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Caves echo! Halls of Forts and ruins reverberate! Automatically controls TheJ\'s \"Oblivion EAX\" OBSE plugin.

Permissions and credits
Soundscaper v0.3
by: lyobovnik

Oblivionv1.2.0.416 (Shivering Isles)
by:Bethesda Softworks
by:ianpatt, behippo, scruggsywuggsy the ferret
Oblivion EAXv0.7 Beta 2
by:The J
You Are Herev1.0
EAX-Capable Hardware

OK, if you know me, then you know I have next-to-zero time for frivolous things like gaming & modding. If you don't know me, then that was your intro. Given that, I have devoted a too-large chunk of my vanishing free time lately to make The J's excellent "Oblivion EAX" a little more accessible. Apparently, going without EAX in this game makes my brain itch.

What this mod does:
Caves echo! Halls reverberate! Soundscaper v0.3 is your automated sound-ambience changer.

Soundscaper passes "Oblivion EAX" commands to the game via script, so you don't have to. Caves will have an entirely different echo than Houses, likewise for Sewers and the halls of Ayleid Ruins. This 0.3 version is fully automatic, with some options.

Playing This Mod:
Soundscaper will add its Options menu to your Inventory as "§ Tuning Fork", a Misc-Item. Click the Tuning Fork to open the menu. This is where you choose whether to disable Exterior support (not recommended for VISTA**). This is also where you can manually disable EAX, should you need to (not recommended for VISTA**). Example: you are in an exterior with EAX running, but are not using Vista... You have just saved, and want to exit the game, but you suffer from Oblivion's trademark CTD on exit. Crashing with EAX on is bad*, so you click on the Tuning Fork and "Manual Disable EAX". Now EAX should be safely off, should you decide to crash Oblivion by using it's reliable CTD button, deceptively labeled "Exit".

When playing with "Exterior effects OFF" (not recommended for VISTA**), effects will only be active in interiors, disabling EAX when you are in exteriors to avoid Oblivion's crashiest areas. If you enter another interior EAX will re-enable. Should you wish to try the effects in Exteriors, you can reopen the menu and change mode.

Future Plans:
Code an additional mode for mod-added interiors for which their authors have already scripted EAX settings.
Fix any bugs that pop up.
Enjoy this mod.

Should be compatible with nearly everything, except other mods doing similar things, i.e. mods changing Oblivion EAX settings.

Known Issues:
*Crashing Oblivion with EAX active currently gets it "stuck". See "Oblivion EAX" known issues.
**VISTA+ALchemy USERS: Vista has a problem with Disabling EAX. See "Oblivion EAX" known issues. TheJ may be working on a fix. Until there is one, Vista users should avoid disabling EAX.

0.3Fully automatic, menu is now only for enabling/disabling some simple options.
0.2Semiautomatic - switches on in interior cells and off in exterior cells. Menu to change effect.
0.1Early Beta. Basic menu-based control.

Bethesda... for the vanilla game & CS
CS Wiki contributors for making this quick & easy
OBSE Team for rocking our world
The J for "Oblivion EAX"
TheTalkieToaster for "You Are Here"