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Implements minimum requirements of lockpicks to pick locks as well as a simple lock bashing system. OBSE 14 required.

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This mod is outdated and is now maintained within SupreMe Overhaul

SM Security - Requires OBSE 17
This is a personal mod created for making lockpicks much more useful and a way to bash locks for the warrior players.

Effectivly i found lock picking too easy and never lost lockpicks even when using other mods to cover up the lock picking game. What this mod do is require you to use a certain number of lockpicks to get a feel for the lock and prepare it for picking.

Now i actually run out of lockpicks and this helps make security more useful. The skeleton key is unbreakable so obviously it allows you to examine locks without any lockpicks required at all, making the skeleton key a very useful tool for lockpickers.

Novice Security
very easy - 0 picks
easy - 1 pick
average - 2 picks
hard - 3 picks
very hard - 4 picks

Expert Security
very easy - 0 picks
easy - 0 pick
average - 0 picks
hard - 0 picks
very hard - 1 picks

This system is turned off by default when you go to jail due to only having a single lockpick. You can turn the system on while in jail using the ini.

Lock bashing
As an extra feature i've included a OBSE lock bashing system that is 100% compatabile with all chests/doors except probrably other lock bashing mods. Primarily based on a old mod by scruggs. All you have to do is power attack locked items to bash the lock. A succesful bash will cause the locked item/door to flash.

There is a percentage chance based on your weapon skill and strength for a lock to break. The amount of damage you do with a weapon determines how much damage the weapon receives when it bashes a lock.

Note Blunt weapons are best at bashing. Blade weapons are second best. And using your fists is the worst. Using your fists to bash will also damage your own health. If you enable bashing in jail in the ini and you are skilled in handtohand skill you can effectivly try breaking down prison doors when thrown in jail.

Lock bashing will be detected as a crime so please dont break down some poor old shopkeepers celler door. You will just get in trouble.

On breaking the lock you will gain you some weapon skill

- If you use OOO you cannot turn off its built in lock bashing system. Ensure its chests are not highlighted for its lockbashing when you bash as strange things might otherwise happen.
- One way to fix is if you use a version of harvest containers seperatly over the top of OOO all the vanilla chests will lose OOO's built in lockbash and traps. This will ensure better compatability when using this mod.

The ini allows you to configure all sorts of ways the two systems work or even turn off one of the above that you do not wish to use.

The ini must be in the oblivion/data directory otherwise the mod will fail to work correctly and the mod will display a warning message.

Known issues
- Changing focus to another lock then changing focus back to the lock your tried to bash will reset the health of the lock.
You will just need to remember not to go elsewhere and return expecting the lock to still be half damaged.

Version History
- Requires OBSE 17
- Bashing now uses a % system so its a particular chance your bash will damage the lock
- Damage to locks is now fixed no matter what lock it happens to be. By default does half lock health.
- Bashing by default is disabled in jail
- Fixed bug in unable to lock pick in jail

- Completly changed how the lockpick system works to avoid having to work around the sound clicking bug, where my fix was still unreliable.
- Lock bashing now uses your strength and weapon skill to determine the damage you do to locks. The stronger and more skilled you are the more damage you do to the lock.
- Added all the ini settings for configuring the lock bashing system.
- Added warning message if ini cannot be found.
- You will now be informed when you have damaged the lock by 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
- Weapons that are broken by bashing locks will now unequiped.

- Improved compatability with mods that modify the powerattack sounds.
- Fixed the clicking noise when security menu was forced to close by adding a wait for the tumbler sound to finish first.
- You will no longer die if you have too low health to lock bash with your fists. Instead the bash will just not occur.

- Small behavioural change to prevent a continuous clicking noise when security menu was forced to close.

-Fixed bash shader staying active on locked object.
-Fixed security system so that it correcty monitors the number the lockpicks you have and prevents you lockpicking without the required amount. (Now requires OBSE 15)

-Added ini to place in Data\ folder that allows you to turn off lockbashing or the lockpicking system and configure some properties of the lockpicking system.
-Fixed some exploits (I was abusing them :P)
-Lockpicking system now working on doors correctly.

Scruggs - Lock Bash
Haama - Cursor Fix