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Adds a Vampire Haven in the Imperial City Arboretum

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The Vampire Haven;
Adds a Vampire Haven in the Imperial City Arboretum,
it looks like a tomb from the outside,
and it is called "Forgotten Chapel".
Find your way into the Savage Garden,
do not fall in the water, it might get you into
places you rather not be.
Do seek the well, for under it is a haven.

In it you will find an armoury, a library and a place to sleep.
There are altars of spellmaking and enchanting inside the library, displaycases and safe storage in the armoury.
In the main room there is a sarcophage in which to sleep.
And all minor things which you should find for yourself. :)

The History of Vampire haven;
In the Arboretum of the Imperial City there was once a group of monks.
Lets say in the first era, when the Imperial City became Imperial.
These monks had a chapel in the Arboretum, their common duties; praying and looking after the gardens.They had a small chapel, their haven, to sleep in.
This haven was long forgotten when the monks and priests "died out".
As one knows, bandits like to be in sewers and places which are abandoned.
Yet in the chapel, no bandit has ever been.
Some say vampires have made it their own, which would explain the absence of bandits.
Most do not speak of it, or have even forgotten it.
It has been empty for decades, as far as anyone knows.
Maybe time for you to explore and claim this ancient haven for your own.

Download the rar file and extract it into your oblivion data folder.
Check the esp file active.
Go to the imperial city arboretum.
There you will find tomb like structure monks once used.

Make sure you are not in the Arboretum or in the Vampire Haven.
Total deinstalling;
Delete the following folders;
(you can also use the search function of windows and search for "SBvampire" in the oblivion data folder, then delete all those. Then delete the 1SB_VampireHaven.esp in the data folder)

Mod Deactivation;
Uncheck the esp in the Oblivion startup screen or you Mod Manager.

Sinblood for making this, everything in this mod is his. All credit is his.
Msyt, for testing it and motivating me.
I, Sethsryt, have edited this mod to go with the entius gorge, deleted most of the books in the library and translated most of the stuff inside. Sounds like much, but is nothing compared to what Sinblood did.

-=Bugs, Glitches and such alike;
The water in the savage garden are not to dive in. There are, under the water, some places which have no collision. Some places are just open, will look and feel as if nothings there.

If you find anymore glitches, bugs or alike;
Please contact me, email information in the readme.
Or of course on the forum;
If you are good in cs, you might be able to fix the collision bug, so we can all enjoy a savage swim.

Have fun, and do not forget to check the time before going out.
The sun can be cruel and deadly..