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MMM 3.5.5b5 esm / esp updates..

3.5.5b5 Minor fix to MMMforOOO.esm and MMMforOOO.esp to fix leveledlist for item

All esm / esp updated for this - MMM.esm, MMM.esp, MMMforFrans, MMMforOOO..

First contain's all update's from MMM 3.5.3, 3.5.4, 3.5.5b1-3, Version has listed on first page of MMM thread post 4..

  • Major Overhaul to all Leveledlist for Creatures has needed in order to make all spawn rate plugin's work better across MMM, MMMforFrans, MMMforOOO, and FCOM itself...This was quite a job to check all the leveledlist me and dev_akm sent each other several revision until we go it just right..we hope..spawn rate plugin's should work in fcom fairly well at this point..
  • All spawn rates plugin have been checked, double checked, and tripled checked..Any remaining issue with spawn rate plugin's will be addressed in the MMM 3.5.6 Final..
  • Updated Additional Enemy Variants - Fixed two Khajitts Smugglers to be a different race to fix the problem of them going into highwayman mode sometimes..
  • Updates to H&C itself for both vanilla and exnems (body mod) version, fixed any remaining issue that could have been causing crashing etc, missing armor, etc. Exnems Users and Female Body mod users download the MMMArmor4Exnems with H&C ..Same H&C plugin comes with this version also..
  • MMM 3.5.5b3 Fixes
  • Changes for the MMM 3.5.5b3 not that many for this update...Keep up the good work TEAM MMM..
  • I have pushed all the new MMM Bandit Bosses and Marauder Bosses from Additional Enemy Variants into main esm itself to resolve problem with them causing problem with MMMforFrans, and FCOM ...MMM bosses will show up more often now..There was no easy way to fix this...
  • Adjusted personality of MMM Bandit Hedge Wizard so that they would attack player's with high disposition (much like the reaver problem was)..
  • Fixed Misc Script Bug with GiantGrowth that was set to magic effect should have been object..this could have been causing random crashes also..
  • Cleaned up MMM additional enemy variants to only have new ones added not default one's changes...added script's has needed to those that needed them..
  • Fixed Leveledlist Issue with No Whatever plugin in MMMforFrans,
  • fixed a few hair types that where incorrect when using with TNR or TIE
  • Fixed Script in MMM City Defences so that they would not evaulate their package which was causing the issue of them not attacking
  • Plugin's UPdates..
  • Gems and Gems has been updated to "bone grind" is now dependent on what skill level alchemy is based at...
  • New Additional Enemy Variants by ArgoChris well over 1200 npcs added by this now...Extended Reavers, Extended Adventurers, Rangers, Forester, Raider Warlord, Raiders, NercoMancer, and more...
  • Added Updated More Wilderness Life Plugin both version's ..Normal and No gates ( this is that revamped version - with a ton of changes fixed spawn points,raised lowered, repointed, bad spawn points removed, bad references moved)
  • Checked all Spawn Rates Plugin has needed once again across all version (MMM, MMMforFrans, MMMforOOO, checked fcom also). Fixed any issue has needed (not that many did not notice any missing creatures) expect those noted above for MMMforFrans..

MMM 3.5.5b2 Changes - fixed some more recursive leveledlist that could have been causing crashing with Mwl and Addiontal Enemy Variant's and a few of the no whatever plugins..

Other Fixes for 3.5.5b2

Additionial Enemy Variants updated removed out npcs from master.esm that where being changed...

Friendly Faction for OOO+FCOM finally updated for OOO 1.33

Fixed Fox aipackage so they would hunt rabbit correctly - thanks Dev_Akm for pointing this out...could have been another reason for strange happenings

Version Changes / Name Changes / Dropped Files..

MMMforOOO requires OOO 1.33 and MMMforOOO.esm now!!! Make sure that you load the MMMforOOO.esm also so that it does not crash on startup will not work without this..

MMMforFCOM will be dropped from main package, ( since everyone should be using FCOM Converge now instead)...along with MMM - Curse of Hircine..Which will be a Seperate Download..( causes crashes if you do not have mod Curse of Hircine Installed itself )...

Major Fixes -

Due to oversight during script optimiziation on my part vanilla scripts that where modified by MMM...Including Hircine Quest , GuardScript's, GoblinScripts, etc...where removed from MMM.esp, MMMforFrans,MMMforOOO, FCOM..The Scripts have been added back in to restore compatiblity with other mods that modify these vanilla script's..any other mod that use's mmm script's should now be using the ones from the esm...Sorry about this once again...

Script Fixes

Fixes for MMM Scaling and Hitbox issue...where certain creatures, npc, etc..would be scaled to big and when you tried to attack them and aim for head it would not recognize the damage...

Creature Fixes -

Foxes have been resized to be smaller than wolf types...each wolf is a different size with red and brown wolf being the biggest and orange types being the smallest..

Rabbits agression has been lowered so that they would not attack player's..

Npc Fixes -

Fixed Name on all the Khajiit's they where mispelled ..(for you lore buff's)..

TNR Compatiblity has been checked and double checked to lastest Version of TNR and or TIE (in Bash Config)...this fixes any random issue with Vanilla race's not being assigned correctly or having wrong race body type..

Adventurer's changed personality on all so that it would decrease chances of them attacking each other after they have cleared out a room...and would attack each other..

Smuggler Khajiit Fix in Additionial Enemy Variant's - Changed Race of Khajiit Smugglers into Agronian's to fix problem of them going into highwayman mode...rare occurence of this happening...

Leveled List Fixes / All Spawn Rate Plugin's contian these fixes Fixes

Reaver's chance's have been greatly lowered in Oblivion Gate's..in MMM and it Version's for these reason...

1) To fix compatiblity Issue with MMMforOOO, FCOM, high level creatures not spawing correctly...
2) Reaver's taking out whole mobs of other MMM Creature's runing the fun...or almost taking them out...
3) Increase chance of Running into More Classic MMM high Level Types once again...
4) Reaver now only travel in pack of 2,3,4...Spawn rate adjusted has needed...

Giant's have been moved into LKOWildernessChallenge Leveled list...this will make them appear less often..but will appear at correct level's now..and will greaty increase chance's of running into More Classic MMM type creature's ...

Spawn Rate Plugin Adjust once more for new Reaver's and Giant's leveled list changes

New No Whatever Spawn Plugins by Dev_Akm - like the no slimes plugin..creature instead of getting removed is replaced with a creature of different type. also resolves any compatiblity problem that these had with each other .(no lanterns fix, no beholdens, no giants, no werewolves, no wvvern, no slimes)

Updated Reavers in Spawn Rate Reduced Reduced to have count of no more than 2...so it now 1-2-1..in Spawn Rate Reduced updated them to 1-2-2, MMM Default is 1-2-3..

Updated MMM Plugin's..

Extra Wounding - updated- fixes problem of new wounding getting applied to carrion rat's...

Updated Looting Plugin extended looting to csnpctough script...allows barabarian, bloodmoon necromancers, shaman..to loot now also..

More Wilderness Life - Removed leveled list that where recursive...

Bat's Addon plugins named has now changed to Dungeons of MMM - Since it has been expanded to include a entrance and exit...a undead level, daedra level, - this can be considered a testing ground for MMM ..

New Additionial Enemy Variants which adds a total of 774 New Npcs in All...by ArgoChris - New Npc's that use all types of Weapons, which use a new class, (New Raiders, Amazons, Black Bow RingLeaders, Cuthroats, Berzerkers, More)...

City Defences Updated Combat Behavior and fixed the distance so they would react correctly when getting attacked ...

H&C updated along with Gems and Gems Dust ...Lilith has made alot of improvements and fixes..to both of these plugins revamped the crafting books includes advanced book 2 now, respawing barrel with basic item in case they get lost, fixed alot of misc script error's etc....metal nuggets will be found more often...there will be a changelog for this...

Changes made to Gems & Gemdust Plugin:

• Restored Shift+Click dropping functionality by replacing bone grind scripts which had been removed. This also adds back the ability to not grind if bone is clicked on accidentally.

• Removed script from Platinum bar:
o It is now consistent with all other bars, can’t do anything with them except for finding them in clutter and selling for septims.
o Only a few liked the idea of increasing amount of coins created from the bar, almost as many weren’t exactly agreeable.

• Did not add script to Platinum coins to grind.
o They are the same as always, just found in clutter to sell for septims.

I elected on removing the Platinum Bar script as it didn’t make much sense (to me anyway). I also decided against adding a script to grind platinum coins. They are the same as when they were added into the game and I feel this is best as it avoids any conflicts of interest with realism players.

Changes made to Hunting & Crafting Plugin:

• Fixed invisibility problem with Female White Quilted Robe

• Reworked Crafting Guides just a bit, there is a Volume I and a Volume II now. Volume I only explains items which can be used, Volume II goes into specific detail as to how to craft items and detail of the finished crafted items.

• Changed value of Crafting Guides to zero and set the barrel to respawn. (Don’t think you’ll get rich… because the contents are only worth 28 gp)

• Increased the chance of finding Metal Nuggets also added the chance to find Metal objects such as Plates, Urns, Goblets and Tankards in random containers.

All Quills have been turned into feathers, but due to the extensive use in loot lists I did not fix that. The problem occurred when the script was fixed and instead of creating a new Quill item (Quill02) the original Quill (Quill01) was used thus turning the name of all Quills in the game to feathers. I will fix this if it becomes a problem, but since I was the only one who mentioned it I don’t think it will.

3.5.3 Upgrade from MMM 3.0 to 3.5.3 :

New Features of 3.5.3

What release of MMM would be complete without innovative new features? New features in MMM 3.5.3 include:

:: 3.5.3 Foxes, Rabbits, Mudcrabs, New Ogre's, Pahmer, Bats ::

4 Foxes have been added to game these are shy creatures..
6 Rabbits types can be found mixed among deer spawn now's..
4 New Mudcrabs will be found by the water..
New Ogre Nif that increase fps..Beware of High level Yellow Belly
New Pahmer fix for missing face and hair
Bats 4 types to be found mixed in leveled list

:: Goblins ::
Rusty Weapons and Armor: Goblins can now pull from the pool of MMM's unique rusty weapons and armor sets -- you'll see them wielding dozens of rusted weapon variants in addition to their usual kit.

New Ingredients: Goblin Hearts and Goblin Eyes -- thanks to Luis for the textures and icons!

Blood: Goblins now bleed green blood... (more on this below)

:: Creature Features ::
Goblin Assassin: The damage bug is fixed and, further, the Assassin can now critically strike any foe it faces, not just the player -- watch them tear up Adventurers!

Additionally, the Assassin's strike ability is based on the target's Agility -- so the higher your agility, the less likely you are to be hit by the Critical Strike (afterall stealthy players, just like Assasssins, know how to fight their own.)

Ghostly Apparition: The fatigue bug is fixed and, further, the length of time you remain knocked out by the Apparition's fear attack is now dependent on your Willpower -- new players could stay down and vulnerable for around 30 seconds, while a player with 100 Willpower would barely stagger when hit by the Apparition.

Patriarchs/Matriatchs: Can now Roar and induce fear in all the NPCs it faces in a given radius. Watch NPCs flee in terror from the grandaddy daedra of them all!

:: Crafting - Revised in 3.5.3::
All of Lollerich's fixes are included, plus a few tweaks and updates based on feedback. For more on the 72 craftable items in MMM, see the MMM 3.0 readme.

:: Wounding - Revised in 3.5.3 ::
No more can an NPC swing his sword at you with full strength while on 1 hitpoint, or flee from you at full speed while dying!

MMM has actually implemented a wounding since version 1.2 (!) but was relegated to NPCs, and only a few stats. MMM 3.1 now adds wounding penalties to almost all NPCs and creatures in the game and impacts Strength, Agility, Athletics, Speed, Fatigue and Attack and Defence bonuses.

Wounded enemies now:
* Attack and swing slower
* Move and run slower
* Inflict less damage
* Take more damage
Wounding penalities are applied in three stages, with each stage getting progressively worse -- an NPC on less than 15% health has his abilities reduced to 20-40% of their original values. Additionally, they physically do less damage regardless of weapon, and being wounded are unable to defend themselves as well and so take more damage.

Submission: While the stat penalties are applied at as each wound level is reached, the Fatigue penality is applied with each hit. The more wounded they are, the more fatigue they lose from your strikes. This means they automatically get to swing less frequently, and do less damage as well -- fights should tire an enemy. And, for the first time, you can actually beat enemies into submission without actually killing them when their fatigue hits zero -- fast, low-damage weapons can now be more effective for stealthy chars, and hand to hand combat allows you to knock enemies out before delivering a killing blow.

Balance: Naturally, this is going to make some fights easier -- and help balance those times when you have hectic spawns, so I'm keen to hear feedback. It's already been quite finely tuned -- different creatures and NPCs receive different levels of penalties, and the penalties don't apply to Bosses (who should be super-tough) or Guards (who are frequently outnumbered as it is).

Additionally, wounding allows you to be more strategic -- there's benefit now in taking out the wounded enemies first. And because wounded enemies deal less damage, you can last longer in fights with large groups. And on that note, how can you tell which enemies are wounded? Glad you asked!

:: Wounding Effects Revised 3.5.3::
Blood: NPCs and creatures now bleed, getting progressively worse the more wounded they become. It's quite a sight seeing a blood soaked Guard fighting for his life vs blood-stained Daedra! The blood textures are courtesy of dDefinder, and then tweaked for effect -- including the creation of new green blood textures and green blood spray for the goblins.

Blood Spurts: When NPCs and creatures reach the highest wound level, they will start to randomly spurt blood...

Staggering: NPCs and creatures now have a chance of staggering or tripping while wounded, wether fighting or running for their lives. The more wounded they are, the greater the chance. Stronger enemies with higher endurance stagger less often. Staggering adds a lot to the game -- and combined with the wounding penalties, you can see things like:
* A fleeing, bloodied, NPC fall and trip over, pick himself up, and continue to run
* A wounded NPC swing and miss in a fight, falling over to then pick himself up again
* A staggering NPC fall to the ground and, while getting up, is delt a killing blow
* A deer shot by a hunter bleed from the arrow, and tripping over itself when it tries to flee -- like a nature documentary!
Both Wounding and Wounding Effects have been subtly balanced and applied -- Daedra for example won't stagger, but will get weaker and will bleed (except Antronachs, where bleeding wouldn't make sense). Guards can stagger and bleed, but won't get weaker (there's enough complaints about weak guards). Generic NPCs can get weaker, bleed, and stagger but NPC bosses will only bleed and stagger, and so on. It's literally been an invidiual touch applying this to all of MMM's new creatures and NPCs as well changes to vanilla creatures and NPCs.

No Blood: Don't like it? Load the new No Blood plugin.

New Creatures
And as usual for an MMM update, a range of lovingly crafted creatures with unique stats, abilities, behavioural AI, loot drops, backstory and more:

:: Reavers Revised 3.5.3::
Reavers are an entirely new NPC race, and live up to their namesake. They care not for sides or noble blood or factions of any kind -- their only agenda is their own. They will attack the player, bandits, mauarders, daedera, dremora, everyone. And they'll usually win. Twisted from hundreds of years of basic, animal instincts, they have forged themselves vicious weapons and are the most feared race that walks the ground in Cyrodiil. If you can kill one, your reward will be the potent weapons they carry. Be warned, they can travel in packs, and sometimes bring with them their own trained hunting companions, the Reaver Blood Hounds.

Reavers are based loosely on the concept of the same from Serenity, for those who pick the name Armor and weapons were designed by the talented demoncleaner -- there are 15 unique new Reaver weapons, as well as armor, shields, and special face masks.

Note: these guys are so tough you won't even start seeing them until Level 20, and you won't want to even consider taking one on until you're level 25.

:: Beholdens ::
Well, how long have you waited for Beholders in Oblivion? Thanks to some amazing work from xilverbulet, now they are here!

Beholden: Floating, tentacled, and ugly -- just what you want to meet in a dark corridor. Beholdens can be found in dungeons and Oblivion realms, are highly magical and come with a wide range of spell attacks from paralysis to drain to direct damage, and drop a new unique and potent ingredient: Eye of the Beholden. They also have their own set of resistances, and weaknesses -- if you can't beat them with magic, try a sword.

Beholden Hatchling: A young form of the Beholden, it's every bit as nasty with its own spell repetoire and a hunger for enjoying tasty new delacacies of the world, like you.

Beholden Firey Eye: The Beholden Boss, and excelling in destructive fire magic, meeting him is usually a one way ticket. Hint: you can't fight fire with fire, so try something cold.

Ethereal Beholden: Ever see Big Trouble in Little China? This special beholden acts in a similar way -- it does no damage, other creatures will ignore it, and you can't fight it. Instead, when it detects an intruder (like you) it'll fly up close to confirm -- and then promptly alert all creatures and NPCs within a wide radius to your presence with a scream before disappearing. It's quite a sight to see an entire dungeon descend on the player all at once...

:: Fiends ::
Like Beholdens, Fiends are classed as Daedra and can be found in dungeons and Oblivion realms. They are born of perverse magic bound around the basic elements in swamp and tar pits, and abhor life in all its forms. They come in two varieties:

Slime Fiends: They may not be particularly fast, and you need to use this to your advantage -- the Slime Fiend can paralyse as well as drain skills and abilities at touch with a unique Slime Touch.

Tar Fiends: Tar fiends are related, but less potent. Able to cast a high level burden at touch, they can bring most creatures to their knees quickly, making them easy fodder for nearby allies.

All fiends are immune to disease and poison, and are able to partially abosrb spells. They also drop a new unique ingredient: Fiend Essence.

:: Slimes ::
Slimes are a creature I've wanted to do since starting MMM -- they are unique in that when you kill one there's a good chance that, instead of dying, it will 'split' into smaller slimes, and you get to fight these next. The chance of a slime splitting varies, but there are two levels depending on the size of the slime. Like the Beholdens and Fiends, the Slime models and textures come courtesy of xilverbulet!

Slimes: There are three sizes -- Giant, Normal, and Small -- and three varieties -- Flesh, Metallic, and Mucas (eww!). All slimes have AI pacakges to hunt for and pick up whatever junk is lying around -- weapons, armor, food, etc. When you kill them, there's a chance you can find this loot or, alternatively, they may split into the next slime level down. For example:
Normal Slimes --> Small Slimes
Giant Slimes --> Normal Slimes --> Small Slimes
Slimes can be found in dungeons and caves, and are special in that most creatures will ignore them. Naturally, they are immune to poison and disease, and can even breathe and move underwater (so don't think you can escape that way). However, by their nature, they are vulnerable to fire and frost. Finally, all slimes drop a new unique ingredient as well: Slime Juice.
:: Undead Overhaul
Have you ever thought it strange these these ancient undead, with their old and battered skeletons, somehow have brand spanking new weapons? Yeah, me too So MMM changes all this. This release of totally revamps the undead, adding:
* 66 rusted MOBS balanced weapon variants
* 30 rusted armor variants
(This is actually just part of the overhaul, focusing mainly on weapons. New types of armors will be coming in the next release.)

These are used by both the undead skeletons and the MMM Undead Legions. The weapons cover iron and steel forms of every weapon, and the armor includes helments and shields. Additionally, previously skeletons only used a select few one-handed weapons -- now they can wield the full variety. Further, the weapons gradually 'fade out' as you encounter higher and higher level skeletons, and the same goes for power -- Hero Skeletons for wont' carry daggers, for example.

However, to spice things up -- there's a 1 in 10 chance an undead will wield a 'new' weapon, instead, pulled from the loot tables. Afterall, you wouldn't be the first foolish adventurer to try your luck in the dungeons, giving them a source of weapons. This makes seeing such weapons rare and thus far more interesting and valuable when you come across them.

Additionally, MMM already sports 44 unqiue skeleton variants you can fight, each with a different combat style, and 36 different Undead Legions. These already use some 27 different combinations of armor and skins (see the Diverse Creature Skins Plugin). Now, when you add the new armor and weapons variants you literally get over 2000 variants of undead you can meet!

But wait, there's more! (old joke from Aussie land) -- there's also a new Undead Boss: the Arch Undead Elven Lord, with custom-made textures and which -- like the dual-wielding Undead Elven Lord -- sports a unique weapon the player can pick up an use -- the Bone Claymore. See the Creature Section below for more.

Finally, Zombies have also had an overhaul, but that's so big it needs its own entry, next:

:: Zombie Overhaul
100 new race-based zombies can be encountered, incuding Imperial, Dark Elf, Argonian, Orc, and Khajitt of both sexes. They may be naked, wearing rags, or armor -- all of these have been custom-made to be 'decayed', 'battered', or 'rusted' to suit their zombie nature. In fact, you will see Zombie 'prisoners' with rags and wrist irons just as your character started with, and you'll see also see what happens to all those Arena hopefuls who end up spilling blood in the sand...

The zombies can fight with their hands, or wield all manner of weapons, some pulled from the 'rusted' set above. They drop a sub-set of normal NPC loot, indicating some are not too recently dead. Finally, there are two very special additions:
* Undead Zombie Imperal Guard -- Yes! This is something I've always wanted to add to MMM. These guys wear decayed and battered Imperal Legion armor (and yes, player wearable) as well as wield a dulled, rusted Silver Longsword. Unlike the alive Imperial Legions... these guys aren't here to help you!

* Shivering Zombie Master -- A unique zombie boss with specialised zombie textures and custom-made glass armor -- Cuirass and Greaves of the Walking Dead. Additionally, he wields a potent ice-flaming sword, the magical Shivering Sword. Grab it for yourself, if you can...

:: Adventurer Overhaul
The Adventuers in MMM have undergone an overhaul also, with 20 new NPCs and four new mage classes, bringing the total to 55 different Adventurers you can meet and include everything from from Scouts and Bards through to Plunderers, Tomb Raiders, and Warriors.

Additionally equipped armors have been split into Light and Heavy for the various classes, there's a greatly reduced chance of carrying magical items, greatly expanded personality/background loot drops, and stealthier classes now sneak while looting. Finally the two biggest changes include: Adventurers now can loot chests from both OOO and Frans and, best of all -- you can now find them in Oblivion too, in larger numbers than in dungeons and ruins. Like you, they're risking an assualt into Oblivion itself.

Naturally, if you don't like the competition there is a new plugin to disable the Adventurers

:: Gems & Gem Dust Revised 3.5.3
An excellent plugin first built by me, then expanded upon by Bendiwolf, and now Dewshine has taken it to the next level. In the words of Dewshine:

There are now Rose Garnets, Flawed Rose Garnets, Flawless Rose Garnets, Perfect Rose Garnets, and Rose Garnets shards. The first four can be ground into Garnet dust. There are also the Watermelon Tourmalines, Flawed Watermelon Tourmalines, Flawless Watermelon Tourmalines, Perfect Watermelon Tourmalines, and Watermelon Tourmalines shards. The first four can be ground into Tourmaline dust. Each new stone has a unique icon.

Additionally, there's a new gem type: Paraiba Tourmaline. Included is Paraiba Tourmalines, Flawed Paraiba Tourmalines, Flawless Paraiba Tourmalines, Perfect Paraiba Tourmalines, and Paraiba Tourmaline shards.

Finally some meshes and textures were missing in the previous release, these have all been corrected and, where appropriate, new icons made.

:: Crafting Overhaul Revised 3.5.3
All crafting has been entirely split out into a new plugin -- Hunting & Crafting. Again thanks to Dewshine, Shadowborn, Bendiwolf, and Lilith this has been taken to a new level. Changes now include:

Crafting has shifted to the hides themselves. You still need to carry 'Fletching Calipers' and 'Leatherworking Shears', but now you click on the hides themsleves to make new armor. And for that, Dewshine has greatly expanded the scope:
New Armor: Quilted Armor that uses bleached cloth (the bolts and cut cloth can be bleached) and sheep's wool (specific to MMM). This includes robe, shoes, bracers, and hood.
New Armor: Cured Hide creates Fur armor, Bone Studded fur armor and Metal Studded fur armor.
New Armor: Tanned leather creates Soft Leather armor, Stealth Leather armor, Bone Studded Soft Leather armor, and Metal Studded Soft Leather armor.
New Armor: Boiled leather creates Pit Armor, Bone Studded Pit Armor, and Metal Studded Pit Armor.
New Armor: Werewolf Fur armor -- this unique armor is crafted from the fur of MMM Werewolves, and imbues the same resistances Werewolves enjoy, including normal weapon resistance, disease resistance, fortify sneak, fortify hand to hand, poison resistance and reflect damage. Of course, you have to hunt Werewolves to get these...
All of these armors are full sets -- shield, cuirass, boots, bracers, greaves, and helmet -- with multiple variants for a total of 72 new armor pieces that can be crafted from resources found in the MMM world! Three cheers Dewshine!

:: Guards with Swords
Post the 1.2 patch everyone was complaining that guards always showed bows now, and many people didn't like it. In MMM 2.2 there's now a 50% chance guards will favour swords over bows, so you will see both types of guards walking around. This doesn't affect combat -- all guards will fight with bows and swords on range, but those that prefer swords will go back to equipping swords before and after combat.

:: Safer Horsie
Seem odd that enemies find your horse more threatenting than other creatures, or even you? Now the player's horse is treated like it is -- a low threat, though it is still on the menu as 'food' for some creatures, but you will always be a bigger target than your horse.

:: New Creature Features
Ghostly Apparitions will now knock you over for a short period as they fly through you screaming... possibly making you vulnerable to nearby enemies. Goblin Asssassins can now critically strike you -- keep them at a distance or they'll take you down in a few hits! You can even hear when their posioned daggers rend the flesh from your bone...

:: Durability & Damage

The Durability & Damage plugin has been updated to include skill-based damage scaling: the higher your skill with weapons, the more damage you do. As a result the plugin is now more effective, making fights quicker than before. But note -- it applies to enemies as well!

:: More Diverse Creature Skins
The wildly (geddit, pun?) successful Diverse Creature Skins plugin has been updated with more variant skins, including in this release Bears and Flesh Golems (see New Creatures below) to add to the variety.

:: MMM for OOO
New updates to the MMM for OOO component now include creature faction quest animals are respected -- animals from OOO and MMM will be friendly towards you. Note, you still won't see many OOO creatures unless using FCOM for the moment. The final stage of the MMM for OOO module is full spawn integration (partial integration works now). Also in this module -- Adventurers can now loot OOO chests.

:: Official 1.2 Patch is now Required and for all Future Version including MMM for Shivering Isle ones of these Day's..
More Creatures

As always, the reason MMM releases take so long is that each new creature is lovingly hand-crafted with unique stats, skills, abilities, spells, loot, ingredients, and behavioural AI.

:: Young Rainbow Wyvern -- Fast, strong, intelligent, and in three forms: Red (Fire), Blue (Ice) and Green (Shock). Each has unique spells and resistances (don't fight fire with fire people), and drop two powerful and unique new ingredients: Wyvern Scales and Wyvern Heart.

:: Rainbow Wyvern -- A mature wyvern, this one inherits the abilities and the resistances of the younger forms, and can breathe all three schools of damage. Stronger and more powerful, it also drops new Wyvern Scales and Wyvern Heart ingredients.

:: Undead Arch Elven Lord -- A deadly undead Boss above the dual-wielding Undead Elven Lord, this foe is bigger, meaner, casts magic and wields a unique weapon: the Bone Claymore. The Undead Arch Elven Lord has a chance of appearing at low levels... so beware the dark depths of dungeons!

:: Undead Elven Lord -- This is the same dual-wielding Undead Elven Lord, but with a new fiery unique main weapon -- the Sword of the Warlord. Both of his weapons are custom-made, and playable -- the off-hand sword allows you to dual-wield too.

:: Shivering Zombie Master -- Another unique MMM Boss, this powerful foe commands the undead and, should you defeat it, drops three unique items: Cuirass of the Walking Dead, Greaves of the Walking Dead, and the Shivering Sword. The armor grants potent benefits, while the sword casts a powerful freeze spell on impact.

:: Lich King -- After the MMM Deep Lich and the Lich Lord comes the highest of them all -- the King. You won't even see this guy until you're level 35+, and when you do you better hope you have backup! Can carry magical jewelery and Soul Gems.

:: Zombie Races -- 100 new race-based zombies including Imperial, Khajitt, Orc, Dark Elf and Argononian, of both sexes, with specialised loot and armor and pulling on the 66+ MOBS balanced rusty weapons as well. See the 'Zombie Overhaul' section in New Features above for more.

:: Undead Nightmare -- A flaming, bloodied, skeletal horse with a custom-made texture that appears only at night in the wilderness. It's fast and deadly, can walk on water, and when you strike it erupts into flame! Naturally, you might want to try frost-based attacks on this one.

:: Clannfear Matriach-- The Momma is tougher than the Dad, and even Patriachs cower in fear of the Matriach. Has a one in three chance of spawning anywhere the Patriachs spawn. Suggested combat tactic: Run!

:: Night Troll-- An updated Night Troll with a new mesh from Phitt. These guys come out only at night to hunt for prey, and are naturally more stealthy than their brethren. Usually the first thing and last thing -- see are its glowing red

:: Jungle Tiger -- Fast and strong, these animals are stronger than your average mountain lion, and can be found only in rainforest areas. They may look cute, but don't feed the animals...

:: Goblin Head Hunter -- Wondering where all those skulls perched on sticks come from in Goblin caves? The Head Hunters take great pride in displaying the remnants of their prey. Stronger than Berserkers, carrying skulls, and mixing elements of the Shaman don't treat these guys light or you'll pay for it with your... well... head.

:: Land Dreugh Tormentor -- The Land Dreugh Tormentor is a stronger and faster foe than your average Land Dreugh. Treat them with respect, or you may have trouble walking away from a fight with one.

:: Fire Demon -- A special daedra that emodies the power of flame -- casting potent fireballs and being immune to fire, your best bet is frost-based attacks. Have a chance to drop Soul Gems.

:: Hill Giants -- 10 varieties of Hill Giant replace the old MMM Giants -- these guys have hitboxes! Wear various forms of armor, wield two-handed weapons single-handedly, and can drop gems, gold, and a unique ingredient: Giant Heart. If you're using the 'No Giants' plugin you'll need to disable it to see these guys.

:: Flesh Golem -- Shocking necromatic creatures shorn of arcane power, Flesh Golems are stronger than Dread Zombies, hit harder than the same, and can transmit disease. On the plus side, they drop the rare Void and Elemental Salts used in their creation. Come in varieties including hooked Flesh Golems and various Diverse Creature Skins.

:: Burning Flesh Golem -- Stronger than the Flesh Golem, and immune to fire based attacks, these undead burning foes also drop the elements of their creation with the addition of Fire Salts, if you should manage to kill one.

:: Torn Flesh Golem -- The Torn Flesh Golem is a horrible sight to behold, raw flesh hanging from its body and filled with hatred it will mercilessly and rapdily attack you. Strongest of the Flesh Golems, don't make the mistake of underestimating them.

:: Forest Ent -- Giant, slow moving Ents of the forest. these are bad guys -- As with Spriggans in MMM if you kill one there's a 50% chance of triggering a storm. They also drop, true to their nature, various rare plant based ingredients.

:: Twisted Ent -- Enemies of the Forest Ents, these are the bad guys. Perverted from nature by arcane forces, if see one you better hope you have backup. And yes, the two are mortal enemies, and will fight if they meet. They drop rare ingrdients like the friendly Ent, but some may be more evil in nature.

:: Forest Stalker -- Formed from the essence of snakes, these creatures are actually protectors of the forest much like Spriggans and usually won't attack unless you do. Very fast moving and poisnous, they drop new ingredients -- the very potent Stalker Scales for use in Alchemy. And, strangely, you will find they always travel in pairs. If you see one you can be sure the other is nearby.

:: Poison Antronach -- Naturally, very effective at poison damage and spells these are another in the fearsome line of Antronachs. If you can defeat one, you'll find they drop a new unique: Poisonous Salts.

:: Arcane Antronach -- The highest of theAntronachs, above even Storm Antronachs, with the full gamut of destructive spells drawn from raw magika -- you'll need protection from all forms of attack! So powerful you won't even meet it until at least level 30, which is probably a good thing.

[Martigen's Monster Mod v3.5.3]

"No two creatures will ever be the same." -- generic cool quote

=== WHAT IT DOES ===

* Over 160 new and diverse creatures and NPCs added to the realm of Tamriel
* All original and new creatures/NPCs spawn unique with a different size
* All original and new creatures/NPCs spawn unique with modified stats
* All original and new creatures/NPCs spawn unique with their own combat AI
* All original and new creatures/NPCs spawn unique with their own loot
* All original and new creatures/NPCs interact with over 25 new factions
* And much much more! See below for full feature list.

The variety in MMM is almost limitless. Each creature and NPC, both original and new, spawns with (in defined ranges) a randomised size; randomised adjustments to stats (such as strength, agility, health, fatigue, magic, willpower, and intelligence) all particular to their class; as well as range-randomised confidence; agression; and even combat fighting styles. No more clones of creatures or NPCs where each one is identical, with MMM every encounter is different because every creature -- even those of the same race -- is uniquely different.

More than this, the stat adjustments are broken into two sections -- health, magic, strength, fatigue and confidence are affected by the same value that determines size -- so smaller creatures are generally weaker too and, in turn, less confident. Stats like agility, speed, and agression are randomised based on and applied against the core stats. Speed is an important one here -- now you will see herds of deer running away at different speeds, or hoards of goblins charging towards you and fighting with you at different speeds. In conjuction with size, stat, and aggression changes as well as the fleeing and behviour code these changes adds a ton of life to the creatures of Tamriel.

Additionally, the advanced fleeing code works not just with the player, but other creatures and NPCs as well. You'll see a wolf starting a fight with a Bandit, and then running for its life. Or goblins swarming a Troll, and then pelting when the tide turns against them. In fact, very few mods allow for anything more than NPCs than can flee, but MMM adds carefully adapted code to all sorts of creatures and NPC types, particular to their class or nature (so for eg, Dremora never flee and nor do Bosses).

Finally, MMM is the first mod to tie a creature's confidence and aggression into faction interactions -- usually, setting faction ratings creates static behaviour (if a creature has a big enough negative reaction to another faction, it will always attack), with MMM creatures spawn with an adjustment to their aggression and confidence within a defined range, and when combined with the faction ratings, creates a vast diversity of behaviour. For example, a Big Cat might not always be hungry, and so might not always chase prey. Or a spawning Ogre that has a faction relationship towards wolves as enemies may be ambivalent towards a nearby wolf, while another spawned Ogre attacks it outright. Moreover, the changes scale in accordance with a creature's size and stats with bigger, more confident creatures more likely to start a fight with those in factions they just tolerate (as opposed to outright war or friendship). Additionally, more primal creatures may attack their own kind, such as Wolves or Trolls or Minotaurs. It's a low percentage, but again based around factions and aggression. If a highly aggressive Wolf spawns, it'll be highly aggressive not only to other factions but its own kind, and could well turn on them in a fight.

The most important change the faction system brings -- the player is no longer the centre of the universe. No more will you have three different creatures all attacking you at once and ignoring eachother. Now, fights will be all-in brawls between you and the fighting factions you've stumbled upon.

MMM does much more than add over 160 completely new and unique creature and NPC types. It also adds to all creatures and NPCs in the game both original and new:

* Advanced fleeing code for NPCs based on level and health
* Advanced wilderness behaviour for animals and creatures
* Advanced inter-faction behaviour for creatures and NPCs (see 'Factions' below)
* Advanced combat behaviour based on Lyrondor combat Behaviour mod
* Advanced plugin system with optional plugins to tailor the mod to your playstyle
* New and more rewarding loot drops for all creatures and NPCs
* New and versatile optional crafting system
* The ability to encounter new creatures up to level 40 in the game, and be challenged to level 50+
* Statically scaled levelling -- meet creatures and NPCs more powerful than you, and less powerful than you, regardless of your level as you level.

Additionally, you'll also get to see:

* The ability for 'bad' NPCs to feign death, to try and flee
* Undead that resurrects in front of you when you least it expect it!
* Undead that ressurects after time, to create new encounters as you leave a dungeons
* Levelled guards in cities, with legion military ranks
* Patrol guards for roads, which include females
* New ingredients on animals, including pelts and meats and much more
* Giants in the form of giant humanoids and giant Ogres
* Resized races for greater diversity in Tamriel's inhabitants
* Nords and Orcs bulkier (aka Bulkier Nords and Orcs mod)
* The player no longer being the center of the universe -- the world happens around you sometimes, with or without your interaction, creating a realistic and thriving experience.

And on top of all this, a passionate attention to detail -- unique creatures and NPCs each designed with a purpose, style, back story, AI, loot, abilities, ingredients, faction behaviour and more. Plus animals that can be afraid, aggressive, or tame and behave accordingly, bosses that are bigger, Spriggans that may cause a storm when they die, furs and meats on Barbarians, Marauders that like their drinks, petty loot on Bandits, Smugglers carrying their cargo, new regional armors on patrolling guards, corpses that stay around longer so you can loot them and much much more.

The creature faction design is one of the most advanced to date:

The system is based off the creatures temperament towards other factions, and is tied in with an individual creature's aggression and confidence made possible by the stat adjustments each creautre and NPC spawns with. In other words, values are set not based around racial relations, but to what degree a creature would attack or avoid members of another faction. For example, Ogres might be happy to mix it up with Goblins but Goblins, while recognising Ogres as a threat, are set to generally not initiate combat with these foes much larger than them -- why start a fight you could lose?

The tight integration of a creature's aggression with factions creates a highly versatile and fluid system almost limitless in behaviour. By way of example, take a simple scenario of a Minotaur stumbling upon a boar. If the minotaur spawned with a lower aggression level, its faction relationship to the boar might cause it to be ambivalent towards the boar, and not attack it. If the same minotaur spawned with a higher aggression level, its faction relationship to the boar would cause it to attack the boar on sight.

This is different from other mods that alter factions because without aggression scaling, the behaviour is static and always predictable -- the minotaur will always attack. With MMM, faction relationships are flexible and are as individual as the creatures themselves. More over, the relationships still allow for outright enemies and friendships, regardless of aggression, in addition to the fluid system of unique creatures and their particular bias. For example, this allows 'Dire' (diseased) animals to be more aggressive and trigger fights with factions normal animals wouldn't. Including attacking their own kind.

Another example -- a pack of wolves might spawn where some of them chase after nearby dear while others don't and, when paired with stat adjustments and fleeing code as the player approaches, a whole range of behaviour can be seen from something simple as a group of wolves. The variances in creature speed mean a wolf might catch up and kill a deer, or a deer outrun a wolf. Add to this how these wolves interact with more than 22 other factions they might come across while chasing or fleeing, and with each wolf having individual size, stats, and its own predeliction to fight, and even in this small microcosm example there's a wide variety of behaviours and outcomes simply not present in vanilla Oblivion.

Additionally, some creatures are capable of attacking their own kind -- this is particularly important for creatures like Wolves, Ogres, Trolls, Big Cats and more that don't have perfect relationships with their own race (Cats and Wolves especially are territorial). Though rare, if spawned with a high enough aggression they'll not only be more inclined to initate combat with other factions, but also their own kind.

Finally, some creatures antagonised by a player are more likely to attack other creatures, too.

=== CRAFTING revised 3.5.3 ===

MMM includes a crafting engine that allows you to expand alchemy and crafting components of the game. All up, 72 different items can be made. You can:

* Collect bones, feathers, stones, animal hide and more
* Make full armor sets out of animal hides
* Make arrows out of bones/stones and feathers
* Grind bones into Bone Dust
* Grind a wide range of gems into Gem Dust, each with unique properties.

Bone Grind and Gem Dust:

To grind bones and gems, you simply need a mortar and pestle and then just click on the bones or gems in your inventory. Only larger bones and gems can be ground to dust. There are dozens of gems and gem types, each granting different alchemical properties.

Note that some bones can have dual use -- they can be ground to dust for alchemy, or used to make armor and arrows.

Armor Crafting:

To make armor and arrows, first find the Leatherworking and Fletching tools which will show up in crates and barrels, just search and you'll eventually find them. Then, you can start your crafting by clicking on the appropriate items like so:

Leatherworking Shears = Hide Armor, Bone Studded Hide Armor (in full sets, including shields), Soft Armor and Bone Studded Soft armor (Cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, boots, and helmets).
Fletching Calipers = Bone, Barbed Bone, Silver, Ogre tooth, Daedroth tooth, Flint, and Obsidian Arrows. Need flights from feathers and matching ingredients for each type of arrow.
Feathers = Create arrow flights for crafting arrows
Animal Hides* = Allows you to make cured hides. The size of the animal determines how many final pieces of leather are created. The leather types are hide (fur), soft leather, and boiled leather.
Cured Hides = With metal nuggets, can create Metal Studded Hide Armor (full set)
Soft Leather = Make Stealth Leather (DB armor in pieces), and Metal Studded Soft Leather armor.
Timberwolf Hide = Special Timberwolf Hide armor set, including shield.
Werewolf Hide = Create Rawhide Werewolf Fur Armor, full set. Each piece endows the wearer with the natural abilities and resistances of the Werewolf.
Cloth = Clicking on cloth, either bolts or folded, grants the option to bleach the cloth.
Bleached Cloth = Clicking on Bleached Cloth while having Sheep's Woolf can create Quilted armor for mages. This set consists of robe, hood, bracers, and shoes.
Metal Objects = Clicking on middle class metal objects can create Metal Nuggets for Studded Armor. The weight of the item determines the number of nuggets. Individual nuggets may also be found in clutter.

* Animal Hides you can click on include, for example, Wolf Pelts, Deer Skins, Leopard Pelt, Lion Pelt, Panther Pelt, Boar Hide, Pahmer Hide, Bear Skin (brown, black, snow), Timber Wolf, Guar Hide, and even Werewolf Fur captured from Werewolves.

=== KNOWN BUGS ===
* Archery mods that alter bows and that don't properly set the bow range to > 0 (a known bug with Oblivion) will cause a CTD when MMM NPCs draw a bow with '0' range. Two such mods are 'Archers Arrows' and 'Quad Damage for Archers'. Either use a different archery mod, or edit these mods and make sure all bows have a range larger than '0'. Any mod that alters just arrows, adds new bows, or sets vanilla bows with proper ranges will work fine. The author of this mod uses the 'Realistic Arrows' mod for his archery needs.

UPDATE: MMM now includes a fix for the Quad Damage mod. You still need to load the Quad Damage mod, just ensure MMM loads after it.


MMM only changes creatures and generic NPCs, and is compatible with any mod that doesn't touch these. It specifically doesn't touch loot lists so it's compatible with mods that do. If you don't like seeing Bandits with Daedric at low levels, you need a loot mod to manage your loot lists. Highly recommended are G_'s loot mod and Francescos, and OOO.


=== HOW TO INSTALL MMM 3.0 or Full 3.5.3===

1] Extract to your Oblivion/Data directory
2] Select 'Mart's Monster Mod.esm'
3] Select ONE of the following:
'Mart's Monster Mod.esp'
'Mart's Monster Mod for Frans.esp'
'Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp'
4] Read about the range of optional plugins from the PLUGINS section below
5] Drag your choice of plugins from the '== Optional Plugins ==' directory to your Data directory
6] Select to load these plugins
7] Play!

NOTE: Don't forget to rest 4-12 days to allow already visited cells to reset and new creatures and NPCs to appear. You do not have to do this if you are starting a brand new game.

=== HOW TO INSTALL MMM 3.5.3 Upgrade===

MMM 3.5.3 Upgrade requires the MMM 3.0

Install MMM 3.0 as per the MMM 3.0 installation instructions (see above).
2) Disable and remove all prior MMM 3.0/3.2 hotfixes, 3.0-3.1 esm / esp and all optional files
3) Install MMM 3.5 and overwrite all ESM/ESP and optional files (if you have any) with the new ones. You MUST have the official patch 1.2.0416 or SI Patch 1.2.0416 installed to use MMM 3.5.
4) If you use *ANY* plugins, copy these across from the 'Optional Plugins' folder to your Data dir again. *NOTE* The Spawn Rate Plugins have been re-named. Delete your old ones, and use the new ones from the Optional Plugins folder.
5) In-game, rest inside somewhere without any NPCs for 4-14 days* to ensure your cells reset and new creatures and NPCs spawn. You MUST do this if you are upgrading an existing save game. You do NOT have to do this if you are starting a brand new game.

* Depends on what game respawn time you are using. Default is 3 days, but some mods like OOO or Frans can extend this to two weeks or more.

*NOTE* The MMM for OOO Modules require OOO 1.32 RC5+.
The MMM For FCOM that comes with MMM is for FCOM 8.8 only and needs the OOO 1.32 installed.


=== HOW TO INSTALL MMM 3.0 or Full 3.5.3===

1] Extract to your Oblivion/Data directory
2] Select 'Mart's Monster Mod.esm' if Using OOO also select MMMforOOO.esm
3] Select ONE of the following:
'Mart's Monster Mod.esp'
'Mart's Monster Mod for Frans.esp'
'Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp'
4] Read about the range of optional plugins from the PLUGINS section below
5] Drag your choice of plugins from the '== Optional Plugins ==' directory to your Data directory
6] Select to load these plugins
7] Play!

NOTE: Don't forget to rest 4-12 days to allow already visited cells to reset and new creatures and NPCs to appear. You do not have to do this if you are starting a brand new game.
=== HOW TO INSTALL MMM 3.5.3 Upgrade===

MMM 3.5.3 Upgrade requires the MMM 3.0

Install MMM 3.0 as per the MMM 3.0 installation instructions (see above).
2) Disable and remove all prior MMM 3.0/3.2 hotfixes, 3.0-3.1 esm / esp and all optional files
3) Install MMM 3.5.3 (3.5.5b3) and overwrite all ESM/ESP and optional files (if you have any) with the new ones. You MUST have the official patch 1.2.0416 or SI Patch 1.2.0416 installed to use MMM 3.5.
4) If you use *ANY* plugins, copy these across from the 'Optional Plugins' folder to your Data dir again. *NOTE* The Spawn Rate Plugins have been re-named. Delete your old ones, and use the new ones from the Optional Plugins folder.
5) In-game, rest inside somewhere without any NPCs for 4-14 days* to ensure your cells reset and new creatures and NPCs spawn. You MUST do this if you are upgrading an existing save game. You do NOT have to do this if you are starting a brand new game.

* Depends on what game respawn time you are using. Default is 3 days, but some mods like OOO or Frans can extend this to two weeks or more.

*NOTE* The MMM for OOO Modules require OOO 1.33.

=== LOAD ORDER ===

Load Order Guide by Corepc

As MMM is designed to work both alone and with other mods like OOO and Francescos, it's important MMM is loaded after these to take effect. If you are using MMM with Francescos, this would be a good load order (note .esm 'master files' always load first regardless):

Francescos main .esm or Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esm
Francescos extra items .esm
Mart's Monster Mod.esm
Francescos optional plugins .esps or Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp
Mart's Monster Mod for Francescos.esp or Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp
Mart's Monster Mod optional plugins .esps
What are the different versions?
Mart's Monster Mod: Use with vanilla, Adventurers and pretty much everything else!

Mart's Monster Mod for Frans: A tailored version for Francescos that allows stronger enemies and stronger bosses and more to appear in MMM. Note that MMM is fully updated for the latest Frans with the exception of the customiseable loot, which is slated for 2.1. For now MMM NPC's default to the HARDCORE balance model, but customizable loot works everywhere else in the game world â€" Fran's NPCs, chests, house loot, leveled quests and more.

Mart's Monster Mod for OOO: This release integrates the OOO loot for MMM NPCs, removes MMM guards so OOO guards take priority, and cross-pollinates MMM and OOO factions so like creatures correctly behave (i.e OOO wolves and MMM wolves on the same faction).

NOTE: MMM adds increased spawns to the game. It's recommended to use a slower levelling mod as your combat skills may get more of a workout. Alternatively, take advantage of the new factions, and lead one enemy to another and let them fight it out!
General Load Order for MMM Plugins

Note: FCOM Users see the FCOM load order, as it is very different because of how it works.

Generally speaking, you should use the following order:

1) Any MMM plugin that adds things, like creature addon, bat addon, more reavers, etc., need to load before spawn rate plugins so that the leveled list that is used by spawn rate plugins gets updated correctly with these new changes.
2) Plugins Like Looting, Diverse Creatures, Hunting and Crafting, Gems and Gems Dust , Diverse Imperial Armor, etc., need to load after any hotfixes, creature addons, more reavers, etc. so that these changes take effect.
3) Any MMM plugin that remove things like creatures (no rats, less rats, no spider, etc.), should be loaded before spawn rate plugins so that those plugins take affect and change the spawn rate leveled list appropriately.

NOTE: Some of these files are not included in the latest version; they are linked below.

Mart's Monster Mod.esp (or MMM for Fran or 000)

(MMM plugins that fix or add new things...)

Mart's Monster Mod - Additional Enemy NPC Vars.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - More Reavers.esp

(MMM plugins that change creatures, add new things, or scripts..)

Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Imperial Armor.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Creature Skins.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - More Reaver Variants.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Gems & Gem Dust.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Hunting & Crafting.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Looting NPCs & Creatures.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Resized Races.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Zombies for Body Meshes.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Durability & Damage.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Fran's leveled quests.esp

(Any MMM plugins that remove creatures or change leveled list for things like rats, bone loot, or make special changes. If it says "No" or "Less", it should load before the spawn rate plugins, so that whatever is being lessened or removed is properly changed on, or removed from, the leveled lists.)

Mart's Monster Mod - Less Bone Loot.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Less Rats.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Safer Roads.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Carrion Rats.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Blood.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Giants.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Undead Rise.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Spiders.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Slimes.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Werewolves.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Lanterns.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Adventurers.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - No Wyvern.esp

(Spawn Rate Plugins:)

Mart's Monster Mod - Spawn Rates Reduced Reduced.esp (or reduced, moderate,
Mart's Monster Mod - Moderate

(Miscellaneous: I always load these last)

Mart's Monster Mod - Vindasel.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Foxes.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Bats Addon.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - More Wilderness Life.esp (This only adds new spawn points to the world which use leveled lists from the spawn rate plugin plus any mods that modify spawn lists.)
Mart's Monster Mod - More Wilderness Life No Gates
Mart's Monster Mod - City Defences.esp

Mart's Monster Mod - Extra Wounding.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Friendlier Factions MMM+Fran.esp
Mart's Monster Mod - Friendlier Factions OOO+FCOM.esp (These two make factions more friendly; they can really be anywhere in the load order.)

===Francesco and MMM Install===

From Francesco's
Option Group 1 - Quest and Arena Only...MMM already contain's leveled guards....
Option Group 2 - You can use all these..
Option Group 3 - None of these...Already in MMM ...Can use stronger enimes and bosses with bashed patched to make it work..
Option Group 4 - Only Vendor Tweaks, Everything else already in MMMforFrans..
New Thrid Party Items - New Item Addon Only - All Creature's / Ai behavior and Scripts already in MMMforFrans...

From MMM
MMMforFrans, MMM - Frans Leveled Quest, and whatever else you want to use from MMM plugin wise..
Spawn Rate Reduced or Reduced Reduced is recommend for first timer user's of MMM...
MMMforFrans is set to Frans Hardcore mode by default..and most of fran's customizible feature do work ..loot at least...

Fran's Leveled Quests Update
If you use 'Frans leveled quests.esp', please read the following.

Ensure you load the 'Mart Monster Mod - Frans leveled quests.esp' plugin after both Frans and MMM files.
You MUST ensure you have 'Francescos optional leveled quests.esp' installed from Frans, either standalone or merged into the 'Francescos optional files.esp' from the install, or loading the 'Mart Monster Mod - Frans leveled quests.esp' will not work.

===Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul and MMM Install===

Download OOO 1.3 and OOO 1.33 choose either Full or Lite Version and install that..

Make sure that OOO.esm is loading before MMM.esm and MMMforOOO.esm (in 3.5.4), and that OOO.esp is loading before MMMforOOO.esp..do not use diverse skins or diverse imperial armor or gems and gems dust (may be used in lite, with full version may have some problem)