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Shooting any arrow with any bow now has a chance of alerting your target! This Mod will effect all creatures and NPC good or evil. And believe me the guards get really irritated with you if you shoot an arrow at them!

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Duke Patricks - Near Miss Magic And Arrows Alert The Target Rev 7.1

OBSE 18 needed

NPC will report you to the guards if the guards are in the area. Found and fixed 2 more bugs (small ones but bugs none the less).

A CLEAN INSTALL would be the best thing to do with this update.

Be sure to install the new voice files! The voice files will help stop the NPC from saying "dumb" things to you after you fire an arrow at them!

(yes I know there are 2 of the same images, this was necessary because of a display bug on this web site.)

I went out on a little cross country hike to see what I could see…I found myself high up on a rock formation letting loose one arrow after another at a party of bandits in their campsite. I was trying to break my "all time" distance record (I did say I was bored right?) when once gain I was ripped out of my immersion by the fact this is nothing more than a bunch of robotic ducks in a shooting gallery.

Ever time a shot landed by a bandit or cracked on the rocks next to them they just went on their merry "automaton" way wandering back and forth.

Casting any magic projectile or shooting any arrow with any bow now has a chance of alerting your target or anyone within about 20 feet of the projectiles when it passes by them or lands near the actors.

The NPC will jump to attention and zig zag around if you manage to stay hidden after lunching a projectile at them. The zig zag action is done by calling the side step animations. Any mod that changes the basic combat animations will likely conflict with mods that also use those animations. However there is a switch to turn off this NPC zig zag feature. Keep in mind, that when you turn this off the NPC may not move around (evade) as much as you might expect them to when being fired with projectiles.

Go into you console and type:

set aadpFlyBy.ZigZagOff to 1

The only way to get the creature to react immediately was to force them into a FLEE state. However this flee state had to be a reaction to stating combat on the player. This may (in some situations) remove or dispel any invisibility spell you have on at the time. There is no way around this unless you are willing to give up the quick responses from the creatures. If so then…

Go into you console and type:

set aadpFlyBy.StartleOff to 1

This mod will do everything my pervious versions would do but now the NPC will hear the projectiles fly over or by their head and the trigger system is 10 times more effective now. Creatures will now react almost immediately to the projectiles as long as they pass of the checks needed by the script. For example all actors will Not detect the fly bys if they are in combat. Targets will not notice projectiles shot at them while they are engaged in combat. This is to solve some technical issues but also it is realistic as there is too much going on and too much noise to notice the small crack sound of an projectiles hit.

This mod is "Companion Friendship Ring" enabled. This means that if you use Duke Patrick’s Companion Friendship Ring mod this Near Miss Magic And Projectiles Shots Alert The Target mod can detect your Companion and thus ignore them. This Duke Patrick’s Companion Friendship Ring mod will work for all other mods as well as long as they are also Duke Patrick’s Companion Friendship Ring mod enabled. Download the Duke Patrick’s Companion Friendship Ring mod for details. However the Duke Patrick’s Companion Friendship Ring mod is NOT required to run any of my mods.

NPC with a high disposition to you will get mad (-90 disposition) and say "watch out" if you fire magic or projectiles to close to them. But they will not attack you unless you do it again without brining their disposition back up over 60.

ONLY spells that have their HOSTILE flag checked will be detected by this mod. ANY spell that dose not have their HOSTILE flag set will not provoke reactions per this mod anyway.

The Near miss includes FLY BYS! Even if the projectiles or fire ball lands 300 feet away it will still alert the NPC if it wizzed by them!

You are allowed to do target practice with out causing a panic and getting in trouble with the guards as long as nobody is in front of you as you fire your projectiles.

This Mod will effect guards and all creatures and NPC good or evil. And believe me the guards get really irritated with you if you shoot an projectiles at them! But this mod should not conflict with guard mods, no reports have come in about conflicts with guard mods so far (for several years now).

Active sneaking, distance and light is included as part of the chance of detection by the guards per the games normal detection system. But keep in mind that you have already given yourself away as a sniper once the projectiles hits! Thus sneaking is not going to be all that easy. So an additional detection system is also included that will always give a very slight chance of the player being detected for each projectiles they shoot at their target.

If you what to stay undetected at close range either do not shoot projectiles at people or make sure you make the shot the first time!

Your sneak skill and the distance you are firing at will decrees the chance that the target will spot you after they are alerted. But even if they do not actually detect you they will jump to attention and sometimes look in your direction to try to see who is firing the projectiles.

Low confidence NPC and creatures will run away. (but not if they are a guards).High confident NPC and creatures will may take cover and/or then possibly come after you if they spot you. Or they may just jump to attention and run away.

To be clear, a shot that actually does HIT its target may also alert anyone within about 20 feet.

After playing with this mod myself I could never go back to shooting arrows at NPC/Creatures without out this mod. If you are not a good marksman you are going to hate this mod. Good marksmen will find this an intense challenge because it all rides on the first shot!

Now to be clear, not every shot will get a reaction. There are numerous conditions that affect the sensitivity of the targets to notice the projectiles shot at them. But this is infinitely better than the vanilla projectiles shots in Oblivion!

I worked very hard on this mod. But this mod is a product more of creativity, sweat and tears than script writing talent.

DO NOT distribute THIS MOD! You should only find this mod distributed from TesNexus! If any other web site is distributing this work they are doing so illegitimately.

You may (with conditions) use my scripts and my other resources for making a mod but only as long as it has nothing to do with actors detecting near miss shots. I.E do not make a disguised knock off! And you must credit me fully and include my entire “legal” as shown here.


OBSE version 18 or better required!

Duke Patricks Script Effect Silencer is not needed for this mod.

Unlike many of my other mods this mod may be loaded in any order as far as I know at this time.



OBSE 18 or higher

That you installed the all of the mesh voice and other files that are in the zip.

You must do a "Clean Install" if you are now using any rev less than rev 7.

Do not change the scripts in anyway (CS edits, Bain Changes or any other esp editing tools). The scripts are very complicated and some of the logic was discovered by dozens of hours of trial and error. So many seemingly harmless changes to my script can throw a big monkey wrench into the mod!

Wait for 10 seconds for the quest script to initialize.

IF you use companions mods you must also use Friendship Ring For Companion Detection. But even with this mod Companion mods may conflict with this mod.

Short list of known ways to make this mod crash:

-Do Not use my Friendship Ring For Companion Detection mod

-Use any mod that has deleted vanilla references.

-Use an incompatible mod.

-Do not load the Mesh files.

-Do not use OBSE 18 or better.

-Do any of the above, make a savegame, then try to use that save game even after correcting the above issues.

Thanks to:

The OBSE Team!

Strategy Master

All the people that write the Wiki
The active members on the Oblivion CS forums for feedback!

And of course Bethesda for allowing all of us to shape and personalize our own virtual playgrounds!

For the most advanced SCA combat with sword and shield: