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Ordinators patrols in the Imperial City. One in the Palace and other in the Market District.

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Ordinators from Morrowind - NPCs

By Xtudo

I really love the mod made by Cryos and SPARTAN VI, bringing an Morrowind Ordinator to the Oblivion world.
The Cryos mod, adds the Ordinators armor for sale at IC Best Defense. It also added a few Ordinator patrols in the Imperial City. One in the Palace and other in the Market District. But they are common vanilla Imperials guards, and their voices breaks the immersion.
So there is when I decide to "upgrade" this NPCs, giving them the original Morrowind Ordinator voice. Also I changed the Ordinator at the Palace to be an High Ordinator, with the textures created by Zenith92.
The original Morrowind Ordinator voice mp3 files are NOT included in this pack, copyrights reasons, so you must have your own Morrowind installation to play this. Please see the "Install" section.
I also changed the stats of the Ordinators, now they are unleveled, essential and almost impossible to kill. Now you'll fell the same fear when you crossed an Ordinator path in Morrowind! :D

  • You can buy both heavy and light versions of this armor at the Imperial City Market District: The Best Defense.
  • The two vendors will sell the different version of the armor.
  • There are 2 full suits of each available for sale.

1. Extract contents directly to your Oblivion\ folder.
2. Overwrite if it asks, there is no problem, if you already posses an Ordinator armor, you won't lost it .
3. Now installing the voice files:

a) You must have Morrowind installed.

b) Unpack the sound bsa file, with this program:

c) Copy all the mp3 files from Morrowind\Data\Sound\Vo\Ord to Oblivion\Data\Sound\Voice\Cryos Ordinator Lite.esp\Ordinator\M folder

d) The lip files are already included in this pack.

e) Renaming the original Mp3 files to match the mod files:

Atk_ORM001.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_Attack_00004C83_1.mp3
Atk_ORM002.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_Hit_00004C85_1.mp3
Atk_ORM003.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_Attack_00004C86_1.mp3
Atk_ORM004.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_Attack_00004C87_1.mp3
Atk_ORM005.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_Hit_00004C84_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM002.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C88_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM003.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C89_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM004.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C7F_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM005.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C8A_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM006.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C8B_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM007.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C80_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM008.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C81_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM009.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C82_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM010.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C8C_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM011.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C8D_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM013.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C8E_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM015.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C8F_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM017.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C90_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM019.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C91_1.mp3
Hlo_ORM020.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00004C92_1.mp3
Idl_ORM001.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00007585_1.mp3
Idl_ORM004.mp3 -> OrdinatorSpeech_GREETING_00007586_1.mp3

Yes, I know, tedious work, but it's worth. :)
You can delete the remaining un-renamed original files, they are not needed.
An easy way to rename is to copy and paste the mod filenames from this readme file.

4. Enable the Cryos Ordinator Lite.esp in the Launcher or OBMM.
5. Rebuild the Wrye Bash patch if you use it, and "Update the NPC levels" in your save game. When rebuilding the "bash patch 0,esp" file, activate the mod in "Import Actors", "Import Names" and "Import Inventory".
6. Launch Oblivion and have fun!

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the mesh\armor\ordinator and texture\armor\ordinator folders.
3. Delete the mesh\armor\hrdinator and texture\armor\hrdinator folders.

  • Contact Cryos for permission to repackage this mod.
  • The Zenith High Ordinator textures are free to use.

I love making this mod, when I cross one Ordinator I always speak to him!
It makes me remember really good Morrowind moments. :D

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