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This takes Ceano\'s Better Potion Bottles and cuts the texture size of the bottles in half, yet if you look at the screens, the bottles look virtually identical. It also reduces the potion bottles added by OOO. It\'s just a small performance tweak. You DO NOT need ceano\'s original mod, just use this.

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Better Potion Bottles Reduced 1.2


Extract the archive, and then move all files in the 'Better_Potion_Bottles_Reduced_1dot2' folder to your 'Data' directory for Oblivion.

UPDATE in 1.2:

Now you don't need ceano's original mod. Install this and you're good to go. ceano gets the credit for making the mod, I just slightly altered the textures, mind you.

UPDATE in 1.1:

I've also reduced the potion textures that OOO installs. If you don't use OOO, you can delete the RCpotions folder under \Textures\clutter in this archive. I also reduced the blood potion texture in the RCpotions folder because the default was 512x512 which is TOTALLY excessive. It's now 256x256.

I also fixed an error in the original OOO normal map for the green potion. It had the wrong normal map, strange how no one ever caught this before now...


I've taken the Better Potions textures and reduced them from 256x256 to 128x128. This means the textures file sizes are significantly smaller, but as you will note in the before and after pics, the potions still look almost identical. It's just a small tweak. All credit goes to the original Better Potion Bottles 1.2 creator, Ceano.