Weed space cake shrooms AND Beer inebriation by Brips
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Added: 21/12/2007 - 03:47AM
Updated: 05/08/2008 - 03:55PM

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Last updated at 15:55, 5 Aug 2008 Uploaded at 3:47, 21 Dec 2007

I added weed (and surprises) in the game.
That's the mod "Beer_inebriation" of "PersianPaladin" ( who merges the two excellent mod's by Tarnsman and Lap respectivley) but with Weed inebriation.
I just took the script of "Beer inebriation", applied it on drugs and changed characteristics.
I added a unique dealer (rare are the people who have drugs on them, but they exist), you can find him with the jpg in the zip. No map marker, you'll understand why.
He's not always at home.
You have to get out your drugs of your inventory to have the inebriation, just choose "use" when it is on the ground or table.
Sometimes the trip is less extremely. Skooma has now an effect.For the others don't downloads, and don't say me that's sucks please...
(Screenshots from 1.0)

PS: There are hard drugs in Oblivion: Skooma. But it isn't real, thus I added real drugs.

PS 2 : With my game I don't have bugs, but let me know if there are.

To instal, put to "esp" file in your data and after check in your "data file" on the first menu.

Not compatible with others versions of "Inebriation" and perhaps with some "Unique Landscapes" in the same area as the Shack's dealer, this version is exactly the same one as "Beer_Inebriation" but with more.

Good trip.

-Many items added for Zebman's house.
-Zebman more alive (use items etc...).
-Less drugs on bandits etc...
-Drugs better prices.

-Add PsyShrooms.

-Pathgrid for the dealer house (outside inside).
-Use items for the dealer.
-Planning changed.