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Adds a full quest line in which the CHAMPION is pitted against a sinister cult and their charismatic leader as you strive to gain access to the NEW and IMPROVED Verona House and Verona BAY

Permissions and credits
Name: Verona House: Bloodlines

Version: 12

OPTIONAL SI UPDATE: All users should upgrade to version 12 if they are having issues with female PC's upgrading there library stock.
Essential Vanilla Update: Fixes several issues

IMPORTANT : See information about download and install to see the files you need. You do not need to download all the files.

Date of last Update: 28 Dec 2008

Category: Quests and Adventures

Requirements: Oblivion Patch

Author(s): DTOM
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14601
Forum: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=798287

Add a full quest line in which the CHAMPION is pitted against a sinister cult and their charismatic leader as you strive to gain access to the NEW and IMPROVED Verona House and Verona BAY.

To Start
Once, Champion of Cyrodiil, wait outdoors in any major city for Vicenza to find you.

Heal his pain,

Deny his reign,

End my Shame,

Free Verona House.

The gates of Oblivion have been closed, but across a wounded land their smoke still casts a long shadow. A Champion has emerged to protect the people, but victory has been bought at a terrible price. A great city is ruins and the last of the Septim line has gone.
In the corridors of the Imperial Palace, the High Council must face up to the task of ruling Cyrodiil alone. As uncertainty sweeps across a ravaged land they must seek to bring order, peace and the rule of law back to a desperate people.
And in the deep dark places of the land, an evil force, one that has remained hidden for centuries, now sense that their time has come. Their charismatic leader will urge them to abandon the shadows and emerge to seize power.

Verona House: Bloodlines is a new plug in expansion pack which adds a brand new fully populated town called Verona Bay to the North West corner of Lake Rumare.
At the heart of the town is the critically acclaimed Verona House. The house and its surroundings have been updated, extended and improved for this expansion pack.

However, when the adventure begins you will now find the house firmly locked. Only when you have solved the riddle of a mysterious prophecy and saved Cyrodiil once again will you be able to call Verona House your home.

Some of the features of this expansion pack include.

Bloodlines Quests

A massive eleven part quest line which sees the Champion pitted against an evil cult and its powerful master as you try to unlock Verona House. Featuring a detailed plotline, with voiced dialogue you can expect fighting, stealing, gambling, horse chases, battles, fist fights, mysteries, puzzles, disguises, and companions.
The mod includes seven brand new multi level dungeons and a huge cast of characters, buildings and villains. There are also unique armor, clothes and weapons. BLOODLINES is a rich, complex story which sets genuine puzzles which you are expected to solve and offers few easy answers. This is a role-players adventure, which as well as dynamic action also seeks to stretch your character and to challenge you.


Three optional extra spin off adventures. As well as the eleven essential quests you can also take part in extra bonus adventures.


Verona bay is now a fully functional town which boast upwards of 40 NPCs who live and work and chat as you would expect in a busy settlement. The town has been redesigned and extended as part of this expansion pack. It includes a chapel, graveyard, Merchants, Hotel and bar, Guards, citizens, thieves, fences, assassins and a new town square. Ive also added a waterfall to pretty the place up.

As well as all the old friends including the rudest bar keep in Tamriel, look out for a load of new additions to the Verona cast
Town Drunk
A death obsessed dark elf
A skinny dipper
An artist


Now for new and old users alike the house has been updated renovated and improved.

The house features include
Functional kitchen and wine cellar (with NPC drink sorter and shopping facility)
Guest rooms
Library (updated to include Si books)
A two-storey Grand Hall and Display Room (renovated and redesigned)
Lobby (Renovated, to include unique BLOODLINE paintings and tapestries)
Private office, lounge, and bedroom (Completely redesigned and now includes entrance to training facilities and armory.)
Alchemy Lab (Redesigned to include SI ingredients. Now features potion and ingredients sorting)
Mages Suite including enchantment, spell making and healing altars.
Exotic Basement Garden
Stables (renovated and improved. Now features player owned horse)
Alchemy Garden
Armory (Brand new design, with NPC weapons and srmor sorting. Custom weapon and shield shaped storage)
Training Room (now features goblins and spar facilities operated by an NPC)
Archery Training Range (NEW: Play four different training modes)

The house boasts a wide range of storage much of which has been updated to include SI items.
In addition to the previous releases, much appreciated Alchemical Sorter, new sorting facilities have been added for clothes, armor, weapons, potions, magical items and jewelry.


Verona House is a big place and needs a big staff to go with it. Once you complete the Bloodlines quest you will be able to recruit staff to you new house. Of course the staff will not work for free and you will need a steady income to support you lifestyle. The staff all play a part in the expansion adventure and will seem like old friends. Each will offer special services, including a choice of three full share companions.

A Steward: Keep track of all your in game commitments to the Fighters guild, mages guild, dark brotherhood and the thieves guild. In addition he will relay messages from old friends and villagers. Sorts clutter, clothes and jewels. Offers adventurers pack.

A Trainer: Use the legendary training facilities or indulge in a bit of one on one sparring.
Security Guard: Full share companion.

An Armorer:, Can repair and sort weapons, ammo and armor. A full share companion
An Alchemist. Will offer advice on ingredients

A Mage: Sorts magical equipment and is a Full Share Companion. (destructive magic master)

A Librarian: Will advice on skill books, and sells library updates.

A cook/housekeeper Will sort wine, do the shopping and offers 2 unique dishes.


Download and Install
Download Instructions
There are many files, but you don?t need to down load all of them
I?ve uploaded a great deal of optional files.
Option A
All in======
These are intended for those with fast broadband who are new to the mod.
Choose either the
OMOD Version3 and add the latest ESP Patch
Bloodlines SI All in One V5 (NO PATCH NEEDED)
Bloodlines Van All in one V5 (NO PATCH NEEDED)

Split File Version
These are intended for those with slower connections or who wish to repair a small part of the files
You will need the
& SOUNDV2 Files

Then select either the Vanilla or SI Versions of the ESP to download

(You must select only one of these.
The ESPs are mutually exclusive and cannot work together
The SI Version contains a few additional meshes and textures.)

** You must disable any previous versions of Verona House

** You should then create a clean save, without Verona House installed,
Preferably in another locations such the Imperial City.

The Transition Esp is intended for current residents of Verona House.

It creates a temporary shack near Verona House. This is to provide storage during the transition between mods.


The Bloodlines Guide file has a complete DETAILED walkthrough of the whole questline.

The UL Lost coast Patch
The UL Lush Woodland patch
by Vorians contains patches to fix issues between UL and Bloodlines.
(See Issues for details)


The SoundKaValaPatch is a set of replacement MP3's for the noisy KaVala voice files. It is only needed by users of V1 of the Sound Pack.


1. Extract each in turn to a temporary location and check the file structures.
2. Each folder has been designed to be dropped straight into you oblivion folder. Copy or move them to that location
3.When prompted select overwrite.
4.Copy the relevant esp's to the data folder
5.Start Oblivion and select VHBloodlines 1.2 in the Data tab.
6. Prepare fot the fight of your life.



1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.



Current users of the Version One sound pack need only download the KaValaPatch.

New users do not need the KalaPatch

OMOD users should download the latest version of the ESP

Currently version 5 and overwrite the ESP


1. There is a CONFLICT with Toaster's Companion Share and Recruit mods. This conflict prevents important BLOODLINES dialogue from being displayed. I have tried a fix in Version 5, but will report this as a conflict until I get feedback that it is resolved.

2. There is a conflict with Servants of the Dawn which prevents BLOODLINES from starting as expected. SOTD alters the players champion status, which is a prerequisite for this mods beginning.

WORK AROUND: Open console and type Setstage VHQ000 10 then go to Verona Bay and talk to an NPC Called Salvo Harding.

Vorians offers some advice regarding load order for those using Unique Landscapes and Bloodlines which I've edited from the full post on the TESource forum

Some load order advice for Verona House: Bloodlines and the Unique Landscapes mods...

Load all UL mods after BLOODLINES,
except for Lush Woodlands and the Lost Coast,
which should load BEFORE BLOODLINES.

Following are the compatibility problems I am aware:

Chorrol Hinterland - BLOODLINES adds a house with a vegetable garden within the walls of Chorrol. The land textures (path to house, soil for vegetables) will be lost if VHB is loaded before CH. No other issues. But if VHB loads AFTER CH, there will be land tears.

Imperial Isle - VHB adds a house to the Waterfront wall (beside the pirate ship), II adds a tree to this spot, which now sticks out of the walls. No other issues.

Lush Woodlands - VHB adds a town right on the eastern edge of LW. If LW loads last, there will be land tears and loss of land textures to the western edge of town. If VHB loads last, I believe there will be no land tears. VHB also changes a number of other cells throughout LW, I believe there should be no conflict, but it's possible some LW objects (trees, rocks) may be floating, if VHB changes landheight in this area. Also land textures from LW may be lost in some cells, but I doubt it would be noticable.

Lost Coast - VHB adds a ruin at the northern end of LC, up on the slope, LC adds a burned out village at the bottom of the slope. If LC loads last, parts of the VHB ruin will be floating, and there will be slight land tears just north of the ruin. If VHB loads last, there will be large land tears through the burned out village, loss of land textures to the village, and half the village will be deep beneath the landheight. Since the VHB location is quest related, I recommend having VHB load last to ensure access to the ruin.

Other UL mods also share cells with VHB, but I saw no obvious conflicts (with the ULs loaded last).

I plan to make a compatibility fix (an additional ESP) to fix the land for the Lost Coast and VHB.

Many thanks to him for his efforts and to McCoy for reporting some new issues with Share and Recruit.

Known Issues or Bugs

1. At the end of Auger Neice (first quest) Harding sometimes fails to leave for Skingrad. If you return to his house and speak again this usually bumps him into action. It's an OB AI issue.

2. In the Hiring Section at the end Ossuna sometimes gets 'trapped' at way on the way to the house. If you go find her and follow her she will make it to the house.

Version 1: release (4th Jan 08)

Version 2: Fixed esp's for issue with Brocken door to Berinus Manor. (ESP only)

Version 3: Fixed the following issues

Summermist Manor Door issue
Altars of Spellmaking and Enchantment script issue
Moved Well in skingrad (see ISSUES)
Fixed Tomb quest script so enemy appears when you don't Choose Surok.
Fixed Marimar book upgrade issue for SI Version.
Fixed Abandoned Mine Script to prevent failure of quest update if you fail to trigger condition

Version 4: Fixed the following Issues

Fixes conflict with Origins of the Mages Guild. Can now be loaded in any order.
Fixes conflict with Apachii Goddess Store.(Load Apachii after Bloodlines)
Fixes 'Rent' payment loop.
Restores lost containers to SI version.

Version 5: Fixes the Following Issues
adds missing NB Cuirass meshes,textures and icon
Fixes 'shopping' script to recognise you have money
Fixes SI Alchemy sorter 'constant' loop.
Fixes Essential status of companion horses. They can now die and will respawn at
IC Stables
Fixes Zam Hackblett essential status.
Fixes Vicenza ?must lock up? gaffe.
Fixes Harold not showing topics once taxes show up. (UNTESTED)
Add reworked KaValaVoices
Adds 2 all-in-one versions of the mod

Version 6

Fixes Longren Skeleton Issue.

Version 7

+ Cleans mod, removing a number of compatibility issues.
+ Fixes issue with NPC attacking Shadowmere.
+ Fixes issue with Spectators in Fight Club. Now moved to safer distance to avoid, seating issue and improve some FPS issues
+ Fixes issue with Diamas occasionally showing no topic.

Version 8
+ Fixes issue raised by opening Lady Anluv's tomb prior to the start of the Retreat quest. Now tomb will not open until then.
+ Fixes rare issue where NPC has all Ka Vala's ingredient and quest updates wrongly.

Version 9 (17 April)
+ Fixes bad reference causing CTD during first quest. CTD added in versions 7/8. Upgrade to version 9 recommended. Save game compatable

Version 10
+ Fixes yet another issue caused by the clean up for version 7. this one prevented the Burden of Debt quest script from running as expected.

Version 11
+ Fixes issue where players visiting Athen?s house or the tomb prior to third quest start where triggering false quest stage bump. This fix is not retrospective and you will need to start quest again for this fix to work. If you have had no issues with third quest there is no need to restart the mod.
+ Fixes issue with Harold having missing topics for female pc?s and possible fix for tax issue. For this one to work. Sack Harold and then rehire him.
+ Fixes issue where Vicenza treats PC as if he is trespassing in Verona House.
+ Fixed issues with Vicenza?s shopping script. Many many thanks to Delwynndwn for his help on this one.
+ Fixes missing building in IC Waterfront.

Version 12
+ Fixes issue where Marimar had no upgrade topics for female PCs.(SI & Vanilla)
+ Vanilla v12 includes v11 fixes missing from last update.


Without the astonishing work of these people BLOODLINES would not have happened.

Night Brethren Armor by Dimitri Mazieres (Hashaahin Armor)
Night Brethren Swords by Dimitri Mazieres (Hashaahin Armor)
Vampire Bane by Dimitri Mazieres (Hashaahin Armor)
Gowns by Asesina G (Ggowns)
Cloaks by Tegeal (Extra Robe Pack v3a)
Dice by mmmpld (Dice)
Wine racks by Xiamara
Books by MrDarkSim
Weapon Display Resource by Metz
Weapon Display Resource by Loth
MG Tapestries and Rugs by Franc Kaos
Vulnas Armor by Nicoroshi (Dreadweave)
VanGraff Armor by Sintaker (Pure Steel)
VanGraff's Sheild by Jerros and EuGENIUS
Potion Container meshes and textures by DoofDillas
Original training Script by Academician_Nwahs
Original Alchemy Script by Tristan

Story, Scripts, retextures, male voices and mod by Dtom (Tom Dawson)

Principal Play Testing by Phily Girl; LtQuietStorm Nowensone
With DragonForce451 Last Ayleid at The Beta Test Guild, NeoBob, merkabahflight and Yagamoth

Female Voices by Izzy Howdel, Sarajade and Phily Girl

Many thanks to Bethesda for both the GAME and the CS.
I am indebted to the folks at the TES forum for their support and help.

Thanks to Vorians for the UL Patches
Thanks to Cbankson for the reworked KaVala voices
Thanks to The Qwoaf for the OMOD version
Thanks to TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to ElminsterEU for tips on using TESEdit.
Thanks to Delwynndwn for help with Vicenza Script.

This Mod is dedicated to Maria Verona, Catherine, Cherie, Ron and Jay

Tools Used
DDS Converter - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8698
GIMP - http://www.gimp.org/
NIFSkope - http://www.niftools.org/
TES4Gecko - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8665
TES Construction Set - http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/updates_utilities.htm
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp


Do not repost this mod to any other site without my permission.

I am extremely unlikely to say no to any request, but I do like to know where the mod is being posted, so I can service the mod.
If I do not respond within 1 month, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod.

Please feel free to use the original textures and meshes produced for this mod, but hey let me have some credit.

If you find any site charging for this mod contact me.