Really Better Tiling Grass by Brumbek
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Added: 17/12/2007 - 05:08AM
Updated: 19/12/2007 - 07:28AM

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Last updated at 7:28, 19 Dec 2007 Uploaded at 5:08, 17 Dec 2007

Really Better Tiling Grass 1.1

*There is no FPS hit for this, it only changes appearance*


For the best non-tiling experience, please first install Captnkill's Non-Tiling Mod Full Version. Then install this mod over that.

Please note, you can decide to use either my modified more green color grass or the alternate original yellow/green colored grass in the optional folder. See pics to decide which you like best.

UPDATED in 1.1:

Doh! I messed up on the moss texture. This is now fixed so that the moss texture won't be so ugly in it's tiling. Also, I've included all 4 edited textures in the original yellow/green color.


I used to use Captnkill's tiling grass, but I still found the most common grass texture all over Cyrodiil tiled too much. Therefore, I've taken Captnkill's texture and altered it so that the tiling is all gone. Check out the screenshots. Notice, that some detail has been lost, but this is the nature of the beast.

Anyway, I think it's the best non-tiling grass. Also, I've modified the color of the grass just slightly in order to match more perfectly the LOD grass.

If you want to still use the original color of the grass, I've made an alternate texture to use.

What I use in the screenshots is:

Captnkill's Tiling Pack except for this new custom grass
Zacharot's LOD Captnkill 2048x2048 version with Rocks

Note that I've compared my grass with vanilla, the better tiling mod, and captnkill's.