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This mod adds a few items to the game like: Lich Robes, Lich Helmet, Skull Staffs, Lich Sword and Lich Totems.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a few items to the game like: Lich Robe (converted from original Lich Robe), Lich Helmet (original Lich Helmet), Skull Staff (new model), Skull Staff with horns (new model), Lich Sword (new model with FX aura), Lich Totems (new models which act like a torches, one animated; Lich Grim Totems grant special abilities for character who wields them).

All these items but Lich Robe are compatible with all body mods. Lich Robe was designed to fit the following bodies: stock female and male, male Robert's V4, female BAB, EyeCandy, and FantasyFigures. See detailed istructions in ReadMe file how to install properly files for particular body mods.

This mod was designed for stock male and female bodies and for these other body mods: male Robert's V4 and female BAB, EyeCandy and Fantasy Figures. If you have a different body mod(s) installed then skin on any character that wear Lich Robe may not look good and some clipping with hands or feet may occur.

Changelog v2.0:
- Support for stock (vanilla) female and male bodies, and for few other body mods: male Robert's V4, female BAB, EyeCandy and Fantasy Figures.
- Added two new items - boots, single and pair.

Changelog v1.1
- Unenchanted robes have two variants, with and without a boot. These are also in two colours, red (default) and green.
- Unenchanted robes don't occupy hands slot anymore (wearing some gloves or gauntlets is now possible). Robes without a boot don't occupy feet slot thus wearing other boots is also possible.
- New staff added (skull with horns).
- Support for Exnem's EyeCandy mod added.

- Bethesda for such fine and moddable game.
- Respective authors for Robert's, BAB, EyeCandy and Fantasy Figures body mods.
- XMarksTheSpot, Kikaimegami and Loth DeBonneville for meshes of Lich Robe variant for Robert's male body mod.
- AlienSlof, for meshes, textures and rigging of Lich Robe for Robert's male body mod (these meshes and textures I used later in Lich Robe version for stock male body). And thanks go to AlienSlof for anything else as well :] Without her contribution for the Lich Cause, this version (2.0) of Lich Gear mod wouldn't have been created ;]

All other information, how to install and play this mod are in its ReadMe file.