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This mod adds a free White Stag mount to Tharanthiel\'s \"Deer Mount\" mod.

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1.1, 2008/02/08 - added new eye texture and modified attributes of white stag to make it essential. You can still use original release but I suggest you switch to the new one.

2008/07/07: On request, I have added a new texture for download. This time the stag will have Tharanthiel's black antlers.

IMPORTANT: this is an add-on, you need Tharanthiel's original "Deer Mount" mod which may be found here:
Oh, and give Tharanthiel some kudos, people!

I made this little mod because I thought that players having a good guy (or girl)character might want a deer mount to match. The stag can be found at the Bruma stables.
In respect of Tharanthiel's work I have changed very little stuff. The White Stag, like the Shadow Stag, has a few powers (basically: doesn't get hurt when falling, walks on water and fires lightning spells). The white stag is less agressive, has a bit more health but is a tad slower than the Shadow Stag.

A special thanks to B3w4r3 for the white deer textures I modified to create my own.

If so requested, and if Tharanthiel agrees, I will release a stand-alone version with just the White Stag.