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Added: 09/03/2008 - 12:49PM
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Last updated at 12:59, 9 Mar 2008 Uploaded at 12:49, 9 Mar 2008

My Oblivion mods are now as is. I can't troubleshoot any issues as I haven't modded the game in years. If you have issues with any of my mods, and can't find an answer in the comments, it'd be best to ask on the Oblivion Mods forum. There's likely people there who still play the game and can better help you.

A sewer exit save of Madison, my newest Imperial character, uploaded by request.

The images in my screenshots show her with Capucine's new eye textures, Corean Hair and Enayla's face textures. I've stripped the save down so she doesn't require any mods at all as I use a heavily modified version of Cosmetic Compilation and she won't load up if I kept those eyes and hair that aren't included in the standard CC download.

Being a totally clean save you can add your own cosmetic enhancements.

The save itself requires no mods, but, to get the same flawless complexion as the screenshots Enayla's would be a requirement.

Improved Facial Textures or Natural Faces with Facial Textures by Enayla over the top.
Capucine's Character Expansion current version with new eye textures.

If you wish to use Madison in your mods, companion or face packs please ask me first.
No I will not make her into a CM Partner for you...not only do I not know how to do that, but my knowledge on companions is limited and the best I could do would be a recruitable NPC for use with Companion Share & Recruit.

I can be found on the Beth.net forums as Mystyk.

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