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Added: 02/01/2008 - 10:58PM
Updated: 08/08/2010 - 05:56PM

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Last updated at 17:56, 8 Aug 2010 Uploaded at 22:58, 2 Jan 2008

First I'm Italian and my English is very bad .....

My Animation are Modder Resource.You can use freely in your mod. The First Brich Animation is from Sarkandar Lute Animation (Ask to Sarkandar for permission)

For all: I'm not reply to PM that request animation.Sorry
I'm NOT a 3d animator.I'm only CONVERT some free mocap animation find on web (Please Not ASK for Animation because I'm not able to make Animation)

Thanks to nejcn11

Thanks to Divine Avenger!!!!!!

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Umpa Sport and Art Animation

Umpa Pose

Duke City Futurist Modern Mod

This is NOT a serious mod or for Elder Scrolls Purist.
This is only for FUN!!! So save your COMMENTS AND INSULT on lore and immersion.
If this mod is not for you, then you PASS on it and go to the next one WITHOUT comments or vote.Thanks



Added Hip Hop Shake and Disco Dance like as in Vampire Bloodlines Games in Dance1\page1


Remove Umpa book from First Edition for fix Italian Oblivion Name of Imperial Market District

Add 2 Country Dance Animation for all Cowboys ^_^ in dance2\page1


-Improved Pole dance animation in Dance1\Page2 (I think this time is very good)

Not perfect but I fix this in Future

Note:I'm not a Animator I use only Mocap File

Finally I find and buy a good Pole Dance Mocaps file (very expensive cost, but no problem ^_^)

-Fixed Breakdance in Dance1\Page2


-Added a second drumstick to Drum Animation but Only one Character have a drum
For Disable Drum press reset on Main Menu

-Removed the Bad LapTest moves with new PoleDance Test in Dance1\Page2
-Added TbHip hop in Dance2\Page1

Thanks to SergeyWR for help me with drum script

Description\ Descrizione

This mod is similar to any other animation/pose mod out there like Actors in Charge and Seph's animation

Questo mod aggiunge animazioni di balli e pose.Appena carichi il tuo salvataggio ti verrĂ  aggiunta una magia Umpa touch(Per gli Npc) e un oggetto Umpa ball(Per il tuo personaggio)


I'm not a 3d animator , I'm trying to:

-Fix Animation loop
-Add other Pose & Dance
-Improve menu description

Thanks to:

Mr Cellophane - for the animation tutorial
Carnegie Mellon University - For free mocap animation
Trollf - for the script and the Actor in Charge\Madness mod
Keter Sephiroth - for the Seph's mod
MentalElf - for TES4Files
The Munchin Lord - For Disco Light
Backsteppo - For Adoringdansen dance (Japanese Caramelldansen)
Sarkandar - For lute animation
CKemu - For brich guitar mesh
Tweet - For Fender guitar mesh
Skingrad24 -For Acoustic Guitar
Corepc - for Minstrels of Cryodiil mod (this is the my inspiration for guitar animation)
Chimera for Michael Jackson Character
My Sister - for the english lesson
Roald Dahl - for the Willy Wonka book ;) (My prefer)
Everyone - for play my mod


-You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. I would also like to know what mods are including my work.

-I am not responsible for any damage to your computer caused by this or any other mod

Who is Umpa ?

I'm Italian, my english is not good.
I am not a 3d animator i've just followed a Mr.Cellophane tutorial step by step...

Ciao dall' ITALIA