been returned to the default gatehouse with a working gate instead of a portcullis.
This was done partly to restore the original design and partly as an attempt to resolve bugs in the -47,-7 cell.
The game does not seem to like deleting things from this cell. This may help resolve some CTD conditions.
* Restored some missing stone wall pieces around Arvena Thelas' house in Anvil.
* Restored the position of the north wall tower by Arvena's house in Anvil to its original location.
* Corrected the script controlling the Dark Brotherhood quest "Honor Thy Mother". It was missing a cell check for Bravil that could cause the player to get stuck in Applewatch.
* Changed the AI doors used to ferry NPCs from the old worldspaces into rocks that will blend in with their surroundings while also being accessible easily to the player if needed.
* AI packs OCCChorrolPostDay02Start, and OCCChorrolPostDay03Start were rebuilt and assigned to the guards who turned out to be missing them.
* Edits to DarkArquenScript have been removed as the only two changes are both commented out anyway. (Why did this get touched?)
* Updated affected quests to duplicate fixes for UOP 3.0.0 updates.
* Baenlin's basement door in Bruma was not locked as it should be initially.
* Ungolim's house door in Bravil was not locked as it should be.
* Henantier's house door in Bravil was not locked as it should be.
* The uppper level door to Rosethorn Hall was not locked as it should be.
* The door to Summitmist Manor in Skingrad was not locked as it should be.
* The door to the Anvil City Watch barracks was not locked as it should be.
* Hack fix to the east door into the south gate tower in Chorrol. UOP deletes the door I used, so I recreated a new one along with a new door arch that are sized to mask over the deleted ones. Modifying items deleted by other mods leads to crashes at exit, so OC no longer uses the door left behind by vanilla Oblivion.
* Deleted a door buried behind the top floor of the building mesh of Andragail's house in Bravil.
* Resized the door to Leyawiin Castle so it would fit its slot better.
(This will not take affect in an existing game if you've already visited Leyawiin)
* A tower along the north wall of Leyawiin was moved south a bit to close a massive wall gap.
* A tower along the south wall of Leyawiin was lowered to close a huge land gap beneath it.
* Land under the adjoining section of city wall had to be raised as the gap was too large to justify lowering half the southern city wall to cover it.
* Resized and repositioned a tree next to the north gate in Leyawiin that was clipping the towers, wall, and banner nearby.
* Moved another tree clipping the north city wall in Leyawiin.
* Closed a small wall gap along the north wall of Leyawiin.
* Generated a new road record for Tamriel which has finally stopped the NPCs lengthy wandering journeys to places they shouldn't be.
* A pair of bushes near the Anvil east wall didn't have the correct parent enable settings for Benirus Manor.
* Several duplicated rocks and other objects were deleted in Bruma.
* The Bruma Mages Guild building itself was also duplicated.
* The house next to the Fighters Guild in Bruma was also duplicated.
* A clump of three willow trees in SW Cheydinhal has been broken up, one is now on the south tip of Peach Tree Island, one was sized down and moved over due to severe clipping into a house, and the 3rd was left where it was.
* A beggar's food bag in NE Bravil was raised out of the ground.
* Deleted a duplicate tower piece in Bravil near the castle.
* Deleted a stray stone wall post that was just sitting in the middle of the street near the Bravil cathedral.
* Restored two missing clutter crates that were supposed to be by the wall where the stray post was deleted.
* A duplicated iron gate was deleted in Leyawiin next to the graveyard.
* Two duplicated stone wall pieces were deleted behind Best Goods & Guarantees in Leyawiin.
* Shrunk and moved the tree next to the player house in Leyawiin as it was seriously clipping into the building and the awning next door.
* Moved the tree next to Weebam-Na's house over due to clipping into his house.
* Deleted numerous duplicated ivy plants from the side of Rosentia Gallenus' house in Leyawiin.
* Shrunk and moved a tree that was clipping heavily into the Leyawiin castle.
* Deleted a duplicated barrel next to the guard barracks in Skingrad.
* Deleted two duplicated stone wall pieces from the path in NE Skingrad.
* Deleted a duplicated barrel under the stable area behind the West Weald Inn in Skingrad.
* Fixed a bug where the player statue in Bruma was creating full color copies of the player instead of one stone copy.
(This only works if you haven't yet got your statue)

UOP fixes needing to be duplicated for OC:

* Fixed the AI pack TGAmuseiWanderSkingrad as it was actually trying to make him wander Leyawiin.
* Corrected the AI packs DionneInspectGuard and DionneInspectGuard2. They should be travel packs, not find packs. Otherwise he tries to pick up the XMarkers.
* Corrected the AI pack MalinusAncrusOpenHouse so he won't remain outside his house forever.
* Corrected the AI pack MQ11VieraLerusBrumaSleep so Viera will not try to sleep in Bruma after "Defense of Bruma" is completed.
* Two daytime versions of Chorrol guards did not have their shields.
* The two doors leading into the Leyawiin City Watch barracks need to be size adjusted and repositioned to fit the doorways.
(This will not take affect in an existing game if you've already visited Leyawiin)
* The door to Aldos Othran's confiscated house in Cheydinhal needed to be repositioned as it was exposing the static door behind it.
(This will not take affect in an existing game if you've already visited Cheydinhal)
* The door to Shameer's house in Skingrad needed to be repositioned.
(This will not take affect in an existing game if you've already visited Skingrad)
* The door to Eugal Belette's House in Chorrol needed to be repositioned.
(This will not take affect in an existing game if you've already visited Chorrol)

Open Cities Classic v1.61

* Quick fix to correct the nif for the working Skingrad gates. The wrong one got added to the archive somehow.
* Moved the west Skingrad gate out to be flush with the arch like the others.

Open Cities Classic v1.6

* NEW: Bruma, Cheydinhal, Anvil, Leyawiin, Skingrad, and Bravil have had all of their outdoor lighting upgraded.
For consistency's sake, the lights on the Anvil docks outside the walls have also been upgraded to match.

Bugs Fixed

* Deleted a duplicate stone wall piece and two duplicate clutter barrels outside Renoit's Books in Chorrol.
* Deleted a duplicate stone wall piece NW of Northern Goods & Trade in Chorrol.
* Corrected the guard tower in SW Anvil that got shoved out of position.
* A banner next to the Anvil dock gate was clipping into the gate tower.
* Pulled the tree next to the gate out away from the wall as it was clipping into it badly.
* Downscaled the tree in the SE corner of Cheydinhal since it was also clipping into the wall and tower badly enough to block the path.
* Pulled the city wall back from the rear side of Magul's house in Cheydinhal.
* All of Cheydnihal's walls were demolished and rebuilt using the copies from the old worldspace due to severe misalignment issues.
(This may break compatibility with the MMM City Defenses depending on how they are positioned.)
* Nudged the Cheydinhal east gate complex out a couple of pixels to close a seam with the river grate piece next to it.
* Nudged the Leyawiin north gate complex out a few pixels to close a seam with the wall piece immediately west of it.
* Fixed an improperly activated light on the castle keep wall in Chorrol.
* All of the city gates have been pulled out as far as reasonably possible to correct for clipping.
* All of the city gates have been given their auto-close script that was missing on many of them.
* The west gate of Skingrad was flipped to open outward.
* The city gate in Bravil was replaced with a portcullis due to the bridge being in the way of a proper gate.
* Moved several of the city guards away from the doors further so they don't get bashed in the face when they open.
* Unnecessary statics and duplicate NIF files were removed. No existing games should be impacted. I checked for missing meshes.
* Deleted two duplicate sidewalk pieces near the east gate of Skingrad.
* Deleted a pair of courtyard arcs at the Anvil dock gate as they have been randomly disappearing in-game which is causing NPC problems.
* Moved a Cottonwood tree at the Anvil south gate to over in the SE corner of the city. It was trying to become one with the gatehouse.
* Fixed a CTD condition when Open Cities is used with Anvil Bay Expansion. ABE deleted a rock OC tried to then move.
* Deleted a duplicated shrub outside the castle gatehouse in Leyawiin.
* Deleted an underground door that led nowhere at the barracks in Leyawiin.
* Deeh the Scaliwag had no owned food bag in Leyawiin, causing him to either steal food from people, or disappear into the original worldspace to get it from his bag there.
* The city walls next to the NE gatehouse in Leyawiin were clipping through the roof of the gatehouse.
* Deleted a duplicated sidewalk piece outside the cathedral in Skingrad.
* Foul Fagus did not have an owned bedroll in Skingrad.
* Amusei's bedroll in Skingrad was not owned by him.
* Nigidius the Needy did not have an owned bedroll in Skingrad.
* Moved the Benirus Manor map marker because you could get stuck on horseback underneath the balcony.

sialivi from the Bethsoft forums helped a great deal by locating the following issues:

* Corrected a mid-air flame outside Fire & Steel in Chorrol.
* Corrected another mid-air flame outside of Francois Moiterre's house in Chorrol.
* Adjusted the path nodes around the Chorrol castle as apparently some guards could not enter.
* Closed a see-through gap at the top of the wall section next to the Anvil north gate by moving the tower over a bit.
* The portcullis at the Anvil north gate was clipping through the top of the gatehouse.
* Closed a thin gap between two caslte wall pieces on the SE side of Anvil Castle.
* One of the light sconces was not attached to the wall properly at the entrance to Castle Bravil.
* Closed a wall gap on the Bravil Castle grounds next to the canal.
* Pulled the city wall away from the back side of the Riverview house in SE Cheydinhal as it was clipping severely. [This was since superceded by the wall replacements]
* Closed a gap between the city wall and the north gatehouse in Leyawiin.
* 3 sconces were not properly attached to the walls in the NE section of Leyawiin.
* A sconce next to the west gate of Leyawiin was not attached to the wall properly.
* Grounded a floating shrub in front of the castle gatehouse in Leyawiin.
* Deleted a duplicated sidewalk piece outside of Ahdarji's house in Leyawiin.
* Closed a see through gap in the Anvil city wall next to the north gate tower.
* Moved the sidewalk ramps closer to the gatehouse towers at the Chorrol south gate. The see-through rear side was exposed.
[Existing games will find the load door hanging free on the SW tower, nothing can be done about that without doing a clean save first]
* Grounded a flying stone wall end piece next to Fire and Steel in Chorrol.
* Grounded a floating barrel in Chorrol outside Valus Odiil's house.

UOP Fixes needing to be duplicated for OC:

* An underground sidewalk section below the Cheydinhal cathedral was deleted.

Open Cities Classic v1.5

* NEW: The city of Chorrol has had all of the outdoor lighting redone to be more realistic, and at the same time reduces FPS hit!
* NEW: Added path grids and doors to access the castle roof, and the city wall battlements in Chorrol. Also added path grids to the city walls in the other cities.
(This will also provide compatibility for MMM City Defenses)
* NEW: Added map markers to all the player owned houses that can be bought (Except the IC Waterfront shack). Something I've wanted for awhile now.
(Apparently this will also keep compatibility with the map markers OOO added to the original worldspaces. Go figure.)

Bugs Fixed

* Switched Pennilus Olvus' cooking fire node for a real fire that gives off light.
* Swapped positions for the two guards out at the dock gate since the guy at night has a torch and doesn't need to stand under the light.
* Deleted a duplicated sidewalk piece outside of Morvayn's Peacemakers in Anvil.
* Deleted a duplicated street lamp post outside of Morvayn's Peacemakers in Anvil.
* Deleted a duplicated fake lighting node next to the duplicated lamp post.
* Deleted a stone wall post embedded inside the city wall behind Benirus Manor.
* Deleted a duplicated tree next to the Anvil Castle Gate.
* Deleted a duplicate copy of Amusei's bedroll in Skingrad.
* Replaced a missing lamp post at the Anvil north gate.
* Replaced a missing lamp post outside the door to Anvil Castle.
* Deleted a duplicated stone wall piece next to the Anvil Mages Guild.
* Deleted several duplicate stone wall pieces outside Benirus Manor in Anvil.
* Deleted a duplicated stone wall piece near the Donton residence in Chorrol.
* Deleted a duplicate copy of the house for sale in Chorrol.
* Deleted several more duplicate city wall pieces in Chorrol.
* Deleted several duplicated stone wall pieces, some rocks, and a shrub in front of the house for sale in Chorrol.
* Moved a sidewalk ramp up slightly that was clipping landscape by the southwest tower in Chorrol.
* Deleted a duplicate door at the west tower of Chorrol castle.
* Deleted a duplicate castle doorway ramp at the NE tower of Chorrol.
* Moved the Fighters Guild sign in Chorrol to keep NPCs and the player from banging their heads on it as they exit the building.
* Moved a tree that was seriously clipping into the south wall in Bravil.
* Deleted a duplicate city wall piece on the SE side of Cheydinhal.
* Raised the garden area in SW Leyawiin slightly to stop it clipping with the landscape beneath.
* Fixed items relating to the quest "Where Spirits Have Lease" so that Benirus Manor transitions properly.
* Fixed items relating to the quest "Caught in the Hunt" so that only the UOP fixes and the target arrow are altered from the original.
* Fixed items relating to the Thieves Guild quest "May the Best Thief Win" so that edits to the quest itself are no longer necessary.
* Fixed items relating to the Thieves Guild quest "Untaxing the Poor" so that edits to the quest itself are no longer necessary.
* Fixed items relating to the Thieves Guild quest "Ahdarji's Heirloom" so that edits to the quest itself are no longer necessary.
* Fixed items relating to the Thieves Guild quest "Misdirection" so that edits to the quest itself are no longer necessary.
* Fixed items relating to the Thieves Guild quest "Lost Histories" so that the only edit necessary is for the magic quest arrow to point to the right location.
* Fixed items relating to the Mages Guild quest "A Plot Revealed" so that the only edit necessary is for the quest arrow to point to the right location.
* Removed the edits to the Thieves Guild quest "Taking Care of Lex" as there was no reason to have changed it.
* Fixed items relating to the Dark Brotherhood quest "Affairs of a Wizard" so that edits to the quest itself are no longer necessary.
* Fixed items relating to Main Quest "Allies for Bruma" so that edits to the quest itself are no longer necessary.
* Fixed the script "MQ14PlayerStatueScript" so that your statue in Open Bruma will be correctly handled.
* Fixed the script "MartinScript" so that it generates your statue duplicate properly in Open Bruma.

UOP Fixes needing to be duplicated for OC:

* Fixed a stone wall piece that was misaligned behind Benirus Manor.
* Moved the Blackwood Company (Leyawiin) sign so it doesn't go right through the roof it's attached to if swinging.
* Added a piece of the castle wall in Bravil that exists in the Bravilworld space but wasn't reflected in the Tamriel space.

Open Cities Classic v1.4 Fixes

* Fixed a separated wall section and tower at the Cheydinhal west gate, and moved the now stuck bushes and rocks.
* Pulled the big tree behind the repaired tower away more to keep the leaves from clipping.
* Linked the path out the east graveyard gate in Cheydinhal to the main street.
* Marked the path grid around the outside of Cheydinhal as non-prefered as many guards and citizens would walk out there, sometimes getting killed.
* Deleted a blocked and flying path node in a tree south of Lonely Suitor Lodge in Bravil.
* Deleted an embedded path node in a tree in the SW corner of Bravil.
* Unlinked two path nodes on the north fence of the Bravil graveyard where NPCs couldn't pass by the big rock.
* Added a missing Nirnroot for a sound activator along the west end of the Bravil canal.
* Grounded an XMarker for Heironymous Lex in Anvil.
* Repaired some apparent damage to the balcony at Castle Anvil.
* Rearranged the placement of Penniless Olvus' sleeping area along the north wall of Anvil.
* Fixed the TG04Mistake quest to enable Amusei's proper bedroll in Skingrad.
* Fixed the TG05Misdirection quest to enable Amusei's proper bedroll in Skingrad.
* Fixed the TG06Attonement quest to disable Amusei's proper bedroll from Skingrad.
* Added some new path nodes to SW Leyawiin so Rancid Ra'Dirsha and Amusei can both reach their assigned sleeping areas.
* Adjusted some out of alignment wall segments in southern Leyawiin.
* Raised the sign outside of Three Sisters Inn because it was colliding with passing NPCs, irritating their pathing.
* Removed a duplicate wall segment along the Cheydinhal south wall next to the wayshrine.
* Added an actual tree to "Peach Tree Island" in Cheydinhal. Ok, so it's not a peach tree. :)
* Replaced a missing Stendarr statue in the NW alcove in Chorrol, at the graveyard.
* Replaced missing clutter from the SE alcove in Chorrol, then grounded the barrel and shrub as well.
* Placed a missing tower on top of the Bravil walls at the northern bridge. [This is also missing in oblivion.esm]
* Deleted a duplicate tower section in the SE Bravil Castle Grounds.
* Deleted a duplicate wall section in the SE Bravil Castle Grounds.
* Lowered the SE tower of the Bravil Castle to match the level of the others.
* Removed numerous excessive path grid links near the Cheydinhal east and west gates.
* Repaired some missing landscape terrain in the Bravil Castle area.

* Corrected the AmuseiSleepSkingrad0x6 AI pack so Amusei will sleep in the correct bed. [This is also a bug in oblivion.esm]
* Corrected the AnvilCountsArmsExteriorSit16x4 AI pack to reference the proper chair.
* Corrected the AnvilBeggarRain2 AI pack to send the beggar to the proper location.
* Corrected the AnvilCountsArmsExterior2Sit8x4 AI pack to reference the proper chair.
* Corrected the AnvilGoganTreeSit12x5 AI pack so Gogan will be sitting under the proper tree in Anvil.
* Corrected the AnvilTreeSit6x4 AI pack to reference the proper spot on the stone bench.
* Corrected the AlessiaOttusVisitSkingradMarket AI pack to visit the proper location in Skingrad.
* Corrected the BravilVisitLuckyOldLady8x2 AI pack to visit the proper location in Bravil.
* Corrected the BrumaWander8x4 AI pack to wander the proper location in Bruma.
* Corrected the BrumaWanderMarket12x6 AI pack to wander the proper location in Bruma.
* Corrected the BrumaWanderSouth20x4 AI pack to wander the proper location in Bruma.
* Corrected the CheydinhalGuardPatrolNightBlueGateToShadowGate AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the CheydinhalGuardPatrolNightBridgeToCastleGate AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the CheydinhalGuardPatrolNightCastleGateToBridge AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the CheydinhalGuardPost04BeginPatrol AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the CheydinhalWanderIsland14x4 AI pack to wander the proper location.
* Corrected the CheydinhalWanderIsland6x4 AI pack to wander the proper location.
* Corrected the CheydinhalWanderSouthwest12x4 AI pack to wander the proper location.
* Corrected the CheydinhalWanderSouthwest6x4 AI pack to wander the proper location.
* Corrected the ChorrolChatChapelSteps20x4 AI pack to wander the proper location.
* Corrected the ChorrolChatGreatOak16x4 AI pack to wander the proper location.
* Corrected the ChorrolPatrol01DayStartPatrol AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the ChorrolPatrol01NightStartPatrol AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the ChorrolPatrol02DayStartPatrol AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the ChorrolPatrol02NightStartPatrol AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the ChorrolPatrol03DayStartPatrol AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the ChorrolPatrol03NightStartPatrol AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the entire ChorrolPatrol04 series of AI packs so guards will patrol the proper locations.
* Corrected the entire ChorrolPatrol05 series of AI packs so guards will patrol the proper locations.
* Corrected the CingorRandomWander3 AI pack so Cingor will wander the proper location in Leyawiin.
* Corrected the GanredhelWalkDogs series of AI packs so Gandrehel will walk his dogs in the proper Cheydinhal locations.
* Corrected the HerminiaCinnaVisitCheydinhalNight AI pack so Herminia will visit the proper location in Cheydinhal.
* Corrected the IreneMetrickVisitBrumaDay AI pack so Irene will visit the proper location in Bruma.
* Corrected the LeyawiinBeggarRainPorch AI pack to target it's marker properly.
* Corrected the LeyawiinGuardPatrolDayEastGateToWestSide AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the LeyawiinGuardPatrolDayNewGateToArena AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the LeyawiinGuardPatrolDayWestSideToStatue AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location. Also grounded the XMarker as it was flying pretty high.
* Corrected the LeyawiinGuardPatrolNightEastGateToWestSide AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the LeyawiinGuardPatrolNightNewGateToArena AI pack so the guard will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the LeyawiinWanderNorth10x4 AI pack to reference the proper location.
* Corrected the LeyawiinWanderNorth20x2 AI pack to reference the proper location.
* Corrected the LeyawiinWanderWestSide8x4 AI pack to reference the proper location.
* Corrected the MandilVisitAnvilNight AI pack so Mandil will visit the proper location in Anvil.
* Corrected the MaranaRianVisitBravilNight AI pack so she will visit the proper location in Bravil.
* Corrected the MS12TolganFindPlayer AI pack so Tolgan can locate the player while outdoors in Bruma.
* Corrected the MS21JollringToAnvil AI pack so Jollring will travel to Anvil properly.
* Corrected the MS21JollringToBravil AI pack so Jollring will travel to Bravil properly.
* Corrected the MS21JollringToBruma AI pack so Jollring will travel to Bruma properly.
* Corrected the MS21JollringToCheydinhal AI pack so Jollring will travel to Cheydinhal properly.
* Corrected the MS21JollringToChorrol AI pack so Jollring will travel to Chorrol properly.
* Corrected the MS21JollringToLeyawiin AI pack so Jollring will travel to Leyawiin properly.
* Corrected the MS38TalkToPlayer AI pack so Glarthir will only use it when the player is in Skingrad.
* Corrected the OthrelosVisitSkingradNight AI pack so Othrelos will visit the proper location in Skingrad.
* Corrected the SkingradExploreGeneral8x2 AI pack so NPCs will explore the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolDayChapelToWestBridge AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolDayChapelToWestBridge AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolDayEastBridgeToArena AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolDayEastBridgeToChapel AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolDayHighGateToLowGate AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolDayLowGateToHighGate AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolDayWestBridgeToArena AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolNightArenaToEastBridge AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolNightArenaToWestBridge AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolNightChapelToWestBridge AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolNightEastBridgeToChapel AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolNightHighGateToLowGate AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolNightLowGateToHighGate AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGuardPatrolNightWestBridgeToArena AI pack so guards will patrol the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradGunderExplore4x2 AI pack so Gunder eill explore the proper location.
* Corrected the SkingradSurilieBrosYardWorkMorning AI pack so Ambrose Canne will be working the proper location.
* Corrected the TG07LexAnvilCourtyard16x2 AI pack so Lex will show up at the proper location in Anvil.

A number of the corrected AI packs are not used by OC directly, but if they're used by other mods, then this should get the affected NPCs back on track.

* Deleted the following AI packs that were not being used by anything, and had been added by the OC mod:


UOP fixes that need to be duplicated for OC:

* Tied the Abandoned House Key to the proper door in Cheydinhal.
* Tied Baenlin's Key to the proper door in Bruma.
* Moved a tombstone completely hidden in the chapel wall in Cheydinhal.
* Rotated a rock next to Riverview in Cheydinhal with a see-through bottom showing.
* Grounded several Fly Amantias on the Bravil Castle grounds. Raised two others out of the ground, and moved one away from a wall it was half embedded in.
* Moved the Morning Glories on the Skingrad Mages Guild and Hammer & Tongs signs so that the signs don't go right through them if swinging.
* Deleted a duplicated wooden tower piece along the NE Bravil Palace walls.
* The player will no longer be able to walk into a gap behind the Surilie Brothers' house (Skingrad) and get stuck there. [Pair of collision boxes added]
* Fixed the twitchy hanging lamp outside Francois Motierre's house in Chorrol.
* Grounded a flying Elderberry bush near the castle in Cheydinhal.
* Moved a Daphne shrub away from two large rocks it was clipping into in NE Cheydinhal.
* Grounded another flying Elderberry in the same area.
* Moved a Boxwood shrub away from the rocks it was clipping into in NE Cheydinhal.
* Raised a brick partially embedded in the ground outside the Abandoned House in Cheydinhal.
* Deleted 3 chunks of sidewalk completely buried underground by Aldos' sleeping mat in Cheydinhal.
* Deleted a piece of stone wall buried underground at Riverview in Cheydinhal.
* Uprighted a tombstone in the Leyawiin graveyard that was laying flat.
* Grounded the for sale sign outside the player home in Chorrol.
* Grounded several stone wall sections behind a house in west Chorrol.
* Raised a buried rock just west of the chapel in Chorrol.
* Grounded a slightly raised broken tombstone in the Chorrol graveyard.
* Pulled a shrub stuck behind the city wall out behind the houses in west Chorrol.
* Grounded 3 stone wall segments behind the Oak and Crosier in Chorrol.
* Grounded an Azalea shrub next to the Mages' Guild in Chorrol.
* Repositioned an Azalea shrub along the east wall that was clipping into two rocks.
* Aligned the sign for the Lonley Suitor Lodge in Bravil. It was sticking out from the post too far.
* A huge rock was seriously cutting into the Skingrad south city wall and has been moved.
* The above fix then revealed that the tower next to it is clipping badly with the wall.

Open Cities Classic v1.3 Fixes

* Removed a duplicated sidewalk mesh in Chorrol in front of Rimalus Bruiant's house.
* Checked each city grid and made sure they were all assigned to the proper Open*** region for that city.
* Some pieces of Bravil were missing around Aleron Loche's house which made it impossible to walk to.
* Cleaned up a bunch of excessive path grid connections in Skingrad.
* The guards at Anvil's west gate needed to be moved a bit due to problems when the city gate is open.
* One of the guards at the Cheydinhal west gate was trapped inside the walls.

Open Cities Classic v1.2 Fixes

* Both entry doors to the Hammer & Tongs shop in Skingrad had teleport markers that landed you outside the cell grid.
* The boat in Bravil for the "Caught in the Hunt" quest teleports back to the wrong cell when leaving Fort Grief island.
* Removed a ton of senseless NPC edits for stats and attributes only. No purpose could be determined for these.
* Removed several random water height changes in interior dungeon cells.
* Removed a dirty placement for S'kasha in the Leyawiin Fighters Guild.
* Aldos Othran will not advance the "Corruption and Conscience" quest once you follow him to the guard outside his home.
* The Dark Brotherhood dead drop sack in Chorrol doesn't trigger the next quest.
* Fixed a misaligned wall section near the NE gate of Cheydinhal. Also deleted two rocks under the river grate, to make it less crowded when swimming under.
* The Anvil city gate arches were not marked VWD.
* The Bravil main gate structure was not marked VWD.
* The Cheydinhal city gate arches were not marked VWD.
* The Chorrol city gate arches were not marked VWD.
* Several pieces of Leyawiin city walls and gates were not marked VWD.
* Removed a duplicate castle wall tower from Chorrol that was causing it to flicker in-game.
* Some landscaping edits were removed from cells around Chorrol with only a very minor unblended road seam inside the city SW of the chapel. This was done for compatibility with UL: Chorrol Hinterland.