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This is an OBSE plugin that stops the game from applying the Vampire Race effects to your vampire. i.e. the skin colour won\'t change and the eyes won\'t turn red.

Permissions and credits
Vampire Race Disabler v0.4 beta

What is it?

This is an OBSE plugin that stops the game from applying the effects of the VampireRace race when you become a vampire.

The previous version’s disabled the skin tone changing, aging and eye changing parts of the code. This new version will allow you to select what parts of the visual changes you wish to change. It does this by adding a new [VampireTweaks] section to your Oblivion.ini file.

The first version triggered the “vampire load bug”. Certain combinations of disablement will trigger the bug and some won’t. Basically if you disable both the skin tone changing and aging then you shouldn’t get the bug.

This version also contains a rudimentary attempt at a fix for the vampire load bug. It doesn't fix it but if you load the same save game in straight after the first load of the save game it will clear the bug. i.e. load the game in twice in succession. I've made it optional in case it breaks anything else, so you can switch it off.

It will also only work with Oblivion version and OBSE version 12 or later.

How do I install?

Just copy the data folder inside this archive into your oblivion folder. You should end up with the DisableVampRace.dll file in your \data\obse\plugins folder. Whenever you load Oblivion using the OBSE loader then the patch will get applied. To remove the patch just delete the DisableVampRace.dll file (renaming it won’t work).

How do I Use it?

When you first run the game with the plugin installed it will create a new section in your Oblivion.ini file. You can alter these new settings to alter what visual effects you want to disable. The settings are:

bDisableSkinShading=Turns the skin shading on or off.
bDisableAging=Turns the aging effect on or off.
bDisableEyeChange=Turns the changing of the eyes on or off.
bDisableMorphing=Turns the starving look on or off.
bVampLoadFix=Will turn on the vampire face loading fix.

Please note that even though you may disable the aging effect your character my still slightly change in age. This is because the game completely deconstructs the FaceGen data and reconstructs it. Due to rounding errors your face may not be completely the same.

What’s OBSE?

OBSE stand’s for OBlivion Script Extender and it’s a wonderful program that allows people to extend what the Oblivion engine is capable of. You can get it from their website:


What the src folder for?

This folder contains the source code for the plugin as per the OBSE team’s request. You can just ignore it if you want.

Legal stuff.

As with all my Oblivion stuff you can do whatever you like with it.

Version history.

v 0.4

First (partially failed) attempt at fixing the vampire load bug.

v 0.3

You can now select what parts of the vampirism effect you can disable using settings in your Oblivion.ini file.

v 0.2

Hopefully I’ve fixed the “vampire load bug”.

v 0.1

First beta version.
Known bugs - will trigger the “vampire load bug”.