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Added: 01/04/2008 - 07:26AM
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Last updated at 17:19, 2 Apr 2010 Uploaded at 7:26, 1 Apr 2008

USE NOTES: Feel free to use the files in this mod for any purpose, just list me in your credits.

Requires: OBSE 0015 or higher
Includes: OBGE

Official Forum Thread - Post comments here for faster response times from me!

ScreenEffects allows modders to easily control eight visual effects via script:
* Brightness
* Shadows Intensity
* Highlights Intensity
* Contrast
* Saturation
* Graduated Filter Magnitude
* Posterization
* Fullscreen Blur

Full instructions for modders are in the included readme (which you can also access via the handy link above this description).

Also ncluded is an example mod, which also serves as a handy utility: ScreenControls. ScreenControls provides a simple UI for manually adjusting the eight values controlled by ScreenEffects. Mess with them for fun, or use it to preview and tweak the graphic effects you want to add to your own mod! Version 1.0 adds the ability to save up to 4 presets for easy customization of different areas (dungeon, castle, daylight, nighttime, just as examples).

Make sure to check the screenshots tab for some examples of what can be done, and upload your own!

The following is a list of mods that currently use ScreenEffects:

Enhanced Weather
Weather: All Natural
Ambient Dungeons
Fatigue and Sleeping

For Modders: The EditorIDs of the control stack containers to which you need to add your control items are:
Items must be added to the appropriate stack in order for them to work in your mods!