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Texture replacer and (optional) plugin, making Oblivion\'s Dremora more like Morrowind\'s Dremora.

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25th February 2008: Minor update. The archive now includes AlienSlof's face normal map because some people may not have it already.

Morrowind Style Dremora v1.0
- by Fearabbit -


Well, from the first day I saw Oblivion's dremora, I wanted them to look more like their relatives from Morrowind. Now I finally sat down and did it myself. I think they look much better now than they did before.

Included are textures for Robert's body, the vanilla body and the dremora face (obviously). There is also a plugin that changes the Race settings for dremora and makes them playable.
I changed the Race settings because I wanted them to look more dignified, I have a comparison screenshot with a summoned dremora to show what I mean (I hope). Also, some dremora NPCs were blue in my game, so I adjusted the texture sliders for the whole race.


For vanilla body: Just extract the file to your Oblivion\Data folder and click "Allow Yes to Overwrite" if asked.
(In the Oblivion\Data\textures\characters\dremora\male folder is now a texture named, you don't need that one, but you may want to keep it in case you want to switch)

For Robert's body: Just extract the file to your Oblivion\Data folder and click "Allow Yes to Overwrite" if asked. Now, go to the folder Oblivion\Data\textures\characters\dremora\male. Delete the texture and rename to and to
(Keep the other texture files in this folder. They should make the parts of skin that you can see when he's wearing armor or clothing have the correct texture.)


Using plugins that change Race settings is always tricky. Good examples are Better Redguards and Morrowind Style Argonians. Those mods change Race settings and are therefore incompatible with any other mod that changes races.
For the plugin file of this mod, this is true as well. However, there aren't that many mods that change the Dremora race, so conflicts are less likely.

If there is a conflict, you have two options:
1. Don't use the plugin file and use only the textures
2. Put this mod near the end of your load order so that it will overwrite any changes by other mods.

AlienSlof (all of my textures are based on her awesome dremora textures)
Fearabbit (that's me)

Recommended Mods:
There are certain mods that make this mod look even better, and I know exactly two of them:
Django's Unique Features - apart from being awesome this mod also adds scars and stuff like that to the dremora age textures and is compatible with my mod AS LONG AS you install my mod later, because it needs to overwrite DUF's dremora textures (which are AlienSlof's original textures).
Idaho's Beautiful Races - I haven't tried this out yet, but it seems to add hairstyles that add a spike to the dremora's chin; MW dremora had a spike like that.

Would be appreciated :)
Since I haven't started the Main Quest yet with my current character, I couldn't find any dremora NPCs except my summoned dremora, so I don't know how they look like ingame. I hope they look alright.