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A Shivering Isles update to my original Better Wine.

Permissions and credits

"Better Wine SI" contains only the SI update and is for users who already have my original Better Wine.

"Better Wine - Original-SI Update" contains both my original replacements for standard Oblivion wine PLUS the new Shivering Isles Update.

If you do not own the Shivering Isles expansion, you can find the original Better Wine mod (which does not require SI) here:


From the readme:

Shivering Isles is required to use this plugin.

What it does:
Changes the various wine bottle textures in Shivering Isles to a more appealing thematic look.
There are two primary brands of wine in Shivering Isles: Bernice's and Fellmoor. Both have
their own unique look. For simplicity's sake I did not make seperate textures for each of the
price classes of wine, but you can tell which is which by the text rollover on the screen.

This mod is standalone, meaning you don't have to have my original CM Better Wine for this
mod to work in your game.

Just extract these files to your Oblivion Data folder.

Permissions: please feel free to use these textures in a mod of your own. All I ask is to receive
credit. :)

Thanks to Bethesda for the original meshes for these bottles, and the original Shivering Isles
box art which made for a particulalry nice (in my opinion) Bernice's Wine.