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Last updated at 0:22, 3 Apr 2006 Uploaded at 19:55, 31 Jan 2006

Since this is more of an overhaul than an update, I'll just list what's
included here:

-Minor edits where "Khajiits" come up in dialogue, especially greetings
category and "Khajiit" topic. This is done to ammend statements such as
"ONLY the Suthay-raht inhabit Vvardenfell." In many instances, these topics
say that (Only) the standard Khajiit is "common" - these have been left alone.
Only topics implying that standard Khajiits EXCLUSIVELY inhabit Morrowind
have been changed.

-Dialogue topic "White Senche"(s?) added. Savants and learned folk (and
the white khajiits themselves) can tell you something about their race.

-Dialogue topic "Jhirl robes" added. Velvet can explain what those are.

-Voice layouts added. All voice schemes have been placed at the very bottom
of each voice category, to limit impact.

-"KRS_WSen_RaceCheck" Script placed in Startup Scripts to check player race.
If White Senche is chosen, Player Race is set to 6, the game default for Khajiit.

-Added NPC "Velvet" to the Urshiliku camp - she sells the two jhirl robes
included with the mod.

-Added NPC "Rikke" to Ald Velothi Outpost tunnel - he sells the armor.

-Included 3 Senche-related birthsigns