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Adds Quest Markers to all open Oblivion Gates.

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This mod will add a quest to your Log which will show Quest Markers on each open Oblivion Gate in Cyrodiil. This makes it easy to close all gates and/or to collect Sigil Stones should you wish to do so.

Note that by-design, most Oblivion Gates won't open up until you've passed within a certain distance of them, so markers may not show up right away. This quest will help more with gates that you may have walked past without seeing the map marker than those that you're walking directly towards. Once a gate has opened, however, it will stay open until you shut it, or complete the main quest.

Both a regular ESP file and an OMOD file are included in the ZIP file.


1.22 (2009-05-28)
- Removed Shivering Isles check at start of quest (GetPlayerInSEWorld). Unsure how this would have affected non-SI games.

1.21 (2008-07-02)
- Tweaked end-of-quest timing to exiting temple; less disruptive.

1.20 (2008-07-02)
- Fixed startup conditions (should now start when you exit the sewer, not when you reach Chorrol).
- Added marker for Mankar Camoran's Paradise.
- Fixed timing of Great Gate and precursors.
- Added markers for "real" end-game gates. (Dialogue says they open all over the city, but only 2 gates actually exist in-game, so those were the only two I added.)
- Added quest stage for when Main Quest is done, but Boethia's shrine remains.
- Minor change to end-of-quest timing.

1.10 (2008-04-15)
- Fixed markers for Gates outside cities & Fort Sutch; they now correctly appear after the Dagon Shrine quest instead of during the Allies for Bruma quest.

1.00 (2008-03-16)
- Fixed CH010 gate near Broken Promises Cave (was partially tied to WW010 gate).
- Fixed WW011 gate near Bleak Flats Cave (was partially tied to WW010 gate).

0.99 Beta (2008-03-12)