Drop Lit Torches OBSE by Strategy Master
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Added: 30/03/2008 - 02:02AM
Updated: 04/04/2010 - 08:15PM

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Last updated at 20:15, 4 Apr 2010 Uploaded at 2:02, 30 Mar 2008

Drop Lit Torches (OBSE)
Created by Strategy Master


This mod is an OBSE extension of Frugal's drop lit torches.

This improves upon frugals original formula by fixing the following
- Annoying messages no longer occur through torch usage
- Torches are now dropped when weilding a staff
- The hotkey torch should no longer require player to on rare occasions use it twice
to work.
- Automatic compatability detection with mods that modify the default torch with extra
weight or modified light radius or cost so no more any need for alternate plugins
- Now you can press a hotkey (by default '0') to equip your torch. This button can
be set to what ever you wish using the ini file provided. (You can disable the old hotkey
torch completly in the ini if you wish)
- Smart auto-equip of torch when you pick up a dropped torch with weapons out.

Known issues
- None at this time

Unzip to your Oblivion Data directory remove any previous Installation
Unzip to your Oblivion Data directory remove any previous drop lit torch esp's and select
the following esp via the Oblivion launcher.


I have also included the torch sound patch from Daeger. This gets rid of the equip/unequip
sounds when you drop a torch. Unrar the torchsoundpatch.rar into your oblivion data folder.

The Ini is an optional feature but allows you to make other changes like changing the hotkey,
forcing torches gold, weight and light radius to whatever you desire, or completly disabling
the hotkey torch.

Frugal for making a great and well used nessecary mod

- Now when you pick up a dropped torch out of combat you will sheath your weapon and equip
the torch automatically (About time!)
- Added initialization message to console to be able to tell if the ini or default settings
are being used.

- Fixed a bug disabling drop lit torches if the ini was missing or you disabled the old
hotkey torch specifically in the ini.

- Ini settings to force torches (both dropped and default) gold, weight and radius to particular values.
- Ini setting to disable the old hotkey torch method completly

- Fixed hotkey item from failing to unequip torches

- Added the ability to press a specific key to equip a torch.
- Added ini file that lets you choose which button the hotkey should be.
- Improved fix where you sometimes had to use the hotkey torch twice.

- Uses some obse 15 functions to remove messages more effectivly.

- Release