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Requires: BloodmoonFeaturing Cait's cat models The Ald-ruhn bookseller Codus Callonus suffers from allergy and need help to take care of the cats his sister left when she moved to the Imperial City. Pick your choice among totally 9 cats and kittens - or have them all. You can interact with the cats - they will love you if you give them rat meat. And all Children in Morrowind will notice and comment on them. Same goes of course for the "Your Morrowind family" mod - they will love the cats!! And some companions will comment on them as well.In the mod, there are two nifty rings - one for the cats, one for the kittens - which will bring them to you anywhere. If you are together with them, they will end up next to you, regardless if you are indoors or outdoors. If you are separated from them, you have to be outdoors for the rings to work.Screenshots and further information: http://lovkullen.net/Emma/cats.htm