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Optimised Distant Land MAX 1.1

Performance Improver
Oblivion uses a number of 3D meshes (*.nif) for far Distant Terrain when outside. At any one time there may be around five or more of these meshes required to be rendered by the game engine. Each one may be 10 000 polygons and cause strain on low end cards. Particularly when user made body mods and an armors mods are used which range in polygon complexity from 10 000 ->100 000 polygons.

This replaces Oblivion?s default Distant Terrain LOD meshes (*.nif) with optimised meshes using a professional reduction tool. Idea is originally from "Optimized LOD Landscape" by fuc847 and now expanded. The original Oblivion Meshes use a curious repeated box circle method for its vertices placement, the reasoning which is beyond my current understanding of 3d modeling.

These files are my own personal optimised Distant Land files. I have catered it for my own low end graphics card such as the Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS and will compliment others with the same or lower card and run in lower resolutions as the mesh complexity reduction will be less noticeable.

50% Optimised Distant Land
Decreases polygon complexity Distant Terrain LOD Meshes for both Oblivion and Silvering Isles. There should be little to no visual difference. Performance increase will be fair. This is my preferred.

75% Optimised Distant Land
Further decreased polygon complexity of Distant Terrain LOD Meshes for Oblivion and Silvering Isles.
Some loss of visual detail will be noticed as more "Rectangular" distant terrain. Performance will be higher. Recommended for users prepared to trade some visual quality for more performance.

Installation (For OMOD Users Installtion is scripted)
Navigate to "50 Percent Optimised Distant Land" folder and copy "Meshes" folder into your "Oblivion\Data" folder.
Navigate to "75 Percent Optimised Distant Land" folder and copy "Meshes" folder into your "Oblivion\Data" folder.

Delete *.nif from Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Landscape\Lod\

Mod should be compatible with Landscape Texture replacement mods like Qarls, etc. It only replaces 3D meshes not texture files. If you are using a high-end graphics card you may not see any significant performance gains as this mod address low-end cards hitting their polygon peak output when rendering the oblivion world and not their texture rendering peak.

Compatibility Unique Landscapes BETA Patch
Download and install "Optimised Distant Land MAX 1_1 UL Patches" from the downloads section. Contains both 50% and 75% versions. Untested

Support For:
- UL Arrius Creek
- UL Entius Gorge
- UL Fallenleaf Everglade
- UL Rolling Hills
- UL Rolling Hills & Arrius Creek

Optimised Distant Land MAX PyFFI TEST
This only a test of PyFFI NIF optimize function niftoaster.py Both 50% and 75% versions optimised. Python25 & Pyffi 1.0.4
Tutorial Reference

Additional Optimisation

For further performance use together with my own "Reduced Distant Land Textures MAX 1.1" in the downloads section or other texture reduced replacer such as: "Reduced LandscapeLOD Textures"

To help reduce the blurry-ness of the distant land with these reduced textures you may wish to install custom noise effect filters.
Refer to http://devnull.devakm.googlepages.com/lod2 for further information.

Additionally installing the following performance enhancing mods will be of benefit for increasing performance:

LowPoly Grass
Low Ploy Trees RPGBlackDragon
Quiet Feet MAX
PolyGone Overhaul LOD
Operation Optimization
De-Parallax Mod
Wisemans Reduced Textures Part 1
Wisemans Reduced Textures Part 2
Wisemans Reduced Textures Part 3
No persistant enchantment glow fix
Disable Weapon Membrane Shaders
Hrmns Oblivion Script Optimization
Purge Cell Buffers

I may create a tutorial in the future with time permitting.

Future Plans

Possible Polygon Reduction of some user made armor mods. However this is much more complicated than reducing static meshes as anything that uses biped bones requires weighted meshing (Skin) which is attached to each vertices which is what gives the lifelike stretching of clothing and skin when an animation moves the bones. Ploy reducing means removing vertices which invalidate the current weight mesh table and will require re-weighting. There may be a easier way and i may be wrong with the above. Information regarding this would be appreaicated.

Mod has not been fully tested. For bug reports please use the comment area in the tesnexus page of Optimised Landscape LOD MAX.

?.? 25/09/2008
- Pyffi Optimize applied to all files. Not Tested.

1.1 09/06/2008
- OMOD File Update Only. Special thanks to Sativarg for the intial OMOD files and credit to mcroth Quiet Feet MAX OMOD for scripts used as a template for the final.

1.0c 06/06/2008
- Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patch (Fallenleaf Everglade). Not Tested. 75% Version May Have Bugs

1.0b 30/04/2008
- Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patch (Arrius Creek, Rolling Hills & Arrius Creek). Not Tested

1.0a 25/02/2008
- Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patch (Rolling Hills, Entius Gorge). Not Tested

1.0 15/02/2008
- Renamed Mod title to avoid confusion with texture mods.
- [50%] Re-optimised a few files to fix holes. Some gaps are allready present in the default Bethesda files.
- [75%] Optimised Landscape LOD meshes added for remaning files. Not fully tested.

0.9.1 14/02/2008
- [50%] Small Optimisation Update for Shivering Isles Distant LOD Mesh.
- [75%] Optimised Landscape LOD meshes added for Shivering Isles.

0.9 13/02/2008
- Initial release. Some bugs still may be apparent.
- [50%] Optimised Landscape LOD meshes for Oblivion and Shivering Isles.
- [75%] Optimised Landscape LOD meshes for Oblivion.

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