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This mod allows the player to sleep in beds, rather than beside a bed.

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by mmmpld

This mod allows the player to sleep in beds, rather than beside a bed.

HavenofDarkness has made a bunch of add-ons for beds added by various mods, you can find them on her profile page (scroll down).

Should be pretty intuitive, activate a bed and you should get in.
Activate again to show the sleep menu, after the sleep menu you'll get out of bed.
If you Activate right after the sleep menu you can go back to sleep.

Use the Sleepwear Configuration item to open the Sleepwear Menu (found in the Misc section of your inventory or in COBL menu).
From here you can set what items you would like to wear when getting into bed. You must have the item on you when you sleep for it to equip.
Try not to use two items that take up the same slot, eg don't use the "(-) Top" token along with a shirt. It won't do anything bad, but only one will take effect.

* OBSE v0016 or greater(!)

Stick .esp and .bsa file in Oblivion\data\
Enable the .esp from the launcher.
Archive is OMOD ready and scripted for OBMM users. If you don't use OBMM you can ignore the conversion data folder.
If you use the Vile Lair patch make sure it loads after DLCVileLair.esp and P1DseeYouSleep.esp (the omod will do this automatically).
If you use the Vim and Vigor Advanced patch make sure it loads after VVAdvanced.esp and P1DseeYouSleep.esp (the omod will do this automatically).

Make sure you aren't in a bed in your last save.
Delete P1DseeYouSleep.esp and P1DseeYouSleep.bsa.
Delete any optional patch mods you installed.

Known Issues
* Closing/opening the eyes is the best I could get.
* NPCs may decide to sleep in the same spot as the player.
* Player can sleep on sides of a bed that would usually be disabled.
* If the PC is playing an idle animation when activating a bed you must wait for the idle to finish.

Mod Incompatibility and Load Order
Generally any mod that deals with sleep or beds will have some incompatibility.
Survival Suite Hunger thirst sleep
* Load See You Sleep after.
* Type in the console "set vBed to 2".
* Bed quality won't make a difference any more.
Personality Idles
* See You Sleep must be loaded after.
Companion Vilja
* Type in the console "set P1DsleepJail to 0".
* This makes jail beds skip the sleeping animations.

Future / Note to Self
* Pray for OBSE functions dealing with furniture.

Version History
* Option to disable sleep animations when in jail. See Special Variables.
* Added support for animated beds (primarily for use with animated coffins).
* Player now dresses itself when getting up.
* Skip sleepwear if weapons out.
* Improved return from the Dreamworld quest.
* COBL menu system compatibility and menu tweaks.
* Improved Jail handling.
* Mountain Shack compatibility.
* Shadowcrest Vineyard compatibility.
* Bug fix for messages that occur immediately after waking (primarily seen in Thieves Den DLC).
* VVA patch fix for failure to get in immediately.
* Fix for being unable to get in bed due to fake bed being disabled.
* Slight changes to debug levels.
* Included Vim and Vigor Advanced patch.
* Added a few checks to the savegame loaded script just in case.
* Added _see meshes to work with Xiamara's Manor Bedroom Set.
* Added Vile Lair _see mesh and patch.
* Fixed the fix for movable beds.
* Fix for movable beds.
* Started Incompatibility/Load Order section.
* Fixed an idle mistakenly set to use the bedroll one.
* Fix for LMB as activate key.
* Initial Public Release.
* Vampire Feed Fix and misc improvements.
* Initial Internal Beta Release.

Special Variables (Usage: Set VAR to #)
P1DsleepGdebug [0]: this is a debug variable, set 1-9 to print info to console (9 being full info, 1 min).
P1DsleepWaitIn [-1]: time to wait before showing sleep menu (default is unlimited).
P1DsleepWaitOut [50]: time to wait in bed after sleep menu (measured in frames).
P1DsleepAutoDress [1]: controls getting dressed when waking (0 to disable).
P1DsleepSpellSkip [0]: by default this prevents using the sleepify spell in possibly troublesome places (1 to disable checks).
P1DsleepJail [1]: set this to 0 to disable sleep animations while in jail.

Special Quests (Usage: StartQuest QUEST)
P1DaddSleepy: adds a spell to convert mod added beds (not thoroughly tested).
P1DsleepSetupAddToken: add another menu token to the player's inventory.
P1DsleepFix: generic problem fixer. Hopefully unneeded, but better safe than sorry.

Special Note on the Sleepify Spell
This spell can be a powerful tool in enabling the See You Sleep system on mod added beds that don't already work.
What it does is create a copy of the existing bed (with my script on it) and remove the old bed.
I advise making a save before using the spell, but other than that just try it out it's unlikely to do any harm (unless you bypass the safety check).

Special Thanks
Uocjat for beta testing and whatnot.

PM: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?showuser=131142