Varied Spell Sounds by Agarr
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Added: 19/01/2008 - 01:51AM
Updated: 20/01/2008 - 12:16PM

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Last updated at 12:16, 20 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 1:51, 19 Jan 2008

Why should an invisibility spell, a charm spell, a paralyze spell, a light spell and a silence spell look and sound the same when cast just because they all belong to the same school ?

In Vanilla Oblivion, all spells from the a given school share the same sound effects (the only exception to this rule being fire, shock, poison and frost spells from the school of destruction).

With this ESP, almost every spell effect has its own set of sounds.

And yes, it works with custom spells you create at the spellmaking altar.

(If you already have modified spell sounds, you might want to backup the folder "Oblivion\Data\sound\fx\spl" as my mod may overwrite some files)

- Unzip the file to your "Oblivion\Data" folder.
- In the Oblivion Launcher, check the plugin named "AgarMoreVariedSpellEffects.esp".

- Delete the folder "Oblivion\Data\sound\fx\spl" and all its contents.
- Delete the file "AgarMoreVariedSpellEffects.esp" from the "Oblivion\Data" folder.

- Any plug-in that changes "raw" magic effects ("Gameplay->Magic Effects" in the Construction Set menus) will not work with this mod.
- That does NOT include plug-ins that add/change SPELLS, such as "Midas Magic Spells of Aurum". I use it myself and it works perfectly with my mod.


When I have time, I'll create NIF files so that every spell effect has different visual effects (particles, "auras", and the like...).

UPDATE 01/20/2008:

Added the file "AgarVariedSpellSounds_SupremeMagicka.zip". Download it if you want to use my mod with Supreme Magicka.

Unpack the zip file in your Oblivion/Data folder and load the plug-in "AgarVariedSpellSounds_SupremeMagicka.esp" **INSTEAD** of "SupremeMagicka.esp".

You'll still have to download the main file for my plug-in, as the Supreme Magicka file does not contain the sounds... Only an ESP.