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Added: 17/03/2008 - 08:25AM
Updated: 26/07/2008 - 02:41AM

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Last updated at 2:41, 26 Jul 2008 Uploaded at 8:25, 17 Mar 2008

Loading Screens Themed AddOn is the mod that adds to the game 300 new loading screens with appropriate descriptions (hence 'themed' in mod's name). The descriptions were taken from various TES books, Oblivion's dialogues, The Imperial Library and the mind of The Crustacean ;] Most of these descriptions are quite heavy TES Lore oriented but there are still many rather 'general' texts as well or even some without any particular meaning ;]

This AddOn is not a replacer, so it should be compatible with any mod up-to-date that adds or replaces Loading Screens. Though the best visual experience is guaranteed when this mod is run along with Loading Screens Themed Replacer and Loading Screens Themed Replacer for SI (links below).

1. All Loading Screens fit both 4:3 and wide-screen resolutions.

2. Read-Me file contains list of mods that were used to make base screenshots for this mod.

3. You need 7zip (http://www.7zip.org) or WinRAR to extract this archive.

4. To run this mod lower-end PC is recommended because then Loading Screens last longer ;]

Loading Screens Themed Replacer
(for vanilla Oblivion)
Loading Screens Themed Replacer (for Shivering Isles)

- Bethesda for such moddable game.
- All Creators of various modifications for their work that I used to make base screenshots for this Loading Screens mod. All these mods that I remember are listed in this mod's ReadMe file.
- Xanathar for permission to utilize the content from The Imperial Library site for loading descriptions.
- People who contributed their screenshots taken from the game which I used to make some loading screens from. These great people are: Darziak, Floydian, Karandras, Makhno, Nicoroshi, Radicus, Rogue Sun, Ryu Doppler, Yorkmaster.
- The Crustacean, The Crustacean the Great :] who provided me with many fine descriptions for these loading screens. Without his help this mod wouldn't be finished in reasonable amount of time if at all.


Themed Loading Screens Development Kit allows you to create your own Loading Screens for TES4: Oblivion game. These screens have a special look that fits quite well the style of default game's design of user interface.