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-Netch Adamantium Armor-

Release #2

added by Jester for Version 2:

This is NOT an addon to the original. It is a re-release and a full mod.

If you are using the first version. You should delete it and make a clean save before using this version. In this version, a few things have been added or modified.


A female cuirass(really this time!)
A quiver- made two pauldrons which make a left and right quiver. mesh provided by Pseron Wyrd
A Tower Shield
A Bow

All textures have been sharpened.

It was an honor working together with Cythus to make this mod. He is a very talented texturer and I hope to see more of his work in the future.


Original readme:

What this mod does is adds a Dark Elf too the Tavern in Pelagiad Who sells his Creation, The Netch Adamantium Armor, Pure Forged Adamantium Plated onto Netch Leather.
Gives the wearer some Versatile yet Protective armor.

We have made it so it Should work without the Expansions for the ones without =)
I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed creating it.

Mod Team:

Me (Cythus),Textures
Jester, Modding
ChaosDragon, Beta Tester.

Special Thanks to Braddock/Mantodea for use of his Wonderfull Meshes.
And Big thanks Pseron Wyrd for the Quiver.