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This is the full version of The Sexy Beast v1.2 Made for the Exnem body.

Permissions and credits
* The Sexy Beast V1.2 *
* a mod by Hector the Hooded and Soul_Slayer*

This mod adds a small cozy shop to the Imperial City Elven Gardens District, look for the entrance behind Fathis Ules house.

In this second release, you can find the items in a retextured chest behind the counter.


Extract to your Oblivion/Data directory the paths are correct.

Recommended mods

The outfits are retextures of clothing items made for the Exnem body, and as such the Exnem body is recommended.


Two new outfits added, made of mostly new meshes.


Hector the Hooded for the creation of the shop
BiscuitsandGravy for the Crimson Eyecandy armor
Abovewolf for the Rosanna outfit
Exnem for his awesome body mod, and the sorceress outfit.
Regard for the origional skirts.
Gryhs for the Pauldrons from the Exnemized Blackwater Curaiss

A few more things:

Your character's legs will disappear if you equip the elven mini-skirts without the elven boots, I had to leave the legs out of the mesh because the legs are part the boot's mesh along with the panties, if I left them in the skirt mesh too, you would see mesh phasing.

I forgot to untick the "Hide Amulets" box on the Elven Curaiss, so if you equip the long skirt with the curaiss on, the skirt won't show, just open the mod up in the CS and un-tick the box on the curaiss to fix that.

I cannot fix these since the motherboard on my gaming rig has died, so if you can't live with these two issues, don't download the mod.