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Castle Almgard (by Mr Siika & Centurion)

A plugin for "The Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion"
Created with US-version 1.2.0416 ("Shivering Isles" required!)

This plugin adds a buyable Castle southwest of Anvil which can be bought by the player.
Talk to "Surilus Plator" (a man with a blue dress) to buy it (he can be found in the castle courtyard of Castle Almgard from 08:00 am - 06:00 pm and 07:00 pm - 11:00 pm).

Unknown to the public, Castle Almgard always served as a base for develloping other plugins. And V2.5 contains mutch work, which never has been published before.
And I believe, that work shouldn´t be lost at all but offered to all who like a good looking castle.
So, I decided to share my "very own" version V2.5 beside the already existing one V2.4.
-"Shivering Isles" required!
-"Cobl" ("Common Oblivion") is required (only for V2.5; the previous versions don´t need "Cobl")!
Downloadlink for Cobl: TESNexus: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=21104

Features of V2.4/2.5:
-Full furnished Castle on it´s own island built out of Mr Siika´s castle-meshes containing all rooms and NPCs you would expect to see in a castle (including several secret areas).
-All needed "DistantLOD"-files included to show up the castle in far distance
-Small village with a mine and a harbour
-Summerresidence with lighthouse
-Teleportation spell bringing the player home to the castle

Version 2.4 contains also following alternative versions of Castle Almgard:

+FPS-improved version (can be found in the sub-directory "Alternative-Version-24b-for-fps-improvement"), which offers an improved framerate in some areas of the castle compared to the genuine version (this alternative file has the courtyard in it´s own interior cell and a splitted interior cell for best achieveable framerate; there had also two balconies to be removed - otherwise it shows the very same details as the genuine version by offering a framerate which may be in some areas (especially inside the courtyard and the Living Area) twice or even three times as good as the one of the genuine file. So if you are suffering from a bad framerate with the genuine version, you should consider using this one instead of the genuine one)

+"Unique Landscape, Beaches of Cyrodiil, Lost Coast" compatible version (can be found in the sub-directory "Alternative-Version-24c-UL-compatible") - for compatibility with UL, this file has a relocated "Summerresidence" (only a few steps more to the west) and different DistantLOD-files compared to the genuine version

+German Version (DV) (can be found in the sub-directory "Alternative-Version-24d-German-Version")

What else to know?

-The dialogue "Castle Almgard" of the NPC "Surilus Plator" uses "silent" mp3-files (there is no voice-acting!)
-All your storage should be save inside the walls of Castle Almgard (no respawning containers beside the ones marked with a foreign ownership ("Castle Almgard Servant Food Cupboard" is used to "feed" the servants)
-There are two ingredient sorters inside the alchemy lab (can be found inside "Castle Almgard, Underground" (secret area)); the left one sorts all ingredienst out of "vanilla Oblivion" and the right one will handle the ingredients out of "Shivering Isles". The sorter can be activated by touching one of the crystalballs standing on the left (Oblivion-sorter) or right (Shivering Isles sorter) side of the stone table; the ingredients will be sorted into the shelves above the stone table. There is also one addition ingredient shelf for "foreign" ingredients (ingredients out of any plugins); but there is no sorter for it, you will have to put the ingredients in it by doing it yourself.
-static (master) alchemy apparati (can be found inside "Castle Almgard, Underground" (secret area)) of the castle; the activator apparati act just like the spellmaking and enchanting altars. Simply activate them. A set of master apparati will be added to your inventory and you will be informed that an alchemical experiment has begun as the alchemy window appears. Closing the alchemy window removes the apparati from the players inventory until he reactivates the static apparati.)
-merchant selling his goods from 08:00 am - 06:00 pm inside the ship "Flying Merchant"
-alchemist selling her goods goods from 08:00 am - 06:00 pm inside the "Castle Almgard, Mainkeep Cellar"
-smith selling his goods goods from 08:00 am - 06:00 pm inside "Castle Almgard, Smith" (south bastion)
-priest selling some spell and offering Restoration-training from 08:00 am - 06:00 pm inside the chapel (west bastion)

Changes in V2 (compared to the genuine version of Castle Almgard):
-relocated island to the southwest of Anvil for compatibility with "Oscuro´s Oblivion Overhaul" ("OOO")
-enlarged island with a small settlement, harbour and mine
-both courtyards are now placed into the exterior (no more door-teleportation to enter these areas)
-some united interior cells ("Living Quarters"/"Library", "Main Tower"/"Guest Quarter")
-changed the location of the kitchen with the one of the stairway leading down to the cellar and overworked them both
-added some additional balconies
-added "Empty Room" - it´s up to the user himself to decorate this room (may be doing it by using the "Construction Set" or even ingame incommon with "foreign" plugins like "Imperial Furniture")

Although this plugin doesn´t affect generally framerate, "Castle Almgard V2" requires a rather good hardware to achieve acceptable framerates around the area of the castle due it´s high details.

Added alternative esp-file of Castle Almgard V2 (Castle_AlmgardV2b-UL-BOC-compatible.7z) which is compatible with "Unique Landscape, Beaches of Cyrodiil, Lost Coast".
This file should only be used incommon with "Unique Landscape, Beaches of Cyrodiil, Lost Coast".
(2008-09-04 updated to a "full" download)

Updated V 2.0 to V 2.2
The main purpose of this update was to create a more beautiful surrounding area to Castle Almgard.
Changes (compared to V 2.0):
-replaced "Static Water mesh" inside the inner courtyard with "Real Water Mesh"
-added a "Summerresidence" (wich will be also obtained by the player after having bought Castle Almgard - no respawning containers inside that manor, so your storage will be save there too) with a lighthouse (the interior cell for that "Summerresidence" was taken out of "Castle Highrock")
-created an high detailed Cyrodiil-coast-line around Castle Almgard to improve the look of the surrounding area
-added "abandoned camp" on a small island (can be used as a player´s home until you can afford the castle itself - no respawning containers around the tent, so your storage will be save there)
-added labeled chests (heavy armor, light armor, etc.) to the smith and to the weaponry (inside the barracks)
-added some gold veins into the mine
-additional "DistantLOD"- files

Updated V2.2 to V2.3
Changes in V2.3 (compared to V2.2):
-added Mr_Siika´s "Siege Engines" to Castle Almgard
-added Vality´s "3dmaps" (Vvardenfell, Cyrodiil, Shivering Isles)
-added one of Meo´s globes into the library
-improved courtyard
-added balcony for the kitchen and the Lord´s Quarter
-small enlargement of the forrest on Cyrodiil´s coast (with updated DistantLOD-files)

Updated V2.3 to V2.3b (2008-10-03)
Changes in V2.3b (compared to V2.3):
-Added "Teleport-Home" spell

Updated V2.3b to V2.4 (2008-11-22)
Changes in V2.4 (compared to V2.4):
-added "Griffin Armor" for the guards (also buyable by the smith)
-added 3 helmets and a shild out of Phitt´s "Knightly Armory" for the guards (also buyable by the smith)
-added an altar of spellmaking and an altar of enchanting including "hel borne´s" "bookshelf" and "alchemy wall chart" (down in the "Underground" (secret area))
-added the weapons out of "Divine Knight's Weapons v1.0" (by VagabondAngel) (with stats for "MOBS" (Medieval Oblivion (Equipment)) - ebony weapons; they can be bought by the smith)
-added "Iron Maidens" to the dungeon
-moved the "Cyrodiil 3d-map" from the "Living Quarters" down into the "Underground" for fps-improvement inside the "Living Quarters"
-included following alternative versions:
Framerate improved version, UL-compatible version, german version

Added another alternative german version:
Deutsche Version der alternativen esp-Datei für Kompatibilität mit "Unique Landscape, Beaches of Cyrodiil, Lost Coast" als Download hinzugefügt.
Die Übersetzung erfolgte durch "MC king".
Der Download enthält nur die esp-Datei - Download von "Castle Almgard V2.4" noch erforderlich!

Added a DistantLOD-Patch ("DistantLOD-Patch-Almgard-Seaview.7z") for users who wish to play Castle Almgard together with Castle Seaview.
The files out of this download are only needed if these two plugins are used at the very same time (do not install this patch if you don´t use both plugins)!

Added V2.5
Changes in V2.5 (compared to V2.4)
-Completely overworked "Living Area"
-Additional Loft for the mainkeep
-Overworked Courtyard
-Additional secret areas (hint: Most of the "3d-maps" inside the castle are just an "illusion" - they actually work as an entrance to the secret areas (just walk through them!))
-ex "Empty Room" turned into an additional living quarter (once developed for Castle Wolfspike)
-plus countless minor changes
Although V2.5 is for sure the most beautiful version of that castle, there is also a disadvantage compared to the previous versions: There aren´t any alternative versions available (no "fps-improved"-version, no "ul-compatible"-version, no german-version).