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Treasure Maps: Captus Demus 1.0
Created by : Kevin

This is the latest version of my Treasure Maps mods. This mod deals with a unique phenomenon in Cyrodiil, the Captus Demus. The Captus Demus are ancient trees with human figures seemingly trapped within them. No one know exactly what they are, but they are very rare. To begin this mod, you must find the book "The Captus Demus". It is on the bottom shelf on a bookcase in the Anvil Mage's Guild. The book talks about the Captus Demus phenomenon. In the back of the book are 9 illustrations that may point to Captus Demus locations. Follow the clues on the map to find the trees. Once you find a Captus Demus you can do two things with it. You can harvest the sap. The sap is a powerful potion that does respawn after a few days. You can also carve a shield from the tree. This destroys the tree however, so you can't harvest any sap from it anymore. Each Captus Demus in the game is unique. Each produces a unique sap/shield that has different attributes. I recommend harvesting the sap first, this will give you a clue as to the attribute of the shield. Each map in the book will lead you to a specific Ayelid ruin. Travel to the ruin & search the outskirts for the Captus Demus. You may also find other buried treasure close to the trees, this is explained in the book.

INSTALLATION: Unzip file into your Oblivion/Data folder