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~Winner of the Oblivions Realestate MORE Homes Challenge~
An exclusive tropical retreat using new meshes and textures to create that new world feel.

Permissions and credits
Abandoned by some mysterious castaways and refound with a map along the shores of Anvil, The Halcyon Island is an island paradise, sanctuary from the world of Tamriel.

The island features the following:
-The Halcyon Island landmass, set in its own worldspace. Palmtrees and a cliff overhang make it a unique experience
-An island house, furnished with bamboo furniture
-A working clock
-An hanging house for a friend or your self
-A custom made hammock beneath the starry skies and blowing palm trees
-A lookout point.
-A brass lavatory complete with working flush (first of its kind in Oblivion).
-Realistic fireplaces which react to elements
-Activatable light sources.
-Some tropical fish living in the waters.
-More extras and secrets
and of course safe storage.

This mod requires approximately 34MB of space.
Please see the Readme before asking for help.
Feel free to post or rate.
If you wish to use parts of this mod in your own, please PM or mail me before hand.

A reduced conflict version esp is also included. This is to be used instead of the original (do not use both at once).

+Common Mishaps When playing+

After a few pm's by several members, i've decided to list a few things players should do should they have problems regarding the bottle:

1- Check you've installed the mod properly. Use Oblivion Mod Manager if you like.

2- The Low Conflict esp puts a chest in the sand around the row boat.

3- Halcyon Island appears to conflict with Better Cities Anvil. The rowboat has been covered by rocks and is inaccessable unless you use the console to disable the rocks or use tfc or tcl.

4- If you cant find the bottle in the original esp, use tg to remove grass and try tfc or tcl and get an underground view

Hopefully that's all there's to say :)

(Credits are in the readme)

Hope you enjoy playing this mod.

Have a nice pic? Feel free to post your own here!