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This Unique Landscapes Mod changes big parts of the once barren and boring Colovian Highlands to a really unique mountain landscape. Big rock formations build narrow gorges with steep rock walls, rock arches and ruins placed into natural caves. From the plateaus, the explorer has a great view over the nearby woods and wide into Cyrodiil. A catwalk connects very steep areas; only the boldest will dare to walk over this wooden path at the height of the treetops.


Unique Landscapes project

Background story

At the beginning of the first era, the kingdom of Colovia was conquered by Empress Alessia. The trading between the empires prospered and in the Colovian Highlands a well defensible trading post was build. Many trade goods were brought towards Chorrol, from where they were transported by horse even further. But because of the extension of the trading route via the port of Anvil and the border expansion in the year 1E 1029, the Colovian trading post continuously decreased in importance and eventually almost got forgotten.

More than one thousand years later, a group of smugglers discovered the expanded natural rock caves and started to use them as a resting place and hideout. When the Thrassian plague broke out and more than the half of Tamriel's inhabitants was killed, the smugglers also had to deal with their casualties.

The few survivors secured their loot with numerous traps and left for searching a cure. They knew, when they would be back, they would be able to identify the traps' positions by certain noises to deactivate them.

Well, they didn't return and the traps are still activated. It's not known if exploring the caves will be worth it. Until today, all survivors told of of horrible fluttering animals and terrible traps and not one of them was willing to return to the caves and again risk his life.

Compatibility Information

Please visit the Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches page for a list of known and patched conflicts.

All UL mods are compatible with each other. However, there is one issue arising from the limitations of the game's graphic engine: Landscape LOD may overlap for different mods.
To make the landscape look the same in the distance as it does up close, you need to download two tools. Use the Landscape LOD Generator TES4LL to create distant ground, and use TES4LODGen to create distant objects. These tools create entirely different things so there is no conflict between them, and both should be run after you have sorted your load order using BOSS. The results will be unique to your personal game, not a generic combination of only the most popular mods.

License information

The copyright for bat models and sounds is exclusively owned by mr_Siika and corepc, to be contacted in the board of NPC with Jobs
The other models contained in this mod are not allowed to be changed without consent of RA II. For usage in a different mod it's sufficient to mention their creator in the readme. He can be contacted via email at [email protected]
Thanks to Arthmoor for cleaning the _far.nifs.