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Redcourt Castle:

On the western shores of Lake Rumare, where the Blue Road meets the Red Ring Road, lies a magestic castle. Rumors has it that the owner of the castle is deceased, and that it is now for sale, to those who can afford it that is.

Short Description:

This mod adds a large castle where the Blue Road meets the Red Ring Road. It is buyable for 115.000 septims from an employee at the Office of Imperial Commerce in the Market District of the Imperial City. The size of the castle is pretty big, and there is lots of secrets to find. A more detailed overview of the features included in this mod is available in the "Features-section".

The ability to bake bread, pie and sweetrolls, as well as to brew wine
House servant
Subterrain alchemy lab
Torture Chamber
Large amounts of display cases


REDCOURT CASTLE by GrandDukeAdense

This mod adds a buyable castle where the Blue Road meets the Red Ring Road. The castle can be bought in the Office of Imperial Commerce in the Imperial City Market District.
If you cannot pay for the castle (which cost 115.000 septims), I have included an esp called RedcourtCastleFREE, which makes the castle cost zero septims instead.
There will be a couple of guards in the castle, as well as an argonian servant.

Things to NOTE
This mod may NOT be modified and uploaded on another site. You may NOT upload it on another site even though you havn't modified it. Plain and simple: DO NOT UPLOAD THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!
You should also note that this mod may be incompatible with: Unique Landscapes Rolling Hills and Unique Landscapes Ancient Yews. (This is not 100% sure though, because I havn't tried it ingame, just looked at the Unique Landscapes map)
You do NOT need to install the texture fix if you have downloaded version 1.2
I noticed that in the readme of v1.2 it still says the baking script don't work. That's not true. It does work in this version!

1. Extract the RedcourtCastle.rar to you Oblivion/Data folder

2. Open your Oblivion launcher and select Data files

3. Check either the RedcourtCastle.esp or the RedcourtCastleFREE.esp, depending on which version you want to use

I would like to thank Ahnlabb for the food-making scripts he made.

v 1.2
-Decreased the amount of guards
-Fixed a small texture path issue
-Fixed the baking script (20 bakable things)
-Fixed a bug were the ogre left his cage
-Fixed a hole in a wall in the Lower Courtyard
-Fixed the description of the Redcourt Castle Deed
-Fixed an issue were you couldn't get into the free version of the castle

v 1.25
-Fixed a door which couldn't be entered
-Fixed a dialogue issue where the topic of the servant would appear on all NPC:s

hope you enjoy this!